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Celebrities Hang Out In Heaven

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Bart: I can't believe Krusty's really gone.
Homer: Don't worry, son. I'm sure he's up in heaven right now, laughing it up with all the other celebrities: John Dillinger, Ty Cobb, Josef Stalin. I wish I were dead.

When people think about going to Heaven, they often imagine reconnecting with family and close friends — the loved ones they actually spent their lives with. But when deceased celebrities are depicted in heaven, they are usually hanging out with other famous people. This especially applies if the celebrities are in similar fields: artists, musicians, inventors, political leaders. They may want to trade stories and learn from each other. Also, given the time gap between the celebrities, some of them may be Fanboying.


If the deceased celebrities are Real Life Relatives, then this is a Justified Trope, and expect their reconnection in heaven to be mentioned a lot in real-life obituaries.

This tends to overlap with Fluffy Cloud Heaven, as in the stock portrayal of the departed celebrities meeting up by the Pearly Gates.

If this is portrayed in a poem or song, it is likely a Celebrity Elegy. Compare with Jury of the Damned, in which infamous celebrities were in hell together (and then asked to serve on a jury).



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