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Lisa: Wait a minute, Xena can't fly!
Lucy Lawless: I told you, I'm not Xena! I'm Lucy Lawless.

The characters of a work are in some kind of a crisis, and simply need help. Thankfully, they bump into a friendly celebrity. No, the work is not Like Reality, Unless Noted — they could very well be diminutive talking sea creatures who meet David Hasselhoff on the beach. And it's more than that — the celebrity is very unlike reality. In fact, they have super-powers. Why? Because they're a celebrity. If their powers are being kept secret, they’re probably living a Celebrity Masquerade.

Similar to, but distinct from Celebrity Superhero, Memetic Badass and Popularity Power. In both of those cases, it's a fictional character who most often gets the treatment; in Celebrity Power, it's a real-life celebrity, and it doesn't need to be a meme to qualify. Any celebrity who has super-powers just because they're a celebrity counts. Giving this treatment to a famous person from history rather than the present usually falls under Historical Badass Upgrade and/or its subtrope, Historical Domain Superperson.


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    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 
  • Codex Equus: This is extremely common thanks to many Codexverse characters being based on real-life people.
    • Many Trimortidae members are based on real-life celebrities, but unlike their inspirations, they had the option to Ascend to godhood and took it, becoming Death deities.
      • Alan Rickman is a famous and respected British actor, known for playing villains and deeply complex characters. Here, as Sir Curtain Call, he would become the Alicorn god of Death, Villainy, Acting, and Understanding after dying of old age.
      • Jimi Hendrix is one of the most legendary and influential guitarists whose experimental applications of feedback and distortion revolutionized both rock music and how people played electric guitars. Double Helix is essentially the Codexverse's Ponified version of Hendrix who, as a result of changes in both circumstances and choices in his life, ends up becoming the Zebralicorn god of Death, Addiction, Enlightenment, and Spirit.
      • Beloved Light, also known as his HoofTube handle "Love504", is based on bassist, YouTuber, and memelord Davie504. Following his death from old age, he Ascended to godhood as the Alicorn god of Death, Memes, Encouragement, Bassists, and Rhythm.
    • Prince Healing Song (now Prince Medela Cantor Cahaya) is based on Jeff Healey, a Canadian-born jazz/blues musician. In life, Jeff Healey was a prodigy, being a songwriter, actor, and DJ in addition to being a Blind Musician, but died of cancer in his forties. Here, Healing Song was saved by a last-minute Ascension while he was dying possibly thanks to a disguised Luminiferous, becoming an Alicorn god with Psychic Powers and Magic Music. Initially, he was a Martial Pacifist, but after realizing he was holding himself back, he changed his beliefs and unleashed his full power, healing himself in the process. Later, being exposed to the reality-warping presence of an Eldritch Abomination (who is the corrupted form of his friend, Moon Ray/Canticum) turned Healing Song into an eldritch god with the power to perceive alternate dimensions via light.
    • All members of the Redeeming Six are based on Stevie Ray Vaughan and his inner social circle, consisting of his wife, his older brother, and his bandmates in Double Trouble. Unlike their real-life inspirations, however, they would all first start out as Angels (or Angels of Death) before Ascending to godhood. Presently, all of them are eldritch deities thanks to Moon Ray/Canticum re-Ascending as one and then later helping his loved ones Ascend, too.
      • Stevie Ray Vaughan was a very talented guitarist who revived the stagnant Blues genre, and is now regarded as one of the most iconic and influential Blues musicians in history. The Codexverse takes it further by having his expy, Moon Ray Vaughoof, become first an Angel of Death after his death, then an Alicorn 'prodigy' after learning to forgive and let go of his past. He's also a skilled artist and therapist, a powerful psychic and Seer, and is experienced with spotting signs of abuse/addiction in general, all which Stevie Ray doesn't have (ironically, Stevie Ray did show potential in art as a high school student, but ultimately chose to pursue music). Later, a series of events would turn Moon Ray into an eldritch god, and the changes become permanent once he realizes the cyclic nature of things and reconciles with his Prophecy domain.
      • Prince Proclivitas Cahaya, born Fret Pick, is based on Tommy Shannon, Stevie Ray Vaughan's bassist, but unlike his real-life inspiration, he became an Angel of Death postmortem, dragging wicked souls to the Hell-Realms as punishment for their crimes. It would be three Ages later that he Ascends to godhood with Moon Ray/Canticum's help, but as an eldritch Alicorn.

    Film - Animated 

    Film - Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • In a sketch on Saturday Night Live where Christopher Reeve guest-hosts, it's shown that Reeve got the part of Superman in Superman: The Movie in part because he can actually catch bullets in his teeth, squeeze a lump of coal into a diamond, and has heat vision. So could the other guy he is up against, even better than Reeve could (plus he has super-breath); but the other guy couldn't make the first day of filming because he already had a commercial callback scheduled for that day.
  • Played with in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, when Peter Davison's plan to get into the filming of The Day Of The Doctor hinged on stealing a working TARDIS from the BBC. Unfortunately, they only manage to sneak into a prop because he's forgotten that the TARDIS is fictional.
    Colin Baker: You really are from another planet.

    Puppet Shows 
  • On an episode of Muppets Tonight, Cindy Crawford was shown to have heat vision, because she's a supermodel.
    • And then there was Christopher Reeve back on the original Muppet Show, as demonstrated after a backhanded comment about Ms Piggy.
      Piggy: Hi-yah! <bounces off>
      Kermit: Wow! He really is the Man of Steel.

    Video Games 

    Web Original 


    Western Animation 


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