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"What's up, s l a p p e r s?"
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Davide Biale (born April 5th, 1994), better known by his YouTube handle Davie504, is an Italian bassist, composer and YouTube content creator who mostly uploads videos relating, but not limited to, b a s s... Bass covers, bass lessons, meme songs on bass, heck, even playing video-games with a bass! He is capable of playing a large scope of genres but is most skilled in funk, and therefore employs the slapping technique quite often; so much so that it's a mainstay of his channel. He opened his channel in 2011, and as of current it has 9 million subscribers, though the number steadily increases with each passing month.


Davie504 and his videos provide examples of:

  • The Ace:
    • Davie is, without irony, an excellent bassist.
    • He has also demonstrated skill with the guitar, drums and piano.
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: He notes that Fiverr bassists started charging more after he started posting videos about Fiverr bassists.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Playing bass with a pick. That's i l l e g a l.
    • So is guitar.
    • Using h a c c s.
  • Beyond the Impossible: The point of the ‘very impressive, but can you...’ memes and challenges he does. To date, he’s played a 36 string bass, 10 necked bass, with corn, with a bass (fish)...
  • Camera Abuse: Davie uses an editing trick to emulate this trope whenever he asks his fans to "slap like now" and claps at it with his hand.
  • Catchphrase: He has several, most of them with reverb added.
    • "What's up, s l a p p e r s?" note 
    • "B a s s"
    • "Slap "like" now!"
    • "O M G!"
    • "E p i c!"
    • "M i n d - b l o w i n g!"
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    • "U n b e l i e v a b l e!"
    • "C h e c k m a t e!"
    • "W h a t ?!"
    • "He cheated. He used h a c c s!"
    • "'He b e t r a y e d me!"
    • "That's i l l e g a l!" note 
    • "Pfft!'"
    • "T h i s i s g e t t i n g e x p e n s i v e.'" note 
    • Best X prize! note 
    • "S t r o n z i."
  • Cold Ham: He may have a monotone delivery of just about every line, but the reverb really hams it up.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Very high on the deadpan, given that he almost never raises his voice.
  • Enemy Mine: Sort of. In this Fiverr search video, Davie went to recruit guitarists.
  • Felony Misdemeanor: According to him, bassists playing with a pick, pineapples in pizza, not slapping like on his videos, etc.
    Davie, holding a gun to the camera: Don’t worry. I am very friendly.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Davie often peppers his videos with some funny commentary.
  • Friendly Rivalry:
    • Davie seemingly got into one with a female Japanese bassist, AnimeBassMe. After a few weeks, Davie revealed that it was him in a skirt and wig, the whole time.
    • He has one with fellow Youtube bassist Charles Berthoud, having collaborated or battled each other several times.
  • Gender Flip: In "I pretend to be a GIRL BASSIST on the Internet", he puts on a female filter on his appearance in Omegle, but doesn't change his voice. Quite a few people even recognize him, despite the filter.
  • Gratuitous Italian: As of his Italian voice reveal video, he occasionally drops his aforementioned catchphrases in Italian.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: At 6'7'', he easily dwarfs his girlfriend.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • He calls out other musicians for using "haccs" in his Fiverr challenges, while he did the same during the "You Laugh, You Lose" challenge uploaded prior to his laugh reveal video.
    • In some of his Fiverr videos, he says that real bass players use only a 4-strings bass (in reaction to people using 5-string bass). He himself has a 24-string and a 36-string bass. He even lampshades this by displaying the thumbnails to his 24-string and 36-string bass videos.
    • Naturally, his ire when seeing bassists use picks is all just a joke - he can and has played bass with a pick numerous times.
    • In one of his videos, he noted the bassist in the video he was watching was using playback audio. Davie then proceeds to insert a recording of him saying ‘I never use playback in my videos’.
  • I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: After subjecting pizzas with pineapple to much ridicule, Davie tries a Hawaiian pizza once he gets 6 million subscribers and... likes it.
  • Irony: He is a very tall Italian playing the bass. "Basso" means short in Italian. He has said that he gets these jokes a lot (while showing one such comment on the screen).
  • Lead Bassist: He lives and breathes this trope.
  • Lonely Piano Piece: One plays whenever Davie is "sad".
  • Mistaken for Masturbating: He does this a few times for laughs in his "Send This To Your Crush" video.
    • Also used in the opening of his SDAIAY opening.
  • No Sense of Humor: Subverted. His laugh reveal shows that he, indeed, has a sense of humor.
  • Nobody Loves the Bassist: Davie naturally defies this trope in any shape or form; he also takes whimsical digs at guitarists, despite being able to play guitar decently well.
  • Not So Stoic: Shown very concisely in his laugh reveal video that he is very giggly when off camera.
  • Overly Long Gag: Some of his videos are endurance challenges where he plays the bass for hours straight, such as "Playing Can't Stop but I can't stop", "SLAPPING the BASS but I CAN'T STOP until FLEA (RHCP) notices me", "I Played Bass Until I Broke ALL the Strings (Impossible?)", and "Slapping the BASS until Coronavirus is CANCELLED".
  • Pungeon Master: Davie isn't averse to wordplay, and he employs it when all other forms of humor abandon him.
  • Running Gag:
    • Lately, he almost never misses the opportunity to make a joke about the number 69.
    • Every single time he goes on Fiverr, he says it's the last time, even though he always keeps coming back with a new Fiverr video.
    • Joking about calling the police when he sees something ‘illegal’, such as a bassist using a pick.
    • Every time he uses Omegle, he's banned from it by the end of the episode.
    • A fair share of fans have taken a liking to comparing Davie to veteran actor Sylvester Stallone, and even went so far as to deepfake Davie onto Stallone in several scenes from the Rambo franchise.
  • Shoddy Knockoff Product: SDAIAY is one of LWIAY by PewDiePie, and Davie lampshades this by pointing out it and its theme song are "fully original".
  • The Stoic: All of his videos are delivered in a complete deadpan, and he very rarely cracks a smile.
  • Supreme Chef: Davie has shown that he can find his way around the kitchen very easily: on his channel, he's cooked spaghetti carbonara, baked a pizza, made tiramisu and baked an Italian pastry dish called focaccia.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: A very tall, black-haired and occasionally sardonic fellow, to be sure.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: By Davie's own admission, it's pizza. He also got to make one on his channel.
  • Up to Eleven: He played a 24-string bass, only to up the ante later with a 36-string bass.
    Davie: Mind-blowing, isn't it?
    • On his 36-string bass video, he says he will play a 69 (lmao) string bass if the video gets 690,000 likes. It handily passed that number, but time will tell if he will go through with this.
  • Useless Accessory: He's often seen wearing headphones even when he doesn't really need them, to the point where he promises a reveal without headphones at 6 million subscribers, despite most of his early videos not having them, as well as his profile picture.
  • The Voiceless: His girlfriend has never spoken in their videos. Subverted when Davie hit 7 million subscribers and she finally spoke.
  • When He Smiles: It's definitely something, since usually he has a very flat, unenthusiastic face.
  • The Worf Effect: His Bass VS Piano duel with Seth Everman has his usually invincible H o l y S l a p p be completely helpless against Seth's piano riffs. So strong that Davie is defeated and turned "bald".

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