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Tropes of the Divine

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Below is a comprised list of tropes related to Divine power, Heaven, and its inhabitants such as angels or gods.

Compare Goodness Tropes and Religion Tropes. Contrast Infernal Tropes. Inverse of the Index of Prayer and Meditation.

Not to be confused with Like a God to Me.


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  • Bonus Level of Heaven: An extra level in a video game set in Heaven or someplace similar.
  • Fluffy Cloud Heaven: Heaven depicted as a bunch of clouds in the sky.
  • Heaven Above: The sky being associated with the divine.
  • Hell of a Heaven: Heaven depicted as disappointing.
  • Home of the Gods: Heaven and similar places are often home to at least one deity.
  • Nostalgia Heaven: In a dream or the afterlife, two characters with a deep connection are seen together in a particular place that is somehow special to them.
  • The Pearly Gates: The door that seperates Heaven from the rest of the Universe.
  • Physical Heaven: Angels or gods having a physical base on Earth.
  • The Promised Land: Heaven is almost always depicted as this.
  • Unfeeling Heavens: Heaven's angels are far removed from human feelings and attachments, seeing them as unnecessary.
  • Warrior Heaven: The place where all noble warriors want to go when they die.