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The Marvel Comics version gets the Flaming Sword...
One of the lesser known Archangels, Uriel, Uri'el (Hebrew) is primarily an angel in rabbinical angelology mentioned in Enoch 1 and Ezra IV. He is one of seven who stand at the throne of God, one of four who serve humanity and is also one of the archangels who presides over the four quarters of the earth along with Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Uriel is often referred to as prince of the angels and of Tartarus.

He's one of the angels in non-canon lore and is alternately described as either Kerubim or Seraphim and is often referred to as the Angel of the Presence. Legend says that he stands at the gate of the Lost Eden with a fiery sword and he was attributed as being the angel who warned Noah of the impending flood. Although Uriel was accepted as an archangel by the Catholic Church for centuries he was finally removed in AD 745, along with a host of other angels, because the Church was growing concerned about a growing fixation and importance placed by the public on angels.

His name means 'God is my Light'. Given the similarities with "Lucifer" (which means "light bringer" in Latin), and the fact that several early theology texts actually stated Uriel was "condemned to Hell" may lead works to equate the two together, though the book of Enoch lists him among the angels who requested permission from God to intervene on humanity's behalf against the fallen angels (Michael gets to do it) suggesting he was a positive force for awhile even if he did go astray.note 


He is sometimes shown as the angel of either death or the sun in fiction, and is thus a total badass. Compare and contrast Shinigami.

Subtrope of Celestial Paragons and Archangels. See his brethren in Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and (possibly) the Fallen Angel version in Archangel Lucifer, aka Satan. Also take a look at Our Angels Are Different.

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  • He's featured in Leonardo Da Vinci's Virgin on the Rocks.


     Anime and Manga  

  • Appears in the Angel Sanctuary drama CDs and manga, as heroic and somewhat emo. He is a fairly important character.
  • In A Certain Magical Index, he's the patron of Vento of the Front and the source of her powers.
  • He's one of the main characters of Devils and Realist where spends most of the time disguised as Kevin, the main character's butler and caretaker, while actually being on a mission to secure him for Heaven. In the series, Uriel is depicted as Angel of Repentance and Cruelty, which perhaps inspired by his ambiguous position mentioned above. Despite being an angel, it's universally known by both demon and human that he is a sadist.


  • The Marvel Comics version of Uri-El is a hairless, yellow skinned humanoid with solid gray eyes, who wears long, bronze robes and is surrounded by an orange aura underneath them. He wields a red sword that seems to be made of some sort of energy and is known as the angel of redemption.
  • Uriel is a minor character in Lucifer, taking over the role of the representative of the Host after Amenadiel. Like all the other angels not named "Michael" or "Lucifer" he's little more than a mook in terms of power and story importance. He's also, for some reason, the only black angel where all the others are caucasian.

     Fan Fic  


  • Uriel appears in his capacity as one of the archangels who presides over the four quarters of the earth along with Michael, Gabriel and Raphael in the Deryni novels; Uriel is associated with Earth, the south and with the colour green. When Cinhil Haldane dies in a ritual circle after setting his sons' Haldane potential, Uriel stays behind after the other angels leave and guides Cinhil's soul from the circle to join those of his deceased wife and son.
  • Uriel is an important recurring character in The Dresden Files from Small Favor onwards as the primary immortal representative of the "White God". He acts as an ally, mentor and sort-of-almost-employer to Dresden himself, as well as the Knights of the Cross. He is the guardian of free will and Heaven's "Wetworks" guy, meaning their assassin, spook, spymaster and doer of the gritty jobs, such as the historical slaying of the First Born of Egypt. Mab likes his style, which says a lot for someone who is unambiguously a Good Guy. Dresden once calls him 'Uri', which he was not a fan of,note  although he had no complaints about "Mr. Sunshine". He also casually mentioned being able to make and unmake galaxies, putting him at (or very near) the top of the list of strongest beings encountered the series, although in general beings with more power typically are quite restricted in their ability to directly apply it. Plus in Skin Game, he's no slouch when temporarily rendered human by his own actions.
    • He is, of course, master of the Xanatos Gambit, typically hitting several targets with a single strike, with allies and enemies alike usually not being aware of this until it happens (explaining why Mab likes his style). He demonstrates the ability to (if somewhat imperfectly), predict the future, explaining to Harry how the little good things he did on one case ripple into far greater things; like making a mother realize her husband is abusing their kid and stopping a construction worker who is drunk on duty from working - he would have died shortly after and in a few months, his child would need bone marrow, for which he would have been the only viable donor. And then, finally, he elaborates on how Harry saved Michael during that mission from the man's own darker impulses.
    "The real war happened when you weren't looking."
  • In Dora Wilk Series, Uriel is an archangel and as such, member of the Council (heavenly government). He's their chief investigator thanks to his mind-reading powers.
  • In Weaveworld, the nigh-omnipotent entity Uriel claims to be an angel. It's probably wrong.
  • In Paradise Lost, Uriel guards the Sun and gate to Earth and is unwittingly tricked by Satan into letting him enter Earth.
  • Uriel has made a few appearances in Ro Te O, not as a Grim Reaper (which is Azrael's job) but rather "the angel of knowledge". He's the only character to not have spoken in a story full of characters capable of speech, and is not seen without his Flaming Sword or Michael.
  • Shows up in the Sandman Slim series, under another name. And he turns out to be Stark's father.
  • Is a significant character in Unsong. He is constantly trying to repair the various bugs and errors that crop up in the code of reality itself, and suffers from Ambiguous Disorder.

     Live Action TV  

  • Appears in Supernatural as a Scary Black Man antagonist. Here he is portrayed as not being an archangel, as only Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel hold this rank.
  • On Dominion, Uriel is a) a woman and b) playing Michael and Gabriel against each other, with the intention to destroy both in order to end all the fighting.
  • In Lucifer he is referenced by the titular character. One of his jobs is to give the big "welcome to Heaven" speech to new arrivals, which Lucifer thinks is worse than Hell.
    Priest: I'm not afraid to die.
    Lucifer: Well you should be, it's really boring where you're headed.
    • He appears in Season 2, having come to Earth to convince Lucifer to return their mother to Hell at the threat of Detective Chloe's life. He also brought with him Azrael's Blade ready to kill his mother if she won't come back, damning her to neither Heaven to Hell, but non-existence. Lucifer eventually ran him through with the blade, killing him for good. He later shows up in Lucifer's personal Ironic Hell, with Luci repeatedly stabbing him with the blade.
  • Good Omens (2019): A Gender Flipped Uriel is one of Archangel Gabriel's underlings. She's portrayed as The Stoic of the archangels, her role is mostly to intimidate Aziraphale into following orders and sticking to the plan to start the Apocalypse. She's also something a Decomposite Character, since Aziraphale himself was the angel with the flaming sword.

     Tabletop Games/RPG  

  • He is one of the eight Archangels of the German RPG Engel (Angel) and his angels are referred to as "Waywatchers". They're mostly armed with the Urielsbogen (Uriel Bows) and are supposed to spy for the Angelitische Kirche (Angelic Church) and their own Schar (band) of angels.
  • In In Nomine, Uriel was the Archangel of Purity until he got a little too zealous in trying to stamp out non-Abrahamic mythical creatures. He was "called upstairs" for an audience with God and hasn't been heard from since.
  • In Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Uriel is one of the seven beryls (god-like spirits of light). He's the only male of them and has associated freedom, independence, and free will.

     Video Games  

  • Appears in a lot of Shin Megami Tensei games, sometimes as a boss. He's usually associated with the fire element and is commonly the lowest-levelled of the arch angels (below Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and the Metatron).
  • Uriel appears in the video game Darksiders, where, as a notable departure from the original legend, the character is portrayed as a girl.
  • El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron: Uriel appears as one of the four archangels, aiding Enoch via Limit Break.
  • Puzzle & Dragons has Uriel as part of the Archangel group, appropatly as the Fire Attribute.
  • There exists two Creator/Cygames versions of Uriel. One in Rage of Bahamut as well as its Anime adaptation and one Granblue Fantasy. They both have vastly different designs and the Uriel from Rage of Bahamutis a Gender Flip.
  • Trillion: God of Destruction: This version of Uriel proves to be a rash young man, and given the sour relations between Heaven and the Underworld, his attitude doesn't win him any favors with the other Fallen Ones, save for the generally sweet Elma whom tended to his wounds. His arrival in the Underworld heralds more news of Trillion's threat: prior to arriving at the Gates of Hell, Trillion casually walked into Heaven, curb-stomped every angel, and then tore God into pieces before devouring Heaven's Core, and then going on to erase the Human World. Uriel is the Sole Survivor of Trillion's Onslaught, which is part of why he stays to help train the other Overlords.

     Web Comics  

     Web Original  

  • Appears as the Angel of Death in The Salvation War universe, and kills thousands of people in the second book, before being finally killed by the machinations of Michael who puts him at the lack of mercy of a large amount of fighter jets and several battleships, as well as a YAL-1 laser. This version is most definitely Made of Iron, surviving numerous missiles, being microwaved by an exceptionally powerful radar and generally being shot.
  • He rules Heaven in Elfen High.


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