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The Armies of Heaven

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The Lord thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys his command...

Our Angels Are Warriors. The Heavenly Host is organized as a rigid military structure to fight against the forces of evil in the name of God. With the big man being The Omnipotent, this tends to imply a Powers That Be or Have You Seen My God? portrayal that necessitates his servants to fight his battles for him.

The Legions of Hell are their enemy, and these soldiers will be the ones fighting on the front lines on Earth or to defend their home base when Hell Invades Heaven.

The Celestial Paragons and Archangels will be the ones in charge of the lower angels, with Archangel Michael typically as the field commander and the one to personally smite Satan.

The Good Counterpart to The Legions of Hell. See also Valkyries.



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     Comic Books  
  • The Heavenly Host shows up in Preacher, mostly at the end where they're slaughtered to an angel by the Saint of Killers. The story begins when one of the seraphim has sex with a succubus, birthing Genesis and starting the whole story.
  • Sometimes enemies, sometimes allies of Ghost Rider. It was eventually revealed by Retcon that the "demon" Zarathos was actually a misguided member of them and that the spirits of vengeance he imitates when possessing John Blaze, which include the "true" Ghost Riders, are in fact non military agents of heaven meant to work where heaven doesn't actually want it's interests to be obvious. Most of the conflict between angels, spirits of vengeance, Zarathos and the like stems from misunderstanding, except of course when the angels in question are just evil.


  • The existence of the Heavenly Host has been foreshadowed in The Dresden Files by Queen Mab, but they are yet to make a canon appearance. Archangel Michael (who is also yet to be introduced) is said to be their Frontline General.
  • Jesus with His army of saints emerging from heaven in the Left Behind book Glorious Appearing.
  • While they don't exactly do much fighting, the angels in High School Dx D do have a large military presence in the series.

     Live-Action TV  
  • Xena: Warrior Princess features an army of angels at war with an army of demons, and due to Crossover Cosmology the angels are able to resurrect Gabrielle, who should have gone to the Elysian fields, as one of their own to counter the demons resurrecting Xena as one of their own. It works, so far as Gabrielle does stop Xena from helping the demons, because dragging Gabrielle off to hell becomes more important to her. This isn't the first or last instance of this kind of thing, they've also been removed from their usual afterlife for the purpose of reincarnating after one of their dead enemies reincarnates as an unopposed warlord of a Bad Future.
  • In Supernatural, the Host of Heaven is organized like a military. The angelic foot soldiers on Earth are divided into garrisons, of which Castiel commanded one for a while before he was demoted and replaced by Uriel. Their boss Zachariah seems to be in charge of several garrisons and answers to Michael, Heaven's commander-in-chief. God has been missing for millennia.

     Tabletop Games  
  • In the backstory of Demon: The Fallen, Lucifer's rebellious angels have battled the angelic armies loyal to God and led by Archangel Michael, but the latter seem to have disappeared from the world while the Fallen were locked up in the Abyss.
  • In Nomine. All of the angels of Heaven oppose the demons of Hell in their own way, but the hosts of angels led by the Archangels Lawrence, Michael and David are the closest to being a heavenly army. Of the various types of angels, Malakites (regardless of which Archangel they serve) are most often involved in anti-demonic combat.
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Applied In-Universe for the Imperium of Man: Many planets are populated by superstitious peasants who know little of life outside what is taught by Imperial preachers, and thus believe the Space Marines to be actual angels (and are indeed known as Angels of Death).
    • The Sisters of Battle are all human women (less augmented that Space Marines but much stronger and zealous than ordinary humans) whose use of Joan Of Archetype imagery and heavenly ranks (Seraphim, Celestials, Living Saints, etc.) brings them close to the trope.
    • The natives of Fenris combine this with Warrior Heaven: Fenris is basically a Single-Biome Planet of medieval Scandinavia, with Viking tribes fighting each other for dominance. The young men who fall during these battles are candidates for training and augmentation into Space Marines, battling and boozing across the stars in the God-Emperor's name: the Space Wolves.

    Video Games 
  • The Starcraft II map "War in Heaven" pits, well, Heaven against Hell, using Terran and Protoss units as heavenly soldiers and Zerg for demons: Marines are warrior angels, Sandalphon is a colossus, Jesus is a battlecruiser...
  • In the Diablo series all angels are warriors, and they spend all of their time either fighting demons or planning to fight demons. As well, they all seem to be identical except for the five special snowflakes on the Angiris Council and their lieutenants. At least, this is how it was, until the creation of Sanctuary threw a wrench in the Eternal Conflict, leaving the angels to mostly mope about the Heavens in trepidation.
  • In Darksiders a small sub-faction of Angels, known as the Hellguard, appear as antagonists to the protagonist, War.
  • In Darksiders II, they appear once again, this time as (not all too willing) allies to Death.
  • Bayonetta has the angels of Paradiso as the main enemies she faces.
  • League of Legends has the champion Kayle, an angelic being from "a land far away" who fights using the power of the sun. She also has a sister, Morgana, who uses the power of the moon against the warriors of the sun.
  • Palutena in the Kid Icarus games has an army of Centurions, but they are so weak that she almost never sends them on the battlefield as she doesn't want them to be hurt, privileging her elite soldier Pit (the protagonist of the games).
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Centurions are called by Pit during his Final Smash (with Palutena shining in the background).

     Web Original 
  • In the second book of The Salvation War, Yahweh sends the Incomparable Legion of Light, formed by a mixture of afterlife humans and angels against, the Earth army who is invading Heaven it turns it's no match against a 1.2 megaton nuke.

     Western Animation  
  • In an episode of South Park, Kenny is enlisted by Heaven to command the angelic armies against an invasion from Hell.
  • Superbook (2011) features the armies of heaven in the first episode, lead by Archangel Michael, battling against Lucifer and his army during his fall. The armies of heaven reappear in Revelation, when they fight Lucifer for the fate of Earth at the end of the world.


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