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Heartwarming / My Little Pony Micro Series

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  • Twilight making friends with Jade Singer is kinda sweet. She's certainly put her Friendship Lessons to good use.
    Jade Singer:I never had friends like that.
    Twilight Sparkle: Well, you do now!
  • Tank remains an awesome and loyal pet. Constantly waving his "Go Rainbow Dash!" flag, being there for her to talk to, and even helping out Applejack water her apple trees. And then we get this moment, when Rainbow thinks Tank's been hurt by some lightning.
    Rainbow Dash: Give me a sign...
    Tank: *brohoof*
  • When Applejack sees Rainbow Dash drained and unable to fly after the Double Sonic Rainboom, she races to catch her falling friend before she can hit the ground.
    Applejack: Oh darlin', I don't know whether to kick you or thank you...''thank you.''
    • Later, Applejack visits Rainbow to give her some zap-apple pie, and show Rainbow she can fly again.
  • Apparently, Trixie was invited to Rarity’s fashion show after party, despite the timeline indicating the last time she was there, she was more than just a nuisance.
  • Rarity enduring the activities of the "spa." For someone who is so prissy and self-indulgent, it's so charming to see her being such a reasonably good sport giving the place a fair chance before asking for her money back. When she decides to help the hippies after learning about their dire financial situation, it's even better on her.
  • While it can be hard to notice at first, when Fluttershy ends up being overwhelmed by other ponies critiquing her art piece, there are some genuine compliments in there too, with one pony even saying "The artist is an expert crafts-pony." In a similar vein, Rarity tells Fluttershy not to listen to the critics, having been on the receiving end of them herself.
  • Pinkie Pie immediately offers up her ticket to Ponyacci's show to a depressed old pony simply on the belief that he deserved to have a good laugh. This is in spite of her own excitement about seeing the clown perform.
    • Heck, the entire Pinkie micro leaves a warm feeling in one's heart. Major props to Ted Anderson for nailing Pinkie's outgoing nature.
  • Applejack agreeing to let her family help the Sass Squash.
    • Then there's Granny Smith's reason for the Sass Squash disguise.
    • Big Macintosh sleeping with Smarty Pants.
  • Imp being reunited with its parent.
  • The sheer lengths Celestia went to help Inkwell. Reminding everypony in the room just how much the old mare had helped them, how much she meant to the school and to them when they were attending.
    • It may not have anything to do with the plot of the issue, but a note has to be made of issue #8's cover B and its simple reminder of the dynamic between the Princess and her subjects.
  • in the Friends Forever series of comics, the Twilight/Shining Armour Micro proves that, princess or not, Twilight and Shining Armor's relationship with one another hasn't changed in the least, with Shining Armor even still calling her Twiley. Friends Forever, indeed!

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