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Bronies might very well be the most excitable and easily pleased fandom ever, and why not? When you have a great show like Friendship is Magic, there's plenty to go yay!~ about.

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    Season 2 
  • Season 2 will be more appealing to specifically bronies? Sign me up.
    • ALRIGHT, John de Lancie is going to be playing a VILLAIN. And he is playing a god-like trickster who takes joy in personally messing with people? Approval.
    • And on the Japanese dub, we get Shigeru Chiba 's wonderfully Hammy voice for him.
  • Princess Luna, a character who got one minute of screen time and two lines of dialogue in the second episode, not only returning after a year-long absence, but also getting her own focus episode. This was especially important since her absence had created her own fanbase.

    Season 3 
  • John de Lancie confirmed that he's done more voice work for MLP. Let the "Au Contraire, Mon Capitan! Heee's back!" memes commence!
  • Checklist for Season 3: Possibly more Trixienote , MORE LUNA, more crazy ponies, Octavia possibly speaking and singing with Raritynote . And when a song from season 3 was released showing how far Top Draw had come since season 1 and having Spike dancing and SINGING, many bronies cried out: OUR BODIES ARE READY.
    • A second song was previewed confirming the rumors about the Crystal Empire toys being related to Season 3, as well as Princess Cadence returning. Not to mention that this is the first time a past-gen gimmick (special pony subsets like the Flutter Ponies) is not only in the merchandise but in the show. So we've got season 1 being all about the characters, season 2 dedicated to the in-show universe, and now season 3 gets the mythology references.
  • Okay, so those new posters were pretty cool, but there probably won't be much season 3 spoiler-ific stuff for a while-wait, possible season 3 pictures? A post-apocalyptic looking Carousel Boutique and Sweet Apple Acres? The Great and Powerful Trixie to return!?]] It's only a month or two Bronies, we can wait that long.
  • The drought between Season 2 & 3 was rather long (much longer than the one between 1 & 2), so bronies rejoiced when the release date was finally announced for November 10th, 2012.
  • Discord and Pinkie starring in a commercial together.
  • "Wonderbolt Academy": Yes! Dash finally living her dream training for the Wonderbolts!
  • What's this? Applejack is getting her own song? O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
    • Not to mention, unlike last time, there's nothing in this episode to overshadow her. Just her and her extended family. And one kick-ass song that's perfect for any hoedown.
  • The Brony fanbase were all in for a very unexpected Christmas present when they found out that not only is Discord coming back, but the main cast is trying to reform him as well!
  • The Alicorn Twilight rumors are true? NOOOOOOOOOO!!! But wait, what's this? She won't change as a character? And Lauren Faust herself is hopeful that the current showrunners can pull this off? This just might work.
    • The episode will be a musical with seven songs?! Potential is building, just one more day!
  • "Magical Mystery Cure" got a Leo Award.

    Season 4 
  • The fourth season being confirmed to be 26 episodes long brought about a particularly strong burst of fandom-rejoicing as the third season was only 13 episodes long (compared to Seasons 1 and 2, which were 26 episodes each). The fans feared that this "short season" was the beginning of the end of the series, with good reason.
    • And fan-favorite writer Amy Keating Rogers returns! (she'd been MIA during Season 3)
  • Rarity being confirmed to get at least one or two episodes after not getting one devoted to her in Season 3.
  • Information for Season 4 has been released. Let's have a look: "Spike has a lot of fun in season 4." Hey, Spike's gonna get more love. Cool. "They think they broke Tabitha with the Rarity lines this season. Andrea says Pinkie Pie's season 4 writing is hilarious, and piles of crazy stuff happens to Fluttershy." Oh, I have a feeling that the humor's gonna be great this season!
    • We also get a flashback actually showing Luna becoming Nightmare Moon.
    • Also, Amy Keating Rogers is writing a Pinkie Pie Musical Episode!
  • This years SDCC animatic preview gave us confirmation of the Scootaloo episode we've all wanted to see, where she has to deal with being able to fly.
    • And another scene showed us with Spike in an alternate world—where the Mane 6 are the Power Ponies!
    • "There can only be one Princess in Equestria, and that Princess will be ME!!!" Even in the middle of a Face–Heel Turn, Luna still inspires massive applause from the audience.
  • It's a testament of how the series' penchant for great music is still going strong with it only taking about 20 seconds for the audience to start clapping in time to the song, "Apples to the Core."
  • Season Four will have a Discord song- wait, are you serious? Is this actually happening? That's the coolest thing ever! We've waited for this to happen! YESSSSS!
  • And an Author's Saving Throw with Twilight, getting her first flight lesson in her Hot Minute.
  • Rarity fans are quite pleased that the white unicorn will be getting her first centric episode since Sweet and Elite, which, for reference, first aired over two years earlier.note 
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic is finally making a guest star appearance in the episode Pinkie's Pride! [[note]]We know this because it's the same synopsis mentioned here.
  • So season 4 so far is great. But it's too bad we never got to read the princesses' journal or learn much more about the Daring Do books.. Wait wait, what's this! Three defictionalized Daring DO novels! And the journal! Say it with me now, ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!
  • Episode 16: Hot damn, the Breezies are back!
  • Episode 24: Sweet, an official announcement for the Equestria Games!
  • Oh hey, Season 4 finale. Well, let's see what baddie our heroes are up agains-WHOA! Is that TIREK? As in the first major MLP villain EVER?! Way to bring it full circle, Hasbro!

    Season 5 
  • We will be getting the shows 100th episode! Which will also be a episode focusing mostly on background characters!
    • Said episode will not feature the Mane 6 at all! Also, some background characters will remain true to their fan characterizations while others will get brand new characterizations!
  • Coco Pommel is coming back!!
  • Maud Pie will be returning in a episode that will focus on Pinkie's entire family. It will be a holiday-centric episode taking place on Hearth's Warming Eve.
  • Rainbow Dash sings her first solo song in the show.
  • There is an episode focusing on Twilight dealing with losing her library in the season 4 finale.
  • Fans of the book series will be happy to know that G.M. Barrow will be writing one of the episodes of season 5 and said episode will be a Pinkie Pie episode.
  • Broadway singer Lena Hall is guest-starring.
  • The airing of the first Season 5 trailer on February 11 got a lot of excitement, too. Many were very happy to see some of the stuff from the animatic finally animated (with yet another Animation Bump), and it looks like the season may have another overarching story arc, to boot!
  • Fans absolutely rejoiced when, after close to a full year's hiatus, a release date for Season 5 was at last announced for April 4th.
  • The Smooze is going to return!
  • Episode 9 (AKA the long-awaited episode 100): A trailer and preview clip have been released. Doctor Whooves and Octavia speak, and they have Biritish accents! And DERPY HOOVES IS FINALLY ALLOWED TO SPEAK AGAIN!' And she actually sounds pretty close to the voice used in Doctor Whooves and Assistant, which is considered THE fanon voice for Derpy!
    • Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are roommates!
  • Revelations from the 2015 Comic Con. Fluttershy has a brother, and Starlight Glimmer is indeed coming Back for the Finale!
  • Hasbro released a poster for Season 5 as part of their "Friendship Days" celebration. Since it reveals secrets pertaining the latter half of Season 5, there are a lot of characters blotted out in order to avoid spoilers. Including, for some reason, The Cutie Mark Crusaders. What could this mean? What else could the poster reveal? Oh, nuthin'... EXCEPT SWEETIE BELLE AND SCOOTALOO'S CUTIE MARKS, THAT'S WHAT! This means just one thing: The Crusade is almost over!
    • Between Shining Armor and Cadence, there's a decedent cake. Look closely and on top of it there appears to be a decoration shaped like a baby carriage.
  • During the airing of The Mane Attraction, a preview for the Season Finale aired. And the fandom's collective jaws dropped. One stand out moment seems to be Princess Celestia actually doing something and getting ready to declare war against we don't know what. Needless to say, after seeing this, everyone's expectations are high.

    Season 6 
  • A Facebook image for the official MLP page showed a collage of the Mane 6 from various upcoming Season 6 episodes... with Rainbow Dash notably wearing a Wonderbolts uniform!
  • We will finally get to see at least one relative of Fluttershy's.
  • Patton Oswalt will be guest starring!

    Season 7 
  • Our first major bit of news on the season: William Shatner is guest starring in an episode!
  • We finally get to see Applejack's parents in an episode!
    • We learned the names of Rainbow Dash's parents!
  • Celestia and Luna get their OWN EPISODE! Keep in mind that this is something fans have wanted to see since SEASON 1.
  • After two seasons, Zecora is finally getting some more screentime, playing a major role in two episodes.
  • The season finale, "Shadow Play". We finally get to see Star Swirl the Bearded! After several mentions throughout the series, we finally get to see the legendary wizard who helped shape Equestria's history.

    Season 8 
  • Queen Chrysalis is coming back sometime this season!
    • She's not the only one! After 4 seasons in Tartarus, Lord Tirek will be making a return as well!
    • As are two of the pillars: Starswirl and Rockhoof!
    • And nope, the premiere wasn't the last we see of the Hippogriffs; both Hippogriffs and Sea Ponies are central characters in a map episode!
  • A commercial for a future episode shows something that fans have been waiting for years for: Spike finally grows wings!
  • The finale synopsis implies that the CMC will get to be heroes!

    Season 9 
  • Oh man, My Little Pony is finally coming to an end? Wonder what the teaser is going to reveal...WAIT A MOTHERBUCKING SECOND, IS THAT KING SOMBRA BACK FROM THE DEAD AND GOING AFTER FLURRY HEART?!
  • One of the best villains from G1 is back! Grogar has returned!
    • And he's brought together all the remaining villains into a Legion of Doom! Awesome!
  • Quibble Pants will be returning!

    Equestria Girls 
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic...The Movie. A 66-minute-long Made-for-TV Movie, but a movie nonetheless. No joke.
    • It tested so well that it got promoted to actually run in cinemas! Granted, as of this writing it's limited, but even so, a theatrical release is nothing to sneeze at.
    • Said movie is called "Equestria Girls"... and it's going to involve Twilight going into a human world. NOOOOOOOO!!! ... But wait, what's this? A trailer has been released? No more cheap-looking anthro designs like had been advertised for the past few months? The voice actors doing the human-counterpart voices? There's still ponies in the beginning and it's just Twilight going into an alternate world? Daniel Ingram's doing the music? References in the trailer like Human Scootaloo doing the chicken dance?! What do you know, bronies... this just might have some potential.
  • For those who liked the first movie, our Equestria Girls are returning for a sequel this fall!
    • Said sequel also ran in cinemas!
    • And Trixie is going to be the Lead of the Rival Band
    • While reactions have been mixed for Sunset Shimmer in the previous movie, fans concerned about whether her redemption stuck are glad that the team will get another shot at her in Rainbow Rocks. On a lesser note, Flash Sentry will also get another chance in Rainbow Rocks.
  • Friendship Games will have a offical Equestria Girls version of Cadence!
  • In 2017, we will get three new Equestria girls specials!
    • In the third special, Sunset will visit Equestria!
  • On November 17th, 2017, a YouTube web series consisting of 45 shorts will begin!
  • The novel "A Friendship to Remember" has everyones memories of post-redemtion Sunset being erased and the reunion of Sunset and Celestia fans have spent the whole franchise waiting for. Too bad this isn't an actually epi...IT'S GETTING A 44-MINUTE SPECIAL!!! OH YEAH!
  • A new special is being released in 2019, which sees the gang on a cruise ship during Spring Break. And then they end up traveling through a portal to Equestria! You read that right: this time, the Equestria Girls cast is heading to the pony world!
  • June 2019, a music video released that out of nowhere brought back an unexpected group: the Dazzlings. After five years, The Bus Came Back! Then Word of God revealed that it was a lead-in to a TV special, which the Make Your Own Magic – The Starswirl Do-Over adapted.

    The Movie 

    The IDW Comics 

  • Well, it sure is cool that the show is so popular, but it's a pity that the majority of the popularity is confined to the internet and doesn't show up often in mainstream... wait a second. Did the mane cast just appear in a Super Bowl Commercial!? Awesome!

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