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Wander Over Yonder has many instances of incredible music, thanks to both the fantastic vocals of the cast and the musical genius of head songwriter Andy Bean.

  • "If You Wander Over Yonder". A heartwarming song Wander sings to Westley that cements his Heel–Face Turn and pretty much encapsulates what the show is all about.
  • Lord Dominator's theme, a sinister industrialist piece that fits a Knight of Cerebus like herself.
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  • Looks like the end of the line, so Leeeeeet the Puuuuuuuun fiiiiiiiit theeeeeeeee Crime.
  • Take a Step Inside Your Mind. Probably one of the catchiest songs the show has ever made. And that's not even bringing up the incredible animation in that sequence.
  • "Hater makes it better". Which is just absolutely HILARIOUS.
  • The ENTIRE soundtrack of "The Black Cube". The Black Cube's theme is sure to tug at your heartstrings, especially the Triumphant Reprise at the end.
    "We're all just little black cuuuubes of darkness! Little black cuuuubes of darkness!"
  • The extended version of Hater's theme scattered throughout "The Showstoppers" is ridiculously catchy and you really can't help but rock out to it. Not to mention, it's a duet between Hater and WANDER.
  • "My Fair Hatey" is full of this.
    • "Ask Her A Question", while probably not as popular as the other songs, still deserves a mention for being just so damn pleasant.
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    • Sylvia and Peepers' duet, "That's How We'll Get Her" about their plans to defeat Dominator. It's got a sort of mischievous feel to it which makes it SUPER catchy.
    • "Let's All Go Meet/Beat Dominator" is the shortest song of the lot but it's still comically memorable.
    • There's Lord Hater's consecutive trinity of songs for Dominator, "Hater's Ballad/How Are You?/You're the Greatest", which shifts from a romantic ballad to a campy Broadway musical to a fucking Meatloaf-style ROCK BALLAD. And super props to Keith Ferguson for managing to make it sound really good despite Hater's gravelly voice. Fun fact: Keith Ferguson actually nailed the entire song in TWO TAKES.
    • Dominator's own Villain Song "I'm the Bad Guy". A bouncy and fun, yet delightfully wicked song which is perfect for Dominator's character.
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    • Of course, we have the namesake of the episode, "My Fair Hatey". It starts off with soft banjo music as Wander comforts Lord Hater but quickly and humourously evolves into fast-paced chase music as Hater starts chasing Wander around just like old times. If you don't crack a smile at this heartwarming ditty, you might be just as cold-hearted as Dominator herself.
    • The reprise of "You're the Greatest" which even got stuck in Dominator's head. It's pretty much the DEFINITION of a Triumphant Reprise.
  • The Creepy Circus Music used in "The Heebie Jeebies" was a fantastic tone setter for the entire episode, and averts the usual style of the genre by including some seriously deep and threatening drumbeats for higher octane moments.


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