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"'Cause it's sweet, sweet victory, yeah!"

Despite its intended audience of children, the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise has amazing soundtracks to fit the mood.

These SpongeBob works have their own Awesome Music page:

  • Let's start off by talking about SpongeBob's classic, jolly theme. The funniest part about this theme is that the creators wanted to make it as annoying as possible. They succeeded, and while it might be annoying for SpongeBob haters, for everyone else, it definitely gets you in the mood for the show in its own way. Expect 22 minutes of laughter to follow. The choral version sung by the pirates to open The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie is sung more like a sea shanty, and it helps to underscore the epic adventure about to take place.
  • The first episode hits hard and fast with the use of "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight" by Tiny Tim. Backing an amazingly-satisfying sequence of SpongeBob cooking Patties, the steady falsetto and drum baseline makes the entire scene a delight to watch.
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  • "The Stranger in Town" fits the western standoff theme between SpongeBob and Bubble Bass, despite being about food...or perhaps because of it.
  • Give Jellyfish Fields A Chance. Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob and Patrick's favorite place in Bikini Bottom, is going to be destroyed by a new superhighway, and they go out into town, and start protesting in the form of song.
  • Where's Gary from SpongeBob's Greatest Hits is pretty awesome. It's like Gary's Song, but more lively.
    SpongeBob: I wonder how things went so wrong. I turned around and he was gone. WHERE'S GARY!?
  • Under My Rock from The Movie Album is pretty cool. It has Patrick singing about his rock and how it's the only place he'll ever stay.
    Patrick: It's cold and hard and kind of gray. It's the only place I'll ever stay. Got snacks in the fridge and a telephone, in this stone that I call home! Let's Rock!
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  • You Will Obey! from the Best Day Ever album is a rock song about Plankton commanding the citizens of Bikini Bottom to do his bidding via mind control.
    Plankton: You will obey! Do what I say! Do it my way! Go, Stay, You will obey!
  • War Blowers, debuting and best remembered in "Reef Blower", is an action-packed theme that adds an extra oomph to the many antics on display.
  • Pressure Point from "Grandma's Kisses" (despite only being briefly played) may count as one, as in order to be a man, "You must acquire a taste for freeform Jazz."
  • The Mob is another memorable tune, from when SpongeBob inspected the city as Hall Monitor.
  • "The Camping Episode" is already a hilarious Bottle Episode, but to add the icing on the cake is "The Campfire Song Song". A happy little camp fire song (song), that gets a burst of energy halfway through. It's short, but sweet, and has a Funny Moment:
    SpongeBob: Squidward!
    Squidward: [silent disdain]
    SpongeBob: Good!
  • "The Best Day Ever". It's the best song ever!
    SpongeBob: IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER!
  • "Band Geeks" is widely regarded as one of the series' most awesome episodes, and it culminates in a singularly awesome Bubble Bowl half-time performance of "Sweet Victory" by the main cast, with special mention going to SpongeBob on lead vocals, Patrick on drums, Mrs. Puff on lead guitar, Plankton on keyboard and backing vocals, and Squidward as bandleader. It's hard to resist joining the (live-action) crowd in waving lighters during the performance. No wonder Squilliam had a heart attack upon seeing the band's performance. Even better, on the one-year anniversary of Stephen Hillenburg's passing, David Glen Eisley and Bob Kulick released a new version of the song as a tribute to him.
  • "Advanced Attack" sounds similar to an epic naval battle, but is most prominently used when Larry saved a man in "SpongeGuard on Duty". This signifies how Badass Larry was during his time as a life guard.
  • Attack is often used when someone is warned of the dire situations at hand, creating a scene of panic. Also, it sounds amazing.
  • Need a theme to strike terror and soil trousers when ever you appear? Well "Malleus Mallificarum (a)" seems to the just the thing for The Flying Dutchman!
  • During the well-liked Battle for Bikini Bottom game, "The Flying Dutchman's Graveyard" has a spooky, yet kickass theme for Sandy's trek there.
  • "Robot SpongeBob/Robot Plankton/Chum Bucket theme" is pure awesomeness for a good licensed game.
  • During the opening sequence of "F.U.N.", the use of "Heroes Win" creates a badass mood when SpongeBob decides to save the day. Then "Chase that Car" is badass swing to fit the Cat and Mouse scenario SpongeBob and Plankton are in.
  • "Chill Out", AKA Season 1 Plankton-based episodes title music. This suave theme fits the villainy present in those episodes.
  • "Dramatic Cue G" is a song fitting for any Adventurer during the Dark Ages.
  • The Fun Song from the aptly titled "F.U.N." episode. Sing it with us: F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all...
  • Sandy's gentle Texas song is both this and a bit of a Tear Jerker.
  • Similarly both an awesome melody and Tear Jerky, Gary, Come Home.
  • "Goofy Goober Rock" from the movie; not just the song, but the scene it accompanies. SpongeBob uses The Power of Rock to free Plankton's buckethead slaves. Probably the greatest Deus ex Machina of all time.
  • "Stadium Rave A", the music used during the famous "Jellyfish Jam" dance sequence. Later in the episode, we are treated to Jellyfish Jam, orchestrated by SpongeBob and performed by undersea creatures and objects. Also a heartwarming moment, considering SpongeBob is leading the jellyfish back home.
  • Whenever "Send Them Victorious" plays, you KNOW something awesome will happen!
  • "The Grinder". Pure awesomeness thanks to pure heavy metal music rocking with every flipped Krabby Patty.
  • It may be in live-action, but "Underwater Sun" is an awesome song.
  • For another awesome live-action song, "Bubble Beat Box". They knew how to make SpongeBob walking sound awesome!
  • Big Show Theme is deliciously old school, big-dreaming jazz music that invokes images of a different era in history.
  • "Border Run", the title card music for "The Chaperone". A cool 1950's style rock and roll tune, with some awesome guitar and saxophone solos.
  • "When Worlds Collide" is a hilarious rap with a robot voice and Patrick showing off rhymes like none other.
  • The hilariously narmy "Krusty Krab Pizza" song from "Pizza Delivery". "KRUSTY KRA-A-A-YEAH-YEAH-AH-AH PIZZAAAAA! IS THE PIZZA YEAH FOR YOU AND...MEEEEEEEEEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEEEE!"
  • Sailing Over the Dogger Bank is the salty, earthy sea shanty that opens Season 2's "Sailor Mouth".
  • Tom Fool is the lithe, fanciful and surprisingly infectious woodwind music from the opening of "The Campfire Episode".
  • Dangerous A is the rumbling, Jaws-esque Nightmare Fuel cue from "Clams" and several other scary episodes of the series. Death Trap manages to top it with blaring, fearful horns and a skirmish xylophone.
  • Music to Drive By is the rarely-used, upbeat, happy-go-lucky big band music SpongeBob and Mystery bond to, and one of the most impressive pieces of music in the series.
    • Stealth by Night deserves a mention for its spine-tingling atmospheric build-up.
    • Superquick is in a similar vein and is Mr. Krabs' joyous, percussion-heavy victory music over making his millionth dollar in "Clams".
  • Wonderland of Snow is probably the most Christmas-y song you'll ever listen to.
  • Stack of Leis is the musical equivalent to just relaxing and resting after a long day, and letting your body give itself out.
  • Hawaiian Flower and Hawaiian Train: two similarly themed songs that are both Sweet Dreams Fuel from start to end. Let's also add in Hawaiian Calypso.
  • Secret Service is SpongeBob and Patrick's super smooth and relentless spy music from "Wet Painters" and "Spy Buddies".
  • Sneak Up is the sleazy, creeping big band theme for SpongeBob's more... criminal activities.
  • Saxaboogie is the go-to song to get any party up and hoppin'. No, seriously. It's that good. It's commonly associated with Larry the Lobster and Goo Lagoon.
    • Stars and Games is another sax-driven track to get a beach party started.
    • Another Larry-related song is the rocking Surfing Summer, the instrumentals of which often appeared in pre-movie episodes.
  • What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor is the jovial, accordion rendition of the classic sea shanty "The Drunken Sailor" and Mr. Krabs' theme throughout the series.
  • Up She Rises is a bombastic fanfare that quickly turns into a proud, militant variation of the theme for Mr. Krabs and the Krusty Krab.
  • Witty Fellow is a whimsical piece that sets the mood for scenes in episodes like "No Weenies Allowed" and "Pranks a Lot".
  • Fight! Fight! Fight! Or as it is more commonly called...
  • This list couldn't possibly be complete without the most quintessential SpongeBob song. "The best time to wear a striped sweater..."
  • The new Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade theme for the SpongeBob balloon, which is a jazzy mashup of SpongeBob's theme song and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
  • Eastside Story. The best tune to pick when you're in a Film Noir mood.
  • Award Winners A is a memorable, triumphant tune that plays during the "Remembering SpongeBob" segment in "The Sponge Who Could Fly (The Lost Episode)".
  • SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs' narmy duet of "This Grill is Not a Home" in "Welcome to the Chum Bucket". Again, sing it with us: "BUT THIS GRILL IS NOT A HOME!! THIS IS NOT THE STOVE I KNOW!!
  • The Season 9 episode “Sharks vs. Pods”, while not a musical, is still a very musically jamming episode, featuring instrumentals that range from archival jazz music tracks to rocking, swinging originals. Fitting enough, as it turns out, the episode turns into a dance-off between the Sharks and Pods.
  • Some of the short excerpts of established songs like Rule Britannia, Volga Boat Men, and Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy are pretty impressive.
  • Though you only hear it for about 15 seconds on the show, the music that plays during Plankton's magic act is downright badass.
  • "Quest for the Best", the song from the Krusty Krab Training Video, based off "Eye of the Tiger".
  • That's What Friends Do" from Season 2's "Wormy". A short, catchy rock-styled ditty which plays over the montage of SpongeBob and Patrick playing with Wormy prior to his transformation into a butterfly.
  • Nickelodeon uploaded a video on their YouTube channel called The Ultimate SpongeBob Remix. It remixes almost every song from the pre-movie era, and exactly one post-movie era song (which was also played in the movie, though in its closing credits), into one catchy beat. The fact that they were able to include "Sweet Victory" in this despite the song's rights now being owned by Frontiers Records is awesome on its own. Added to the fact that a good majority of the entire remix is dedicated to the pre-movie era as opposed to anything else. Even then, the post-movie era song they picked still celebrates the show's past. Wanna know what song they picked? "Best Day Ever". A song from the season that, while diagonally split between the fans in terms of quality, is considered to hold up just as well as the seasons that came before it. It just goes to show that Nickelodeon cares about the show and its legacy just as much as we do.
  • "Bossy Boots Song", performed by The Capsules for the episode "Bossy Boots". It's cutesy, sugary, saccharine bubblegum pop-rock 100% of the way... and it's absolutely spectacular. Better yet, if you listen to the lyrics, it's about how the singer has a dream about how awesome SpongeBob's world was, then goes swimming in the ocean to find it because they want to relive it.
  • "The Lineman", while technically not made for SpongeBobnote , is nonetheless one of the most memorable songs used on the show thanks to being the theme of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. It's a very jazzy tune evocative of the '60s Batman (1966) show.
  • The end credits theme, a relaxing guitar tune. You will be hit with a wave of nostalgia when you hear it.
  • "Who Am I" from "Mimic Madness" is a catchy yet depressing song that wouldn't be out of place in a musical. The best part is that it's a serious Moment of Awesome for Tom Kenny, as every word SpongeBob sang in the entire song (which featured several impressions, even including the entire main male cast) was him, showing off his incredible vocal range.
  • Tomfoolery, probably one of the most prevalent and memorable tracks of the whole show.
  • Don't Be A Jerk (It's Christmas) is perhaps the highlight of "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!", teaching a good lesson while being absolutely epic at the same time.
  • The American Groove Metal band Pantera created a song for the episode "Pre-Hibernation Week", a jarring masterpiece of dismay and shock describing the hard situation our heroes are in.
  • "When Worlds Collide", the shockingly catchy and epic piece from "UGH!"
  • "Ripped Pants" is a bouncy and charming Beach Boys-esque pop song from the episode of the same name. People who started this show from the first season consider it a classic tune.
  • "A Pirate's Life For Me", a very lively orchestrated tune that makes you want to go on an adventure.
  • Squidward's orchestrated piece from "Suction Cup Symphony" sounds like something ripped directly from Mozart. It even manages to incorporate SpongeBob and Patrick's shenanigans into the music itself. Maybe Squidward does have musical talent after all.
  • "Attitude of Gratitude" is an incredibly catchy song sung by SpongeBob in "Sponge-Cano!" Squidward even recites some of the lyrics at the end.
  • The Rake Hornpipe, a.k.a. the main Krusty Krab theme. Another tune guaranteed to stir up serious nostalgia.
  • "Down the Well", an upbeat song sung by SpongeBob in the well-liked episode "Wishing You Well", about wanting to make everyone's wishes come true.
  • While the characters think it's downright painful, Patrick's song "I Wrote This", from the episode "Sing a Song of Patrick", would make a perfect example if there was ever a trope called "Crowning Music of Funny".
  • "Never Give Up" is an amazing duet between SpongeBob and Squidward about getting their band back together near the climax of "Hello Bikini Bottom!". Special note goes to the beautifully synchronized instrumental between SpongeBob's ukulele and Squidward's clarinet at the very end.
  • "Mavericks" is a downright fierce track that emphasizes how intense a situation is whenever it's used, from SpongeBob and Patrick trying to capture an "alien" Squidward, to SpongeBob trying to break free from the Anchor Arms, to SpongeBob and Squidward racing to work, to SpongeBob and Sandy karate chopping sandwiches, to SpongeBob chasing after the bus in Rock Bottom, to being the theme tune of the Fiery Fist o' Pain.
  • Did you know that SpongeBob has an alternate outro in Japan? Actually, it has two:
    • The first, used for the original run of episodes, is an original theme sung by Japanese band RIP SLYME. A slow, bubbly melody that some say actually fits better than the Western version. It even has lyrics, unlike the Western outro.
    • The second, however, is a treasure. "One Way", as sung by Boys and Men, is just so dang happy. It's an upbeat, calming bop that fits SpongeBob perfectly.
  • Beginning 2011, Nickelodeon's German branch begun making German exclusive SpongeBob albums where SpongeBob alongside Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, and Squidward singing to various popular songs and music. However, the first 12 albums had an original theme song called "Bob Musik (Es geht los)" where SpongeBob (hilariously performed by Santiago Ziesmer) encourages viewers to dance in preparation for the songs. Later albums (such as "Das Blaue Album" "Mein Gedudel", and "Tief Im Ozean") have different variations of the song which are catchy despite being very short. The outro for "Mein Gedudel" even remixed the song.
    • While only used for one album, the intro song for "Das Gelbe Vom Schwamm" is even shorter but very upbeat where SpongeBob sings about his excitement on the viewers lessening to his album.
    • The current intro song (introduced in the "Quallendisco" (XXL-Version) for the German albums is much more energetic and fun. The first version was performed by SpongeBob and Patrick which transitioned to "Polizeiboot" (parody of "Sweet but Psycho" by Ava Max), with the second variation heard on "Schwammtastisch" having a beat added in.