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Filly Funtasia has lots of Awesome Music, mostly used as background music, though there are also a few songs that are sung In-Universe by the characters. Unfortunately there isn't an official soundtrack for the show yet, which upsets many fans as most of the songs that we get to hear have been cut for time.

  • "Magical World", which is the show's Theme Tune, is incredibly catchy and fits the tone of the show nicely. Like most of the show's songs, it has a great pop feel to it.
  • Awesome doesn't even begin to describe the ending theme, "From Now Until Forever". If you thought "Magical World" was just good, this song in particular gives the series much more of an animesque feel to it, and it will never leave your head once you listen to it.
  • "In the Storm" is an amazing example of this show's ability to be one big Tear Jerker, helping to showcase Rose at her most desperate and helpless state.
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  • "Everything Is Possible" is a very powerful and empowering (if a bit cheesy) song. It's also sung while Rose is leading a bunch of Grounders who are chasing her to their death.
  • In the season one finale, "I Am Who I Am" is such a surprisingly emotional song that details Rose learning to become her own filly and not having to conform to society's idea of who she is. Yes, this is still a show for little girls. The extended version was teased on the show's official account on Weibo, and it only made fans want to hear the whole thing more.

"Oh, Rose! I booked some extra singing lessons for you, because I'm afraid you need them, dear."


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