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Awesome Music / Justice League

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  • The two intros! It was so awesome that some fans wished that the new live action Justice League movie used the music as its intro.
  • The Green Lantern Oath scene in the episode "In Brightest Day" not only show's off the beautiful Green Lantern theme, but also the episode's Moment of Awesome.
  • A great piece of music plays during the climax of "A Better World", when the tide of battle against the Justice Lords is turned by none other than Lex Luthor. The DVD commentary for the episode recalls the challenge in creating a heroic theme for Superman's most iconic villain. They succeeded.
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  • The song that plays in "For the Man Who Has Everything", where Mongul trapped Superman in a fantasy Krypton. The moment when he heard Wonder Woman getting mauled by Mongul and turned to fight had the most awesome reprise of the theme song ever. Just before that, the scene where he breaks free of the dream of Krypton (and it explodes) is set to a heart-breaking reprise of that music from the start of his own series.
  • Batman singing Am I Blue? in "This Little Piggy". As an added bonus, there's no singing actor for him, it's Kevin Conroy singing! It's so awesome to the point that many people consider it to be better than other blues singers' versions.
  • Another great number from "This Little Piggy" is Circe singing Lulu's Back In Town at The Amphitheatre club in Crete. Needless to say, Rachel York puts on a great performance.
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  • Green Arrow's theme is so Awesome that whenever he goes into battle he hums it himself!
  • The fight between Lobo and Superman, as their orchestral and rock-remixed respective themes duel in the background as they fight onscreen.
  • The second part of the fight between Superman and Captain Atom is set to an almost mournful tune, helps deconstruct the trope Let's You and Him Fight by showing how, in a fight between two heroes, nobody would truly win.
  • In the first part of "The Once and a Future Thing" we get an awesome, old west style remix of the original "League" theme.
  • The brief orchestral homage to the 60s Batman (1966) theme song when Batman faces Kalibak in Hereafter.
  • In the finale, Superman decided to show how powerful he really is to Darkseid, the Superman theme briefly and epically plays as he is flying straight at Darkseid.
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  • Lobo. His whole cameo in "Hereafter" has just a plain awesome soundtrack. Especially his entrance.
  • In "Alive", we're treated to a very evil and powerful rendition of Darkseid's leitmotif as the smoke clears following his resurrection.
  • When the combined Lex Luthor and Brainiac are confronted by the Justice League, they summon seven earlier Brainiac models... and then change their minds to the tune of a wonderful dark reprise of the Justice League theme, as the Brainiac models change into the Justice Lords.
  • This special intro from the Starcrossed DVD release.
  • The music that plays when Superman delivers his Badass Boast to Darkseid, as well as when he delivers one hell of a Megaton Punch, featuring slowly swelling woodwinds and percussion that builds up into a euphoric, awe-inspiring crescendo as Superman unleashes the full extent of his power on an opponent that can take it. It's a Moment of Awesome with awesome music.
  • In “Hawk and Dove”, the Bar Brawl between Hank, Don and the bar toughs is scored to a rocking electric guitar.