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Alfred was the one who told Amanda Waller about Batman's secret identity
Why? Because in much the same way Batman had a "failsafe" in place just in case any of the super-powered heroes went off the rails, Alfred knew he needed one in case the same happened with Batman. And any failsafe Batman imposed on himself would likely fail because he's so cunning, and his knowledge of how to defeat all the other heroes makes him the most dangerous man in human history. Now, as much as Alfred loves Bruce Wayne, he's never been completely comfortable with Batman because the persona is the manifestation of Bruce's increasingly deteriorating mental state. Alfred does everything he can to slow down said deterioration and keep Bruce/Bats relatively sane, but he knows he's getting older and won't always be around to provide that much-needed equilibrium. So he reluctantly shared the secret with someone who has a vested interest in keeping said secret (because Batman makes her job easier and provides a useful scapegoat when necessary) and has the knowledge to take Batman down if the need arises. He also knew this could backfire in a HUGE way, but he took the calculated risk because he felt there was no other choice.
  • It could have also been Hugo Strange, who was seen as a member of Cadmus in "The Doomsday Sanction".

Galatea recovered from her injuries, had a Heel–Face Turn and became Power-Girl
According to some hints in movies and things made since the DCAU days, Power-girl does indeed exists in this universe. Frankly, I can't think of any better candidate than Galatea, especially since I refuse to believe Tea died on the Watchtower that day.

There was a retcon as to what happened to Lord!Flash after "A Better World" aired
It's pretty clear that he's dead by the time of the Lords going to switch places with the League. But I really feel like had he been killed by Luthor, it would've come up in the intro sequence at the White House. Maybe originally, Flash was killed randomly, like Superman in "Hereafter", and the situation only got worse and worse with Luthor, who had recently become president.

The other Justice Lords will get their power back
Lex Luthor isn't as obsessed with the other heroes as he is with Superman; the power disrupter was probably made specifically for him. Justice Lord Green Lantern will just need to charge his ring when he gets back. The other Justice Lords will recover after a few days or so. Justice Lord Superman's powers are gone for good.
  • YMMV on their canonicity, but a flashback in the Justice League Beyond comic reveals that this did in fact happen... Superman included. It ends horribly: The League sent them back to their dimension not knowing that the effects of the power disruptor would wear off (well, Luthor knew but didn't tell them). After this happens a horrible World War breaks out in the Lords' dimension with Lord Superman/Lady Wonder Woman on one side and Lord Batman (and eventually Justice League Wonder Woman after she gets stranded in the Lords' dimension) on the other. After Lord Batman and Lady WW are killed off with no end in sight to the war, and Aquaman threatens to flood the surface if it goes on, Lord Superman and JL Wonder Woman are forced to (grudgingly) agree to a Bureaucratically Arranged Marriage to end it.

In "A Better World", League Flash was sent to fight Lords Superman because they believed he would be unwilling to kill him.
Lords Superman doesn't open fire on Flash with his heat vision, and seems unwilling to go for the kill at first (at least until Flash calls him out). The other Justice Lords attempt to kill their opponents right away. The League knew that Flash was the only one of them that the Justice Lords would hesitate to kill, and they considered Lords Superman to be the most dangerous threat, so part of the battle plan was for Flash to keep him occupied.

In the DCAU, Hades is Diana's biological father.
Consider the season 1 episode "Paradise Lost". Now take a good hard look at Hades (played awesomely by John Rhys-Davies) and then look at Diana. Sure as heck wasn't Hippolyta gave her those raven locks!
  • Uh... We later learn that Diana was sculpted out of clay and then breathed life. Hades admits that he helped Hyppolyta sculpt Diana's infant form... and speculates that perhaps Hyppolyta simply finished as a way to remember her old lover. However, a) this isn't really biological reproduction, b) Hyppolyta hates Hades after he betrayed the Olympians, c) Hades is basically the Devil in this incarnation, so he could be lying his ass off, and d) Diana says she doesn't care one whit.
  • They could both be lying. Hippolyta obviously wouldn't want Diana to know that her biological father tried to rape both her and her mother, Hades in this incarnation could just be lying for the Evulz, and I doubt the producers would that little idea known to little kids.

Future Bruce did remember time traveling.
Bruce can tell when someone is lying. He said it anyway because he remembered himself saying it, even though he knew he was lying. After all, Temporal Paradoxes hurt.
  • Makes so much frickin' sense. He's the cunning one, after all.
  • Of course, that means that when Past Bruce grew up into Future Bruce, he knew that the Watch Tower would be destroyed and Terry and Static would be killed during the battle with Chronos, yet did nothing to stop it. Anyways, I think it was pretty clear that Chronos severely messed up the timeline (ancient monuments appearing in Gotham, Wonder Woman disappearing,John Stewart briefly becoming Hal Jordan)so that probably explains why he had no memories of meeting his future self.
    • There's a difference between 'did nothing to stop it' and 'failed completely to stop it'. Just because you know something's coming doesn't mean you can make a difference at all. For all we know the only reason Terry, Static and War Hawk are alive is because Bruce did everything he could.
    • For all we know, the future where Wondy, J'Onn and the rest of the League get destroyed has now been averted. That future only came about because of Chronos's messing with the timeline. With that fixed, it's now possible that the Watchtower explosion has now been prevented from happening (especially with Bruce's foreknowledge).
  • It's an alternate future, not a stable time loop, so no dice, sorry.

"Justice Lord" Batman knew exactly what was going to happen when he opened that portal.

His colleagues were interfering with his vision of the world — they were either too hard on people, or not hard enough. Maybe he thought that they needed to be pre-empted because they were too unstable and too powerful. Either way, Justice Lord Batman decided that the power they brought to the table wasn't worth having them around; and so, he opened the portal to the Justice League world, which resulted in a chain of events which left his "teammates" permanently de-powered and stranded in another universe, leaving him free to remake his world as he saw fit.

  • Look how shaken up he became when the Flash "died." His conscience snapped then, and he knew having a another Justice League team kick their butts would save the world. On the flip side, since he's the only Badass Normal remaining, he could become a new dictator easily. Yikes.
  • At the very least, Justice Lord Batman had seemed to be trying to check the worst abuses of the other Lords. Note that his Rogues Gallery is lobotomized in an institution; every other villain appears to be dead.
    • And that follows his rules. So why did the main Batman even care? Lobotomizing =/= killing.
    • Not sure about that. It's quite possible that Justice Lord Superman had been the one doing the lobotomising. To be confident he could do it to Doomsday during a fight, he’d probably need to be well practised in it; and the location and size of the scars on the people in Arkham looked quite similar to the position and size of the holes Justice Lord Superman put in Doomsday’s head.
    • Justice Lord Superman had been practicing on his own Rogues Gallery, which is why they're no longer around. It probably led to excuses of "Whoops, I accidentally boiled her brains with my heat vision" on one and "Uh-oh, I accidentally burned the top of his skull off" for another one...
      • He could have done it with everyone else's, too. Except Hades, because the dude is a God and was probably controlling the whole thing.
      • Hades being a god probably wouldn't stop Justice Lords Superman. However, since Hades is already in what is effectively Hell, Superman probably wouldn't bother.
  • Alternatively, Justice Lord Batman never approved the others' plans but decided to play along until he had a way to get rid of them. When he found the Justice League's universe, he planned to keep the Lords stranded there and only kept the Leaguers imprisoned so they'd not force him to reopen the portal. He only acted so the Lords would never figured out. Regardless of the unlikeliness, Batman is just this paranoic.

In the final season, the Martian Manhunter was replaced by the duplicate Luthiac/Brainithor made of him.
We never saw the fight that played out between them, and he was a shapeshifter.
  • Man, that is a Chekhov's Gun! Too bad they never got the chance to fire that one.
    • They would have if they had had another season. This, and more alternate universes.
  • MM's done this trick in "Secret Society" by imitating their shapeshifter to infiltrate and rescue his captured comrades. What a great way to spin lack of screen time, though.
  • This could go further back, since it was an Out of Character moment....
  • Probably not. Flash beat his own duplicate, Wonder Woman and Superman traded, as did Green Lantern and Hawk Girl. It's implied that Batman and Manhunter did the same. Besides, even if J'onn did lose, beating Brainithor probably would've destroyed it anyway.
    • There were no implications that Batman and J'onn did the same for any amount of time and we even see Batman destroy his copy!

Martian Manhunter was replaced by Justice Lord Martian Manhunter
In "A Better World," which introduced the Justice Lords, Lord Martian Manhunter and the real one have a battle of the shapeshifters in the climax, which ended when Luthor took away the loser's powers. Only Lord Manhunter wasn't the loser.

Several episodes later, J'onn finds himself posing as the Society's shapeshifter; he goads Grodd to kill the league, not because he's playing the part of an actor who's seen it frequently, but because he wants revenge for his team. When this fails, he bides his time until the events of Unlimited Season one, where he sees his rivals going down the same path his league did and begins to realize he has grown distant from humanity. This theory is helped by the fact that he acknowledges Flash's plan of "keep me alive to prevent the end of the world" with a Dude, Not Funny! tone.

  • When he suggested that Grodd kill the Justice League, he said "Let me..." before being cut off.
  • So you could say seeing the League start down the Lords' path resulted in him Becoming the Mask?
  • Corollary WMG: the real Martian Manhunter died shortly after being depowered. His species might need at least a subtle level of shapeshifting in order to survive on Earth. And that's how the Lord Manhunter wasn't found out right away: you'd think the real J'onn would do something to alert his friends to the switch.

Superman was jealous of Captain Marvel.
In "Clash", since Captain Marvel showed up, Superman was acting all uppity. He was too strict with his criticism of Captain Marvel (even Batman thought so) and was obsessed with disarming the bomb before anyone could come to any conclusions regarding its nature, instead of just trying to save the people and letting it blow up Lex's city, thus revealing him as a supervillain all along and saving face in case it didn't blow up.

But Captain Marvel came in and acted like The Minnesota Fats - defeating Parasite in one punch, and acting on what he preached about forgiveness and such, which turned him into a media darling. Supes himself had to deal with lots of media criticism. So, Superman's behavior in the episode had less to do with Lex and more with his jealousy of Captain Marvel.

  • Not so much a WMG as "what was blatantly shown onscreen". And now, watch the Kid's Superpower Hour opening. If you're the type of person that gets jealous of him now, you need help.
  • I was always under the impression that all the Cadmus stuff was making Superman really paranoid. He knows that Cadmus had been trying to create their own metahumans. The Watchtower had recently been infiltrated by the Suicide Squad and they learned that there was at least one Cadmus informant in their staff. Right before Task Force X, Doomsday tried to assassinate Superman. Most importantly, Cadmus cloned Kara, which probably makes him think that they'd try to clone him. Captain Marvel then shows up out of nowhere and starts earning everyone's trust, kind of like what happened with the Ultimen.

In the episode "Clash", Prof. Hamilton hacked into Superman's earpiece communicator
J'onn didn't need to patch him through to tell Superman about the Kryptonite theft at STAR Labs. Cadmus (bah-buh-buhhhhh!) did it for him.

Thanagar was screwed even without Hawkgirl's Becoming the Mask.
During the occupation of Earth and the construction of the hyperspace bypass generator, the entire Gordanian fleet was already bearing down on Thanagar (as mentioned by the High Command in "Starcrossed, Part I"). After the generator was destroyed, Hro Talek was recalled to Thanagar; then he found the Gordanians had already conquered it (as revealed in "Hunter's Moon").

Had the bypass generator been successfully activated, Hro Talek would no doubt have attacked and conquered the Gordanian homeworld—while, on the other side of the galaxy, the Gordanians attacked Thanagar. The Thanagarians were probably hoping that attacking the Gordanian homeworld would cause the Gordanian fleet to be recalled; but it seems more likely that this news would just make the Gordanians strike Thanagar harder in retaliation. After all, Hro Talek spoke of them committing "unspeakable atrocities"—and since Talek himself approved the destruction of a planet with six billion inhabitants, the mind boggles to imagine what he would consider atrocious.

Clearly, by the time Hro Talek's fleet reached Earth, the fall of Thanagar was inevitable. For all her mistakes, Hawkgirl was not responsible for the fate of her homeworld or her fiancé.

  • Just a nitpick— Talak would only consider actions against his own people as atrocities. Since he didn't give a rat's crap about any species but his own, he would not think of killing any number of mere Earthlings as atrocious. So the actions of the Gordanians, while probably despicable, could have been far less than what Talak tried to do to Earth and still be "worse" from his point of view.

John and Shayera never get back together.
Saw this theory elsewhere: Shayera and John just plain never get back together. He stays with Mari; she ends up with whatshisname, the Hawkman guy. They have a son. John ends up adopting this son when both parents die at a young age. Hence the last name being Stewart and the son calling John his father.
  • Except his first name was Rex, the same as John's old friend from the Marines (who later became Metamorpho).
    • Maybe they died quickly after the child's birth, and didn't even have time to name it. John adopted him and chose to name him Rex. Or the kid was dying or something, and they needed a compound that didn't exist on Earth to save him (we don't know much about Thanagarian biology); Rex created it, saving the child's life, and the grateful parents named boy after him.
  • You don't have to be "together" to conceive a just need one night.
    • Only if you're supernaturally(un)lucky.
  • Alternatively, because of the weird time-stuff that was going on, they were in a timeline where John would have been Warhawk's dad; after Chronos' manipulations were canceled out, the resultant timeline is one where Warhawk isn't Rex Stewart.
    • According to Batman Beyond, which set up the intro to the Justice League, Warhawk seems to be exactly the same as his JLU appearance... except that his exposed chin has a lighter skin tone.
      • Different colorists were used on the various DCAU series.
  • Word of God says John will be with Vixen for a while but ultimately end up with Shayera at some point down the line.
    • Or have a threesome with both.
  • What ultimately happens is that Vixen is killed, John avenges her death (lethally), gets exiled from the GL corps and then Shayera comforts him, eventually leading to their marriage.

Flash doesn't just run really fast - he's subconsciously controlling time.
At least, for himself and anyone physically connected to him. When you think about it, this is exactly what Super Speed is. Time, after all, is a funny thing, and every single individual possesses their own sense of it. That's why we can operate as individuals on a four dimensional level after all, right?

Maybe Flash is subconsciously manipulating his own connection to the Timestream. Flash can go as fast as he wants - and the faster he goes, the slower the rest of the world seems by comparison. This could be what other versions of the Flash mean when they say "I'm not going fast - everything else is going slow." Maybe the Flash (and therefore all Speedsters) can manipulate their own personal "bubble of time" to utilise what to us(and him) just looks like Superspeed. Speedsters could be unique in that their brainwave patterns allow them/have been altered to allow them to think subconsciously on a quantum level - it's already established that Wally's a forensic scientist, so he's certainly got a good brain in his head, but then maybe it's got nothing to do with conscious intellect. Speedsters don't just run fast - they change time to suit their needs, literally warping the universal space directly around them.

  • This could also explain the Big Eater thing - he can't speed up his own personal time-space without also speeding up his metabolism.
  • This could also, by extension, explain why Flash could defeat Brainthor when the rest of the league failed. If Brainthor was really that intelligent and powerful, only something capable of manipulating processing speeds at that level could stop him.
  • Just one problem: it would mean that he had to run around the world several times in succession, in what to him would have seemed in real time. In subjective time that would take months at minimum.
    • It wouldn't really matter how long it took in subjective time, though. He'd be bored, but it would get the job done.
      • How would he even build up momentum in that case? If the guy's going on some ridiculous year-long marathon around the world, he's not going to be sprinting the whole way, building up speed the entire time. He'd just end up jogging, resting, sleeping, finding food, etc. and basically just going way slower than his top speed.
      • Alternative to this theory (which doesn't discredit the original, but messes with it a lot): Just because he's Warping Space Time around himself doesn't necessarily mean he sees everything in subjective time. That would suggest that he's projecting his ability across the entire universe which is a lot more surprising than the idea that he's just controllng the bubble of time around himself. He doesn't age even when his heartbeat is going a million times a subjective minute, so obviously he can control his own body's developmental rate, and separate his biological functions from his internal physics. So in other words, it's only his OWN time he's controlling, and he's subconsciouly disconnecting from the logical progression of time in the universe. Maybe the Timey-Wimey Ball ultimately doesn't make any logical sense in our understanding of logic (that's why Time paradoxes occur in fiction, right?)
    • DC Canon elsewhere suggests that it's the Timestream controlling the Flashes, sort of. Using superspeed at sufficiently high speeds sufficiently often will land you into speedster Instrumentality in the comics. "Live fast, disappear young..."
      • Doesn't explain how he's able to run up vertical surfaces........
      • Same reason he doesn't go flying off into the sky after cresting a hill, despite moving much faster than 9.8 meters per second. His power also clearly manipulates gravity to some degree.
      • Magnets, pure and simple.
    • Not entirely jossed, but rather highly unlikely given the a) existence of the Speed Force (which Flash specifically mentions — 'it's some kind of force... a speed force' — to Shayera while he's disappearing), which we know due to the comic book is responsible for regulating all the impossible physics of Flash's powers; and b) comic book canon's existence of Professor Zoom and Inertia, who specifically have speedster powers based on temporal manipulation. They have super speed in the exact way that the Original WMG suggests. Not saying it's totally jossed, just highly unlikely.

The Question is partially right.
There used to be a conspiracy which directed world affairs. But that was before aliens, superintelligent gorillas and winged horses entered the picture. Some time after the world went completely insane, the conspiracy scaled back its ambitions and is now only trying to control certain things at certain times.
  • Alternately, the Question is right about everything. Illuminati mystics, Boy Bands causing global warming, and spy satellites tracking fluoridation are pedestrian compared to many things we see for a fact (humanity almost wound up getting turned into apes!). As for that conspiracy... did you ever notice how Cadmus didn't feel the need to spend any resources in counterintelligence against other countries?
    • It's worth noting that, in the comics, The Illuminati do exist and were founded by Vandal Savage.
    • And this is why he goes to such great lengths to seem like a crackpot: so that none of the ones he's right about come after him.
      • Well, technically, from some angles, he was right about Flash, so... if he's been right before...

Superman disabling the nuclear weapons saved Flash's life
The Justice Lords universe apparently still has nuclear weapons. Given that history had already diverged by the time the Justice Lords observed the Justice League, it's likely that this had some influence. Perhaps the lure of nuclear weapons was what prompted the Justice Lords' Luthor to run for President.
  • This would suggest that The Lords Supers and the League Supes had variations in their makeup and personality to begin with - that they were never exactly the same person, because they made different choices.
    • That would apply to anyone who was born after the divergence — that's one thing butterflies of doom do. It would just be more obvious in some people than in others.
      • Um, the only problem is that there are still nuclear weapons in the primary universe. The first episode that leaps to mind is The Doomsday Sanction. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to make more nukes.
      • Of course that was Cadmus. They aren't exactly official.
      • Actually their were several episodes well before this showed that, at very least the United States, had nuclear weapons rebuilt, most likely to ward of future alien invasions. The "Brave and the Bold" had Grodd shooting off five in an attempt to destroy Gorilla City.
      • Cadmus is official, if secret. More to the point, though, that wasn't a regular nuke. It was a special Kryptonite warhead.
  • As I recall Lex Luthor personally killed Flash. With a shotgun to the face. Or something like that.

The Light of Pytar is actually evil.
It first gave power to Despero in an attempt to conquer the galaxy through blatant force, thinking nothing could stop it, and it was, for a time, right. But when it knew it was threatened, it weakened Despero to the point where Green Lantern could fight him on even terms, and then took away Despero's power altogether. It then contacted J'onn, and though it was able to hypnotize him just as easily as anyone else, everybody else was fooled by it because J'onn is a telepath. It then turned the soldiers who previously worked for it into trees in an attempt to cover for itself. However, though it also imprisoned Despero, it did not seem to be angry, giving him a vision of "paradise". Then, it covered THE ENTIRE PLANET with itself, choking off all of the planet's ecosystems. Right now in the DCAU, it is waiting for the original heroes and people who witnessed it to die off, so that it can try the same ploy again that it tried in the episode "Hearts and Minds". Why not? According to those ancient inscriptions, it has been trying for centuries now.

Brainiac 5 is biologically descended from Lex Luthor.
At some point between Brainiac's infecting Luthor and the events of "Divided We Fall," Luthor sired an illegitimate child, who also hosted a piece of Brainiac. From there, Brainiac's technology lengthened his hosts' lifetimes, or simply found new ways to pass itself on, but the original Brainiac's bond with Lex Luthor accounts for Brainiac 5's explanation that Brainiac found a way to pass its coding on genetically.
  • Maybe he is descended from the child that Tala and "Luthor" may have created during "The Great brain Robbery... After all, it "wasn't restful" when she and "Luthor" were doing.
    • Heh heh heh, that's why this post was removed... Also to give another reason to support this theory - Braniac 5 posesses 12th level of intellect, and according to the last episode of Justice League - Lex does as well. Remeber that only 12th lever of intellect can pass through the Source wall and stay sane. Which he did =)
      • Which means that Braniac 5 also capable of having organic sex, with Supergirl... A possible Shout Out to old comics where she dated Luthor.
      • And a shout out to old comics where she dated Brainiac 5.
  • In "Clash", a building is named after Lena Luthor, who in this universe could be his mother, sister, (ex-)wife, or some other relative. It's possible Brainiac 5 isn't Lex's direct descendant
    • It would have to be a direct descendant, unless you're suggesting Brainiac implanted himself into Lex's other family members. Possible, but it leaves more unanswered questions.

Granny Goodness is a transvestite.
Come on, his/her voice. It's Ed Asner, FFS! And he doesn't even make the slightest effort to sound female!
  • Yes, that's the joke.
  • Alternatively, three packs a day. For the last few centuries.
  • They have a guy with a German accent on Apokolips. I don't think that one woman whose voice sounds like what human males do on earth counts as "Sufficient Evidence."

The Question is the Scarecrow from Batman: The Animated Series.
They're both voiced by Jeffrey Combs. Both of them are intelligent, and under their masks, are men with red hair and are rather thin and not very heavyset. Due to the bat embargo, we've never seen any of them in the same place at once. The Question is therefore the Scarecrow, having concocted himself a new identity after his fear gas wiped his mind and left him a paranoid lunatic trying to find answers for himself... which led to him becoming a paranoid lunatic that looked for answers to ALL questions, turning his obsession with fear to his own lack of identity and understanding of the world... thus explaining why he wears a faceless, identity-less mask.
  • Yeah... And Ferris Boyle is also the Joker, and Clayface is also Jax-Ur, and Thomas Wayne is also Batman, and Giganta is also Killer Frost, and.......
  • Well, it could also work in a Becoming the Mask way. The timeline would have to end up being something like this though:
    • Sometime after Batman: The Animated Series Scarecrow breaks out of Arkham and decides to try and find a more subtle way to get revenge on Batman. He decides to disguise himself as a vigilante to get Batman's attention, changing his name and using a diluted version of the fear serum to change his appearance.(We never did figure out what was in Question's spray can, and fear serum has been shown to change the color and appearance of objects when viewed by others, albeit temporarily) The fear serum also allowed others to develop a mild fear of him in order to keep others away from his work, resulting in those who wouldn't be that disturbed by his hobby becoming appalled and staying away.
    • He is recruited into the Justice League, and adopts the crackpot persona in order to keep Leaguers away from his office so he can collect data on the League's (and Batman's) weaknesses, and get revenge. His blatant statement of "please I go through everybody's trash" is actually to cover up the fact that he digs through people's trash in order to collect DNA and make the fear serum more compatible for their minds.
    • Of course, all his hard work ends up more or less falling apart ala ''Double Date'', and you know the rest. Though, maybe he did end up getting his revenge after all... we never did know how The Joker in Return of the Joker actually knew where Robin was patrolling..

Dora Smithy, Sister-In-Law to Mr. Freeze in Gotham Girls, is Killer Frost in Justice League
At the end of Gotham Girls, Dora goes through a similar cold-based accident as her brother in law, something that's never followed up on. However, she has the same voice actress and general features of the cold-based Killer Frost shown in Justice League. Suddenly, an ending that's never followed up on, and a villain that never gets an origin story gets tied up rather nicely.
  • The thawing process which freed her drove her insane, she mostly likely killed the people who were thawing her out. She becomes more insane after seeing her reflection (a la Joker in the Tim Burton movie and Two-Face). Blaming Gotham for what happened to her, she becoming a supervillain her. Ironically, she originally donned the suit to rid the city of men and other supervillains in a twisted form of revenge for the suffering her sister endured in the first place.

There is an in-universe explanation for the Bat-Embargo
While they were on the JLA Earth, The Justice Lords took a little time to go to Arkham and lobotomize all the inmates except Joker, who was already catatonic due to his encounter with Ace. This is why no Bat-villains showed up in Luthor/Grodd's legion.
  • Also at some point during the second season the Joker kidnaps Robin and the prolouge of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker occurs. This leads Dick and Babs to give up their costumed identies, leaving Bruce the only active member of the Bat-Family.
    • Except Dick didn't give up his costumed identity, at the most all he did was change suits as Barbra herself states that Nightwing is still operating as of Batman Beyond.
      • It was never stated he was still active, just that Terry should go look him up sometime on the subject of Bruce's issues with partners.
  • Most likely Dick got just completely fed up with Bruce's methods, as well as Barbara insistence on taking his side of things constantly and just cut both of them off.
  • Except Wild Cards (when the Joker gets mind-fried by Ace) happened after A Better World...
  • And there are several Bat-Family villains who have to survive to appear in Batman Beyond. Bane, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Ra's al Ghul has to cause The Near-Apocalypse of '09.

Speaking of Nightwing, He's a member of the JLU
But he's only a part-timer like Batman himself, which is why he doesn't get involved when he sees Black Canary and Huntress entering Bludhaven.

After the Season 2 Justice League Unlimited finale Brainiac was never in Luthor's head
Consider the set-up for Season 3. Luthor has escaped from prison. The Legion of Doom just so happens to know where he is so they can rescue him Just in Time. And, it just so happens that Grodd has the only thing that could possibly be convince the incredibly anti-social Luthor to join the team. Here's the theory- all that stuff about Brainiac was implanted into Luthor's brain psychically by Grodd as leverage to get his help. When Luthor takes over the Legion halfway through the season, Grodd has to keep the illusion up or else Luthor, realizing the deception, would kill him. Note that Luthor only "loses" Brainiac's presence after he shoots Grodd out the airlock.
  • Likely!
  • Or possibly not- at one point during "The Great Brain Robbery," we see Luthor has Grodd stuck in a big, psionic-dampening prison.
    • It's possible that by that point, Lex's already unstable mind had cracked, and he didn't need Grodd implanting it any more.
  • That would certainly explain why Brainiac was acting like a lovesick puppy when talking to Luthor. While not exactly emotionless, he would never become so enamored with a lowly human.
  • It's also worth noting that Grodd must know that should the fusion of Brainiac and Luthor be reborn, it would threaten the entire world, including Grodd himself. Grodd would be have to be suicidal to allow that to happen.
  • Alternatively Lex's experience with Braniac left him insane and he was just deluding himself into hearing Braniac in his head. It's possible that Grodd actually removed the delusion just before Lex shot him out an airlock.

The Question visits this WMG article reguarly
He needs new material for his conspiracy theory string board. Oh, incidentally, Question, what is the true purpose of an aglet?
  • Wouldn't surprise me if the Question created WMG solely for that purpose. For all we know he could have planned TV Tropes from the start with a little help from Xanatos.
    • The bigger question for Question is - how is Huntress in bed? She is daughter of Batman after all...
      • Not in this continuity.
    • Is he here or not?
      • That is, after all... The Question.

Batman taught Superman all that stuff he did while powerless.
Superman realized that he had to be prepared just in case he were to lose his powers like he had before. So, he went to Batman to be better prepared. Batman showed him basic survival tips as well as self first aid. He might have even taught Superman how to hotwire a car.
  • According to Superman / Batman - same goes for Batman, who was taught how to use his powers by Superman.
    • And also according to another comic, Batman taught Superman how to act when he is depowered. Superman even mentioned it while running through sewers that he learned it from Batman.
    • He's also received coaching from Robin for a time when he had to impersonate Batman
  • Batman replicated the technology Luthor used to keep Superman imprisoned after Darkseid brainwashed him near the end of Superman: The Animated Series.

All of the Justice League noncombattants are Wayne Enterprises employees
Self explanatory, Batman selected the most trustworthy members of his company to work in the Watch tower
  • Doubtful. That'd be a dead giveaway to his identity, wouldn't it?
    • Who in turn where hired by Justice League, due to them being able to operate said tower. After all they're also a good selected bunch of badasses, as we can see during Cadmus attack on the tower.
      • Maybe not all, but SOME of them is quite possible.
  • Considering the watchtower was built at Wayne Enterprises' expense and Flash never suspected Bats was Bruce before Bats told him, it's entirely possible Wayne Enterprises pays their wages without them knowing who's paying (or even caring for as long as the paychecks don't bounce)

Aglet is the name of a sealed monster that gains power every time its name is said
And when it's said enough times, the world is doomed

Darkseid and Lex Luthor Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence thanks to the Anti-Life equation.
When they return, the DCAU will experience their version of Final Crisis. And Lex Luthor will take on the role of Libra.
  • I actually asked Dwayne Mc Duffie what happened to Luthor on one of his old Word of God threads. Luthor got trapped in the Source Wall.

Darkseid was the one manipulating Luthor at the beginning of JLU Season 2.
Darkseid's consciousness had found its way to Luthor, and it had manifested itself as Brainiac. Throughout the season he continued to manipulate Luthor until "Alive", when Luthor was finally able to bring him back to life.

Joker is the Big Bad of JLU all along.
If you think about it, he is not in the series. Even so, he manipulates events from behind the shadows.

Snapper Carr has superpowers.
Snapper Carr, that news reporter voiced by James Marsden, secretly has the powers of omniscience and teleportation, which is how he manages to be immediately on top of every single breaking news story in the entire world. Seriously, how else could he even do that? He probably considered joining the League, but decided to champion them from afar so as not to let that Journalism degree he worked so hard for go to waste.
  • Well, in the comics he did have teleportation powers at least at one point. Whether that's still canon after the various reboots since...

Nightwing isn't a part-timer like Batman, he's a reservist like Speedy.
They are BFF and often get together over coffee, because it's nice to have a friend who knows exactly what it's like to grow up the youthful ward and witty sidekick of a Badass Normal Crimefighter with Cash who inspires lots of mentor rage. The reason Nightwing never deigned to appear in Batman Beyond? He was with Speedy in Bludhaven, watching Terry on the news and teasing him about the day Green Arrow Beyond showed up.

JLU takes place after the flashback in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
That explains why Joker didn't show his face for this series.
  • That also explains why Batman's ears are not long, though, they still are in the original Justice League....

Prof. Hamilton became the supervillain Ruin.
He was devastated after learning Galatea was electrocuted to death. This has taken his hatred for Superman and Supergirl (and other superheroes in general) Up to Eleven.

Solomon Grundy is the father of Ghoulia Yelps.
I mean, he's the only real candidate. Monster High is specifically noted as being attended by the children of FAMOUS monsters, and Grundy is the only really "famous" zombie. Virtually every zombie movie ever made has them occuring strictly in packs with no real identities. I mean, there's also that one Marvel character, but compared to Grundy, he's almost unknown.
  • Did they mean famous as in, the type of monster (i.e. zombies are a well-known type of monster)?
  • Does anyone really want to know how Grundy could be anyone's father? Squick at it's finest, ladies and gentlemen...

There are 33 flavors
The 33rd is hidden in an illimuminati underground bunker in Siberia so we CAN'T LEARN THE TRUTH.

The anti-life equation is on earth.
The Question is unwittingly piecing it together with his unified conspiracy theory and the League sends him on missions to keep him occupied so he never finishes it.

Only the beginning of Batman's heart desire was shown.
Batman was under the plant's influence for a much shorter time period. Sort of like how Superman's initial stage of his heart's desire showed him married to Lois. Batman's illusion would have gone on to show him growing up with his parents instead of being an orphan had he remained under the plant's thrall.
  • Is anyone else surprised that Batman's heart's desire involved crooks being beaten up in a dark alleyway? Really? No one? I thought not.

Superman for a second let go of his limits when beating Mongol.
In that scene, Superman had just had the perfect son, the perfect wife, the perfect LIFE, shown to him and taken from him. That monster forced him to see a fake world that was perfect in every way, one he had years of very happy memories implanted into his skull, just to see it all explode and die. Wonder Woman actually hurt herself punching him, yet with only a handful of punches Superman put a giant dent in his face. For the briefest of seconds, he forgot the world was cardboard and really did want to kill.

Grodd uses a very subtle form of mind control to actually get women to love him
He finds woman that respects either his power an/or his intelligence, and makes them think about more and more of the positive qualities while slowly eroding the species barrier most people have. By the time he actually puts his plans to use, the women actually do love him, and thus are far more loyal.
  • Certainly not the case with Tala at least; she just has a thing for men with power, and isn't afraid to sleep her way to the top. Even if it's with a giant gorilla. Notice just how quickly she latched herself onto Lex (not that it ended well for her.)

The man who became Dr. Destiny is in prison for murder.
John Dee panicked and killed a police officer when the Justice League raided the warehouse where he was guarding the illegal goods. This is why the parole board declines to release him and his wife ultimately leaves him, she was already close to the edge when she found out he wasn't getting out any time soon. They couldn't say this on the show, of course, and it makes his transition into a wife-murderer a little more believable.

Batman was planning to kill Dr. Destiny
He saw that with his powers, putting him in prison is futile, he could easily break out like he did before, and more importantly, he can do the exact same thing while in prison. Therefor while it goes against who he usually does things, Batman planned to kill Dr. Destiny when he went after, it just happened that he poisoned himself before Batman got the chance. Likewise, also notice that Batman isn't bothered by leaving him catatonic after their fight.
  • But it's part of the DCAU that he never kills, even when faced with a high probability that the villain will escape and kill again (i.e., the Joker). Also, it doesn't look like Destiny poisoned himself; he just dosed himself with the sleeping drug he was going to give to Batman.

Superman's nightmare including only Lois, Perry, and Jimmy is a result of "Legacy"
In "Legacy", Superman's powers were also being used in ways that he wouldn't want. At the end, very few people are willing to give him a second chance, and although the story mostly focused on Lois, Jimmy also stood up for him and it seems likely that Perry, being a Reasonable Authority Figure, might have also sided with the former hero. Superman dreams about their deaths because he fears that if this happens again, these people whom he loves and whose trust he deeply wants to live up to could get hurt—which would really only prove that he is a monster, the way everyone else says.

What was Destiny's personal nightmare?
  • The moment everything went wrong, repeated ad infinitum.

The episode "Only a Dream" never happened
During the prison break when John Dee tries to use the brain machine on himself he actually does fry his brain. The rest of the episode is just his hallucination.
  • How did he know about the things he wasn't around to see? Simple, the machine DID successfully give him psychic powers, but he's stuck in a catatonic state in the process.

The Justice Lords killed most of the other heroes
Who is the greatest threat to the dictatorship set up by Earth's greatest heroes? Earth's other heroes. We don't see any others in the tower, even though they now have at least a hundred normal humans working with them. While some may have been able to be convinced of their aims (Supergirl might be convinced by what ever her cousin does, a lot of them don't. Aquaman would see them as a threat to his kingdom, Question would think it is some kind of conspiracy, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Shining Knight, Hawk, Static Shock, and so many others would just see it as a perversion of all that heroes are supposed to stand for. Superman did say he did do a lot of things he never thought he would do, and killing another super hero that was a dear friend (Flash in that case) didn't seem to faze him.
  • Aquaman wouldn't care for as long as they stayed out of Atlantis.
    • Aquaman is command of the largest and most powerful Naval force, not to mention some of the most advanced technology and access to magical artifacts. The Justice League at that time of the series didn't trust the King of the Sea, and may of just felt "King" is just another name for "dictator." Unlikely they would leave Atlantis alone.

Damian Wayne exists in the DCAU
And he is the son of Diana and Bruce. And the paternal half-brother of Helena Wayne a.k.a. the second Huntress.
  • Jossed twofold by Batman Beyond's Out of the Past. If Bruce had fathered a son with Diana, wouldn't she have been fit to rank alongside Lois Lane, Barbara Gordon, Selina Kyle, and Zatanna in this little black book? Not to mention that if Ra's needed to take the guise of Bruce Wayne's son, taking Bruce Wayne's actual son would've been way easier than going after Bruce.

Justice Lord Superman took awhile to "perfect" his lobotomizing process.
Superman turned Lex Luthor into a burning hunk of flesh, but he could have easily solved that if he "just" lobotomized Luthor. He even got the Joker to act calm, should stand to reason that Superman could have made Luther bark and roll over for a doggy treat. Well, when Superman had his White House weeny roast, he didn't know enough about the human brain or was experienced enough to do it consistently. He perfected his technique on his other Rogue gallery, with... mixed results.
  • This, while incredibly disturbing, is probably what indeed happened in the Justice Lords universe. After all, Superman hadn't exactly had practice at lobotomy before, so he had to learn somehow. And notice, the glaring absence of the Superman: The Animated Series villains during that episode. It's likely that Livewire, Parasite, and others are all mostly either dead or reduced to completely catatonic vegetables.
  • Even if we only see Flash's Rogues in one episode of JLU, it stands to reason that they were probably all hunted down and killed or had their brains fried, too.

Cadmus would have become the threat it was supposed to stop
Look at all their actions. They caused more crimes than they enforced, and some of the people in it were too extreme even for Amanda Waller. Odds are, the organization had a better chance of becoming the very threat it was supposed to stop than the Justice League, since Waller couldn't keep it in check forever.

Vandal Savage is actually The Master from (classic) Doctor Who
Firstly, just LOOK at the guy.Secondly: Immortal? Check. Tinkers with Time Travel technology? Check. Wants to rule everything? Check.The only question is how and why (okay, that's two questions). I figure at some point The Master got trapped 25,000 years in the past without his TARDIS (I smell a certain Doctor's involvement) then had to take the slow path forward until the humans developed sufficiently advanced technology for him to use to try to build a replacement. By then he'd kind of gone native, though. Of course, JLU Earth is not Doctor Who Earth so presumably it's an alternate universe like the one the Cybus Cybermen came from...

Amazo could not copy strictly magical powers
He could copy technology (Hawkgirl's Mace and Green Lanterns Ring, both alien technology), powers given through forces of the universe (Flash) and just powers of a species (Superman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter). He is a being, created of science, and views things as logical systems with explainable rules. Magic, however, being the breaking of universal rules, would not be able to be copied. That is why he had problem with Grundy, even after smashing through the entire Justice League, and Dr. Fate seemed so mysterious to what basically was a God.

The Giant Robot from Incursion wasn't just a robot
North Korea's production capacity to make even standard modern weapons is basically doesn't exist, let alone giant death mechas. Even the handful of nukes they tested barely functioned. How did they do it? It wasn't entirely a robot. It is a combination of a combination of some great magical spirits and nuclear energy. The spirits bargained with the People Democratic Republic of Korea's government, asking for energy, promising to protect the nation and reunify with the south. Obviously, the spirit didn't hold it's end of the bargain.

Lex Luthor left an "Australian" clone to inherit LexCorp after his demise at the end of the series
Lex would want somebody to inherit his empire and couldn't think of a better person than another him.
  • Alternatively, Lex and Mercy had a secret child together.
  • Are you saying Saxon Hale is running LexCorp?
    • It's a reference to Luthor faking his death, cloning a younger body for himself, transferring his brain into said clone body, and pretending to be his own son from Australia shortly before The Death of Superman.

If Joker and the Flash fought one-on-one, Flash would have given him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech similar to Terry's in Return Of The Joker
The big difference? It would have been a genuine attempt to help him be funnier instead of a deconstruction. Still would have driven Joker nuts.

The Mirror Master in the Animated continuity is Edward Lytner AKA Luminus
The Superman: The Animated Series crew had to create a new villain with the "solid hologram" gimmick because they couldn't get the rights to Mirror Master or Dr. Light. Luminus has a run-in with The Flash that could have started a grudge, and MM is never referred to by a real name (Scudder or McCullough) in Flash and Substance.
  • We actually do see Luminus at one point when he breaks out of jail with Solomon Grundy, Copperhead, and a few others in the episodes with Doctor Destiny.

Earth would of been invaded a lot more without nuclear weapons.
The pilot episode started out with an alien race getting the world to disarm it's nuclear arsenal, but only to be invaded by aliens the second the last warhead was pulled apart by Superman. Later episodes showed that nuclear weapons had been created, yet large scale invasions have only been attempted three more times (the Thanigarians, Grey Goo nano-tech robots, and Darkseid). No matter how technologically advanced a species get, almost none of them can deal with the massive blasts from a nuclear detonation, and those three invasions only worked because they could counter nuclear weapons (Thanigarians had EMP lasers, the robots could have just been spread out further, and Darkseid was able to teleport directly over major population centers). Most other races are not suicidal enough to try military action against the Earth.

The reason Batman stayed in the Watchtower during "Comfort and Joy" was because he had something to do involving Wonder Woman.
Hey, it's WMG. Neither of them were present in the episode. Question is, what?
  • Oh, I think we all know. *wink*

Kragger was in love with Hro Talak.
Let's look at his actions, shall we? He constantly sucks up to the guy, shows more disdain for Shayera then any other character, and in his mind, there's a statue of him and Hro side by side with a shattered one of Shayera on the ground. Think about it.
  • Yeah, Word of God is that this is so confirmed.
  • Did anyone else just get a little curious as to how homosexuality is thought of on Thanagar?
    • I'd guess there's a bit of the Spartan idea; romances between the troops are a way to make sure they fight as a unit, and no one cares if that means Manly Gay, bi, or anything else.
  • The real question is if Hro is aware of it? Is that part of the reason why he punched him after Kragger exposed Shayera as a traitor?

Amazo spent a lot of time inside a yellow star
When he reappears in The Return, he has godlike powers. If I remember correctly, (thank you, DEATH BATTLE!) Superman becomes extremely powerful even by his own standards if he spends a short amount of time inside our solar system's yellow sun, the source of his powers (e.g. directly absorbing yellow sun radiation rather than taking in latent rays from Earth's surface, etc.). Amazo gained his own powers by flying right into a yellow star somewhere in the universe and spending however much time passed between then and The Return constantly taking in that radiation and heightening his powers. ALL of his powers.

The explosion in "Task Force X" gave Plastique the power to create explosions which she has in the comics.
Comic book science.

Why Amanda Waller cancelled the airstrike when she did.
Waller is far to cynical to trust the Justice League just because they had fought on the same side against Luthor/Brainiac. She most likely called in the airstrike while the League was fighting Luthor/Brainiac in the hopes that they would weaken each other enough that she would be able to take out both major threats to America's power. When the League defeated Luthor/Brainiac she did not cancel the airstrike because the victory had come at the cost of Flash's life, the exact scenario that led to the Justice Lords in the alternate universe and the very thing Cadmus was created to prevent.Only when Flash was recovered alive did she cancel the airstrike.

The Savage Time alternate Timeline created many of the heroes for Unlimited
Consider that Savage manipulated histories timeline, for one thing spreading large amounts of supertech around, not to mention the fact that it also led to the Justice League going back in time and thus possibly inspiring other superheroes. Many of the heroes for Unlimited were actually science and tech based, it's likely that at least some of Savages tech was reverse engineered, enhancing human science and making it easier for the multiple tech based heroes that appeared.

The Justice Lords Only Lobotomized "Mentally Ill" Villains
Most of the villains we see lobotomized are from Batman's rogue gallery, and that's because they were only lobotomizing the ones they considered to be "mentally ill" (they are in an asylum, after all). Lobotomies are a known treatment for mental illness, and honestly a lot of villains could be called "crazy" if you went at it from that angle, which could be part of how Lord Superman justified it. Of course, that means they were probably just killing anyone who they didn't consider to be insane...
  • Alternatively, lobotomy was the compromise on killing that Lord Superman made to get Lord Batman to go along with everything else.

Luthor's intelligence was slowly and permanently upgraded through his fusion with Brainiac.
In the first season, Luthor is nowhere nearly as intelligent and dangerous as he is later on. He falls for the League's sting operation, runs the Injustice Gang into the ground, relies heavily on the Ultra-Humanite's to develop his battlesuit and treat his Green K poisoning,and fails to anticipate Amazo growing beyond a childlike state and discovering Luthor's (rather crude) manipulations and lies. By the end of season 2, however, Luthor can do things like build a device to completely shut down the League's powers, and by the last two seasons he seems to be a "12th-level intellect." Even in the predecessor series, Luthor seems to rely on Lexcorp's people rather than on any innate talents for invention. While Luthor was always brilliant in his own way, it's the growing Brainiac infection that pushes his mind to the higher level it operates on in the last two seasons of the show. (In the comics, in fact, Luthor, for all his brilliance, isn't technically as smart as Brainiac; he's a 10th-level intellect, while Brainiac's a 12th-level. In the show, Luthor is a 12th-level intellect according to the Grand Finale. Clearly, Brainiac moved him up a couple of levels to make him a better "host.")

The reason people mistook Booster Gold for Green Lantern...
... is the same reason some people in real life saw a white and gold dress, and others saw a blue and black dress. They thought they saw a green suit on a guy who didn't have a bow; therefore, he must be Green Lantern.

Now, why they mistook Micheal Jon Carter for Jon Stewart, I have no clue...

Princess Audrey is the last of the Hapsburgs
Kaznia is likely the Province of Vojvodina in northern Serbia, and both sets of GPS coordinates given in the DCAU for locations in Kaznia are within those borders. Vojvodina is the only part of Serbia to have once been ruled by the Hapsburg Monarchy. Sometime after Serbia regained independence from Yugoslavia, Vojvodina in turn seceded from Serbia and changed its name to Kaznia. Kaznia intended from the beginning to be a Constitutional Monarchy, preferably under a revived Hapsburg Monarchy. Due to the difficulty in finding a surviving descendant of the Hapsburgs, Kaznia was initially ruled by a Regent (who was still in power during the time period of Superman TAS) until Gustav, most likely a descendant of some obscure branch of the Austro-Hungarian Royal Family and therefore a Hapsburg, was selected as the new King. Upon his apparent death Princess Audrey became the last of the Hapsburgs.

Bizzaro's question in "The Great Brain Robbery" was actually the smartest thing anyone could've said in that situation.
"Ever since you plug into monkey's head, you act perfectly sane and rational. Am you Bizarro's mommy?" sounds pretty stupid at first, until you filter it through Bizarro speak. What he's trying to say is "You're not acting at all like Lex Luthor. Are you really Lex Luthor?" Keep in mind, Luthor created Bizarro.

Batman voted against Hawkgirl to force Superman to decide.
This troper thinks that it would have been out-of-character for Batman to reject her from the League. Perhaps after Flash and J'onn voted for her to stay and Diana voted for her to leave and John abstained, Bats voted for her to leave so that he could cancel out everyone's vote save for Superman. Batman was trying to teach Superman some sort of lesson in leadership or empathy or whatever, he wasn't voting against Hawkgirl out of bitterness or anything.

Everyone thought that Booster Gold was Green Lantern because of Mordru.
One of Mordru's weird spells that no one noticed was make people believe that Booster was GL. Someone mistaking Booster for GL at the beginning of the episode was caused by Mordru's incoming return, like how it smells like sulfur before a volcano eruption, how water recedes before a tsunami, animals get antsy before an earthquake, etc.

Star Sapphire has a British accent in this version because of the Star Sapphire gem's influence.
She's been confirmed to be Carol Ferris, who is American, so maybe the Star Sapphire gem gives her a British accent to invoke the Evil Brit trope and "queens are English" cliche.

Hal Jordan did become a Green Lantern... but he's busy being possessed by Parallax.
But Parallax never becomes a problem during the visible DCAU because Parallax went to screw off elsewhere as a part of his mysterious evil plan and nobody knows where they went. Either they never come back or they become a problem later. In the alternate universe where Hal from "The Once and Future Thing" came from, John got possessed by Parallax instead.

Waller didn't know Batman's identity when she first encountered him in episode 9.
She called him "Rich Boy" in that episode, causing Bruce to react in shock, but it's possible she didn't know he was Bruce Wayne. Batman uses dozens of expensive gadgets and vehicle, not to mention if we assume that the Batsuit is a high grade set of body armour, there are basically 2 possible answers to where he gets it all from, either, as Riddler suggest in Arkham Asylum, he steals from his enemies, or he's rich. As a bluff she addressees Batman as "Rich Boy" to see how he reacted, in order to narrow it down, if he reacts, he's one of Gotham's elite, and once you eliminate the corrupt and anyone that doesn't fit the right age, skin tone and gender, that's gotta be a small pool.
  • Alternatively Waller might have thought he simply had a wealthy but secretive financial backer, just like Waller herself, with Gotham-based mega-rich tech company Wayne Enterprises being the only real candidate. Noting the similarities in build and physique between Bruce and Batman, Waller asked the question to see if he was Bruce or merely being funded by Bruce, with his reaction answering it.

Luthor didn't really fool so many people when he ran for president; he only bribed pollsters to say that he was doing so well to agitate the Justice League.

Eiling has an offscreen Heel Realization due to the Justice League's efforts against Darkseid in the finale.

The three smartest people on Earth
In "Panic in the Sky," Batman mentions to Amanda Waller that there are only three people on Earth smart enough to hack the Watchtower's Kill Sat, one of whom is Lex Luthor. While he mentions that the other two were already on the Watchtower (suggesting that they're either Leaguers or otherwise associated with the JLU), he doesn't name either of the other two. Some candidates include:
  • Mister Terrific, who takes over as Mission Control from J'onn in the final season.
    • In the comics he’s canonically the world’s third smartest man
  • The Atom, who helped Luthor during Amazo's return and took out the Dark Heart.
  • Orion, Big Barda and Mister Miracle as members of the technologically advanced New Gods.
  • Booster Gold, though only because he's from the future.
  • Batman himself, he’s far too secretive to publicly admit it (especially to Waller), or that he wasn’t actually on the Watchtower at the time, but Batman is the world’s greatest detective after all.

Booster Gold, Tracy Simmons, and Blue Beetle are heroic trio
In early tie-in comics to the Justice League show, it was shown of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle having misadventures and desiring to get a girl. With the existence of Tracy Simmons in Justice League Unlimited, it wouldn't be a stretch to see her as being apart of their shenanigans'.

Tracy Simmons has the metagene
With her research in alternative energy, it wouldn't be a stretch to think if she ever came in contact with an energy source that awakens her gene to gain powers.