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Zeta is partially made from Time Lord technology.
After his first appearance in Batman Beyond, Zeta was somehow damaged to the point that he regenerated, explaining why he looked different in this show. Since the TARDIS can regenerate, why not a robot made from similar parts?

Zeta is not the first Infiltration Unit.
Zeta is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. His successor being named Infiltration Unit 7 gives further credence to this. Perhaps the show's premature cancellation is the reason we never saw Infiltration Units Alpha through Epsilon. If one of these earlier units was reprogrammed by terrorists, then the NSA's paranoia towards Zeta may be somewhat justified.
  • Zeta once sneaked into a facility used by other Infiltration Units, so this appears to be a canon theory.

Agent Orin West is related to The Flash (Wally West).
He's lighthearted, eager to prove himself, a redhead, and voiced by Michael Rosenbaum. He's either Wally's son or grandson who had no powers, and joined the NSA in order to prove himself to his family.
  • Orin has red hair... and brown eyes, like Wally's wife does.
  • It's unlikely anyone in his family would look down on him for not having superpowers, especially since Wally was shown to have as much respect for Batman as he did for the superpowered members of the League. Given Orin's personality it seems more likely he joined out of genuine altruism and wanting to do good. Remember that while from the viewers POV the NSA are the main villains, in actuality they're a nationwide force attempting to keep the country safe from terrorists. He probably joined because he wanted to be a part of that, not to prove himself to his family. He's Wrong Genre Savvy.
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  • Many of the Flash's early career personality flaws, such as over-enthusiasm and not thinking ahead before acting (before his Character Development, of course) are core flaws of Agent West, who is about the same age in the NSA as his father/grandfather was at the start of his superhero career, give or take a view years. He's not out to prove himself to his family, his cockiness is literally hereditary, and he does improve over the course of the series. Given time he may be, in essence, the Flash in personality as well as looks, and just as competent in the NSA. He might also have been inspired by his lineage to help people, rather than the fandom interpretation of a bitter non-superpowered man.
  • Being related to someone important would certainly explain how he hasn't been fired multiple times over.

Zeta eventually managed to prove his innocence, and later joined the Justice League Beyond.
Well, that's presumably what would've happened had the show got a proper ending.
  • Close. In the Batman Beyond comic continuation, it turns out he's a part of the new Terrific Trio, working alongside Plastic Man and Earth Mover. Presumably, he joined after the government stopped chasing him.

There will be a Darker and Edgier reboot that will follow the original plan for the show.
Perhaps it could become closer in tone to Batman Beyond.

Zeta will eventually be reintroduced somehow.
The character will return in either one of two ways:
  1. He appears in some issue of the Batman Beyond comics.
  2. He appears in a DCUAOM film, most likely in some sort of Batman Beyond movie (given that The Zeta Project is too obscure to get its own).

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