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Awesome Music / The Backyardigans

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The Backyardigans features a different genre per episode, with at least four songs in each. Virtually every song is Awesome Music (or at least catchy), but here are the highlights.

  • Not An Egg, the most epic song of "Tale of the Mighty Knights". Being sung by Adam Pascal of all people certainly helps.
  • Tasha's first solo, "Queens Are Never Wrong". Guaranteed to make the listener feel like a queen.
  • Lady in Pink from "International Super Spy", our first real Villain Song, is delightfully jazzy and deliciously evil. And come on, guys, Cyndi Lauper.
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  • "I Am Professor Bug" is much more catchy than it should be. Pablo's vocals, the instrumental, and then the harmony of the rest as they sing... Wow.
  • "Goblin", anyone? An epic rock song, with great music and lyrics that fit the Goblin perfectly, sung by Austin!
  • "Get Us What We Want" is a perfect example of Mood Whiplash used correctly.
  • The song "I Must Be Ready" from the episode "Blazing Paddles" is both catchy and badass, solidifying Uniqua's Action Girl status.
  • The final song sung by the gang, a cover of "I Gotta Feeling". What an awesome way to say goodbye.


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