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Awesome Music / The Legend of Korra

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The Legend of Korra has nothing but. Only the first season has had a soundtrack released, but fan demand for more was so great that the composers released several sought-after tracks for free.

  • On the Lam, the main combat music for season 1. A blood-pumping, fast-paced jam that sounds like Benny Goodman and His Orchestra got in a scrap with the Silk Road Ensemble.
  • The theme music power-up for the official formation of Korra's Team Avatar is entitled Wheels, and it's notable for its electrifying combination of drums and an erhu.
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  • "Greatest Change" from "Endgame", when Korra finally connects with Aang and her past lives, thus finally being able to enter the Avatar State and regaining her full bending abilities.
  • Regardless of your opinions of season 2, there's no denying the majestic serenity that is Jinora's Light, which accompanies one of the most uplifting scenes in the series: good triumphing over evil because of Jinora's resourcefulness and the strength of Korra's spirit.
  • Also from Book 2 is "Wan's Peace", which can be heard across the "Beginnings" two-parter. Suffice to say, it's one of the many reasons why said episodes are so loved.
  • "Birth of An Avatar" from the climax of "Beginnings", which was reminiscent of the original series theme music while somehow being even more thrilling and heart-pounding.
  • The music from the Series 3 Finale, "Service and Sacrifice", is quite moving and easily among Soul's best compositions for the show.
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  • The music from the Season 4 trailer does wonders to set the tone for the Season, and to let all viewers know that yes, this is it.
  • The Red Lotus Theme. Appropriate that the scariest antagonists get the most Creepy Awesome theme in the series. Starting out slow and menacing, building in intimidation, until the percussion kicks in and you know these psychos aren't messing around. And here's a metal cover that preserves the scares in a different way.
  • The finale music tracks really ramp up the urgency and threat that the Colossus poses, and the finality of this fight. In particular, when the Ferret brothers intrude into the reactor chamber, or when the Beifong Sisters are marauding about the inner workings, or when the spirit vine reactor has its final moments of overload, or the almost savage-sounding fight track of Korra vs Kuvira accentuates the brutal no-holds-barred battle between the two.
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  • The finale. The tracks that play during Korra and Kuvira's final confrontation, Mako's almost-sacrifice and the final scene are among the best in the entire series.
  • Prince Wu's badgermole songs. Not so much in universe though...