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"He wasn't alone. He had his friends to help him."

Sometimes, this series just makes us so dang happy.

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Comic Books

General and Meta

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    General / Unsorted / Teasers 
  • When the viewers first look up to see a giant statue of Aang; it shows how despite all his struggles, he truly was able to save the world.
    • It also shows, through the sheer size and detail of the thing, that he must have been really appreciated by the world, too.
      • It was also built by members of the Fire Nation as a gesture of good will. note 
  • Getting to see all the flying bison, and the knowledge that Appa didn't have to be the Last of His Kind. Same goes for Momo and the flying lemurs.
  • Katara was Korra's waterbending teacher.
  • The general Cool Big Sis relationship Korra has with Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo.
  • The fact that two people from previously warring nations who hated each other were able to fall in love and produce Bolin and Mako.
  • Hell, just Mako's name. note 
  • The Air Nomad culture surviving through Tenzin, his children and the Air Acolytes.
  • The fact that Guru Pathik's teachings about how the nations are all one people comes true in the series, as the city that's the series's main setting sprung up from the efforts of all the world's nations.
  • The names of Aang and Katara's two other children: Kya and Bumi. note 
  • Mako's devotion to Bolin - he'd do anything to keep his little brother safe.
    • Not only that, but's guide to Republic City reveals that even Bolin would give up his life for his brother.
  • Zuko is still alive, left the throne to his daughter and travels around the world as an ambassador of peace.
    • When he's not travelling the world, he spends the rest of his time on Ember Island.
  • Yue Bay. It's safe to assume the name was Sokka's idea.
  • Zuko's grandson is named Iroh. Remember that Izumi most likely named him, not Zuko. Now rewatch "Tales of Ba Sing Se", specifically "The Tale of Iroh" and look at how good he was with the crying child. Iroh must have loved the hell out of his surrogate granddaughter and the love must have been reciprocated to the point where she would name her son after him. Just the idea of Iroh being a sweet and loving grandfather is practically enough to put one to tears.
  • Though neither one is in the show for very long, there's a very sweet lesson to be learned from Zuko and Izumi. No matter if your dad burnt half your face off for refusing to duel him, you can be a better parent and break the cycle of bad parenting. When the Earth Queen gets murdered, Zuko goes home almost immediately to protect her even though she's a grown woman who presumably has a protection detail. In Book 4 when we see her, she's a calm, capable leader and the most well-adjusted of all the OG team Avatar's kids. A great testament to Zuko's skill as both a dad and a mentor. Iroh II also has nothing but respect for his grandfather and the same can be presumed for his unseen sister. So just remember, no matter how bad your own parents are/were, you can rise above it with your own kids.
  • The inspiration for Rohan's name? Bryan Konietzko's nephew.
  • The fact that Energy Bending, in addition to taking away a person's bending, can also restore it. Even more sweet because Aang himself seemed to have learned this in his time between the two shows.
  • The first episode, Welcome To Republic City and the final episode, Endgame both feature someone telling Korra they love her at the South Pole. The first is her mother Senna telling Korra that she and Tonraq love her. The second is Mako confessing that he is in love with her.
  • In the first episode, young Korra was voiced by Cora Baker, Dee Bradley Baker's daughter. Way to make an entrance into voice acting, kid. Also, the fact that they have similar sounding names.
  • Bolin's bio on as of Book 3:
    "He has a love for all earth but his favorite stone? Opal..."
  • Bryan's Tumblr commentary on the budget cut situation that led to Recap Episode "Remembrances".
    "We had two options: 1) let go a significant number of crew members several weeks early, or 2) make a clips episode. We never considered the first option."
    • He also gives the names of everyone who worked on what little new material the episode had, giving an eye-opening look into how much work goes into a show like this if it takes that many people just for five minutes of animation.
    • The fandom reaction has been overwhelmingly supportive of his decision.
  • Celebrating the (almost) completion of #korra last night with #StudioMir and #StudioReve artists. It's been a long, wild road.
  • Korra's friendships with Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Naga in general. Think about it: Bolin and Mako were Street Urchins who stole to survive, Mako was at one point with the Triple Triads. Asami's father was a terrorist who attempted, along with Amon and his men, to rid the world of benders. Naga comes from a species that are known to be ferocious and deadly. In other words, Korra's friends are individuals that others wouldn't even want to be friends with, if they knew about their background. But Korra? She doesn't care.
    • Special note should be given to Korra's relationship with Asami, not just because they become the shows Official Couple, but just for how their relationship grew. At first, Korra was jealous of Asami, deeming her a "prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl". However, after getting to know her, Korra warms up to her, even encouraging Mako to comfort Asami after learning of Hiroshi's association with the Equalists. As the show goes on and the two girls begin to spend more time with each other, it becomes clear how much they come to care for one another. For her part, Asami never blamed Korra for "stealing" Mako away from her as she could tell that Korra was socially awkward and is the one to offer up her help whenever Korra requires it without Korra even needing to ask. They work better together then any other member of Team Avatar, to the point that they don't even need to speak to one another when there is a fight. It is no real surprise that the two grow to have romantic feelings for each other and it really does make sence when one stops to think about it. They are, in many ways, polar opposites and yet they are also very similar. Both were closed off from the world, yet Asami is clearly has more social skills while Korra is unable to understand some of the most basic ideas of society. Both have been trained to fight since they where young, yet Asami was also clearly taught business practice and diplomacy and knows how to lie while Korra was only ever taught how to fight and is a rather poor liar. Both women are also skilled leaders, Asami knows how to work with people when it comes to simple trade and is more then capable of being threatening if the situation calls for it. Korra on the other hand is a skilled leader of the battle field and is often the one who calls the shots when there is a fight or the one to make the tough calls that the others can't or wouldn't do such as choosing to give herself up to the Red Lotus to save the airbenders. In the end both girls balance each other out, working together to solve problems rather then trying to go each others head and when all is said and done, that is what makes Korra and Asami one of, if not the best, couples in the Avatar series.
    • Another layer to the ending is remembering that for the longest time, Korra considered herself alone and habitually isolated herself whenever she suffered a Heroic BSoD and it's not until undeniably here that it sinks in that she's not alone and goes off on another adventure with and for Asami in addition to being over her issues.
  • Really, Asami Sato could be considered the universe's patron saint of heartwarming. Her mother was killed by a firebender, but she not only never expresses any hatred toward him or any bender of any element, but also ends up dating one, actually two, while still hurting over her mother even 12 years later. Despite coming from an affluent background where she'd be expected to only consort with fellow affluent people, she remains humble and only sees the family wealth and influence as a way to help those in need without a second thought as she took in Mako and Bolin then their entire paternal family to share the wealth without the slightest condition or lording it over them as well as befriending Korra as a friend rather than just because she's the Avatar and doesn't begrudge any differences between them. The only thing she wanted from Mako was to love her and be honest to her rather than try to make him conform to her way of life like Eska to Bolin and even after that fell apart, can't bring herself to hate him and admits she still cares about him. Even when the truth is revealed about Hiroshi, she's as dedicated to the cause as the rest of the Krew rather than purely for revenge yet can never truly bring herself to hate him even when he tries to kill her and is only hurt that he's that Drunk on the Dark Side. When all that's over, she could easily wash her hands of the whole hero business to focus on Future Industries as a desk jockey and maybe send a pilot and guards with her airship to find new Airbenders, but personally involves herself for no profit of her own and while doing do, further aids Korra as a teammate and especially as a tireless confidant to the extent of watching over her as she meditates. Again, she personally remains by Korra's side for weeks as a day-to-day caretaker instead of just hiring one and going back to said company and would've continued to happily do so even longer if allowed, so instead she continues to support her friend and her legacy from afar for years until they reunite to continue supporting her in person. Her single argument ever with Korra is only Anger Born of Worry, otherwise they're in perfect synch as always and continue the trend of emotionally supporting her best friend to the end. Considering Korra's felt let down by virtually everyone else from her First Love to her family to herself, Asami being the one person who's consistently never let her down speaks volumes about how much they mean to one another. She's had numerous chances throughout the series to only look out for #1 and save herself a WORLD of trouble to continue living the high life, and even a fraction of what she's been through would make a lesser person be at minimum, a cynic, if not a full-blown Start of Darkness Face–Heel Turn, which no one could blame her for as she owes nobody anything and in fact, more people owe her, but she continues to stick her neck out purely because her heart is just that big. That right there isn't just the ultimate best friend, that's WIFE MATERIAL.
  • A theory of Katara's necklace.
  • Korra meeting and befriending Naga in the 2016 Free Comic Book Day comic.

    Finale Reactions and Related Meta Moments 
  • The fact that they were able to positively all but state that Korra and Asami are attracted to each other.
  • The ending of the series, in which the heroes who have gone through so much have finally earned their happiness.
  • After waiting a few days to see how many people would pick up on it, Mike and Bryan both gladly confirmed that Korrasami is canon. Particularly good is Bryan's statement that what really made him go for it is that he didn't want to look back after twenty years and wish he'd fought harder for it.
    • Plus, it also includes Word of God that despite ending the show single, Mako will find his true love one day and make it work with them thanks to how both Korra and Asami helped him mature past his early romantic issues.
    • Bryan also mentioned that, despite all the Executive Meddling the show had previously suffered, the Network was actually supportive of this ending.
    • We get some more confirmation in "Turtle-duck Date Night."
      • Better yet, it's for a tribute exhibition for both shows!
      • Prints of it will be sold and Bryan will be donating his share of the proceeds to a LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.
  • Faith in Humanity: Restored.
    • As the above survey shows, besides fans angry that their ship isn't canon, the odd homophobic person and a few other naysayers, the fandom has been very supportive of the ship overall once it was revealed as canon. Even the creators were pleasantly surprised!
  • Nick did a series of photos about the top 10 reasons 2014 rocked for them. Guess what got the #1?
  • In the aftermath of the show's ending, fanfic writers naturally went nuts getting to have their Korrasami stories backed up by canon. By far the most common kind of story about the pairing has every single character be perfectly fine with their relationship (including Korra's parents and Mako), with some stories having a few characters admit that they had a feeling that Korra and Asami had feelings for each other and stories featuring bitter exes or homophobes a very rare sight.
    • While the Makorra fans where heartbroken about their ship not becoming canon again and many have been less then polite, nearly as many Makorra fans have been immensely respectful to Korrasami shippers and in some reaction videos have even gone out of their way to congratulate Korrasami fans for having their ship win. It's nice to see Ship-to-Ship Combat end with many of the "losing" group backing down gracefully.
    • Word of God has confirmed that Korra's parents, Tonraq and Senna, are fully supportive of their daughter's relationship with Asami, even going so far as to treat Asami like a second daughter—they also take the time to warn Korra and Asami that not everyone may be as accepting of their relationship as they are.
  • Bryan's doodles of Korrasami.
  • Most of the fanart since the Grand Finale has actually been tame and romantic in focusing on either their vacation in the Spirit World or them as a Happily Married old couple without even a Broken Base over who wears a ring or betrothal necklace. Yes, the Internet has that much respect for the couple to dial it back compared to previous seasons.
  • Mike and Bryan happily confirming that Bumi and Tenzin's sister, Kya, and Aiwei are also not strictly heterosexual, and possibly others.
  • Janet Varney noted at a convention that she'd been approached by some fans that were nervous about their Korrasami fanart being signed, because it depicted the couple kissing or about to kiss. She not only told fans not to be nervous, but said that she'd happily sign any fanart along those lines.
  • Bryan's post after the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states: Onward and Upward.
  • The cover of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy.
  • The announcement that the creators are working on a Dark Horse Korra comic series taking place post series, with confirmation that they'll show more Korrasami.
  • Since the end of the show, Nickelodeon has actually been openly acknowledging the relationship on social media platforms, such as in early 2015 when they posted a compilation/poll of fans' favorite Korrasami moments; and when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, they posted a picture of Korra and Asami hugging in the finale with the simple, powerful hashtag "#LoveWins".
  • Korrasami becoming canon is now seen as a Genre Turning Point for Western Animation, as since the show's ending, several other animated shows have begun explicitly introducing or establishing characters as LGBT; among them Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time.
  • This post is from a joke tumblr admitting they are not the real Bryke, and yet:
    In light of the latest episode of The 100, we just want to remind you that Korra and Asami are alive, in love and are living happily ever after, which is something all of you deserve. Stay safe.
  • Korrasami helped a woman Coming out
  • This video will warm your heart and make you tearbend!


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