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Awesome moments in The Legend of Korra.

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    The Legend of Korra Video Game 
  • Though the game has its share of flaws, the final boss fight with Hundun is wall-to-wall awesome. To elaborate, Korra has unlocked the Avatar State and thoroughly trashed Hundun's army. With nowhere to hide and out of tricks, Hundun decides to make his Last Villain Stand and fight Korra one-on-one. He then goes One-Winged Angel and reveals his conjoined twin brother. The two then face off in a grand final battle with Hundun showing that age is no deterrent for badassery as he tosses everything he's got at Korra, which includes stretchy limbs, dark powers, lightning bolts, and Earthbending. And Korra showing she can tank everything Hundun's got and toss it right back. Then comes the climax of the fight, with Hundun knocking Korra into the air where she goes into the Avatar State. Proceed to cheer like a schoolgirl as you use the Avatar State to tear Hundun a second asshole. Korra's Badass Boast during this is the icing on the cake.
    Korra: Your powers have grown strong over a thousand years, while my powers have been growing strong since time began.
    • In fact, pretty much any time you use the Avatar State. You get to throw around giant elemental bursts that can bowl over a mecha tank, and the power attack is a screen-clearing elemental explosion.
    • The introduction of the Avatar State. You're being swarmed by Dark Spirits... cue Jinora explaining some spiritual mumbo jumbo about how all are one like she's Yoda or an asari. The spirits steadily fade (regardless of how well you're doing) until it's just Korra. Cue cutscene of Korra entering the avatar state. Cue gameplay where you are shown a huge army showing up to engage you, including an army of Triple Threat Triads, Equalists, Dark Spirits, and three Mecha Tanks. Curbstomp. Battle. Ensues.
    • And during the aforementioned Curb-Stomp Battle, you get to hear a lovely backdrop of Hundun freaking out as Korra rips his army to shreds like confetti. Just having Korra wipe that smug grin off his face is a Catharsis Factor in an of itself.
  • Korra in general throughout the whole video game. At the outset of the game, Hundun has the Equalists block her bending with special blowdarts. Korra quickly shows them that she can kick ass just as well without her powers. Watching her plow through enemies with nothing but her bare hands and her Charles Atlas Superpower as she regains her bending is nothing short of satisfying.
  • Regaining each element is done in a way that ties in. Water is the most gamey, but it at least makes some sense (collecting spirit water that Tenzin had around Air Temple Island). Earthbending is done by holding your ground against a Mecha Tank. With waterbending. Airbending is done by being the motherfuckin' leaf as the Equalists are hurling lots of ranged attacks at you and dodging them. The odd one out is Firebending, which is done by Korra tapping into her aggression when a bunch of Equalists show up at the South Pole. Which is still fun since it basically means "beat the crap out of limitless Equalists".

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