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    The Legend of Korra Video Game 
  • Though the game has its share of flaws, the final boss fight with Hundun is wall-to-wall awesome. To elaborate, Korra has unlocked the Avatar State and thoroughly trashed Hundun's army. With nowhere to hide and out of tricks, Hundun decides to make his Last Villain Stand and fight Korra one-on-one. He then goes One-Winged Angel and reveals his conjoined twin brother. The two then face off in a grand final battle with Hundun showing that age is no deterrent for badassery as he tosses everything he's got at Korra, which includes stretchy limbs, dark powers, lightning bolts, and Earthbending. And Korra showing she can tank everything Hundun's got and toss it right back. Then comes the climax of the fight, with Hundun knocking Korra into the air where she goes into the Avatar State. Proceed to cheer like a schoolgirl as you use the Avatar State to tear Hundun a second asshole. Korra's Badass Boast during this is the icing on the cake.
    Korra: Your powers have grown strong over a thousand years, while my powers have been growing strong since time began.
    • In fact, pretty much any time you use the Avatar State. You get to throw around giant elemental bursts that can bowl over a mecha tank, and the power attack is a screen-clearing elemental explosion.
    • The introduction of the Avatar State. You're being swarmed by Dark Spirits... cue Jinora explaining some spiritual mumbo jumbo about how all are one like she's Yoda or an asari. The spirits steadily fade (regardless of how well you're doing) until it's just Korra. Cue cutscene of Korra entering the avatar state. Cue gameplay where you are shown a huge army showing up to engage you, including an army of Triple Threat Triads, Equalists, Dark Spirits, and three Mecha Tanks. Curbstomp. Battle. Ensues.
    • And during the aforementioned Curb-Stomp Battle, you get to hear a lovely backdrop of Hundun freaking out as Korra rips his army to shreds like confetti. Just having Korra wipe that smug grin off his face is a Catharsis Factor in an of itself.
  • Korra in general throughout the whole video game. At the outset of the game, Hundun has the Equalists block her bending with special blowdarts. Korra quickly shows them that she can kick ass just as well without her powers. Watching her plow through enemies with nothing but her bare hands and her Charles Atlas Superpower as she regains her bending is nothing short of satisfying.
  • Regaining each element is done in a way that ties in. Water is the most gamey, but it at least makes some sense (collecting spirit water that Tenzin had around Air Temple Island). Earthbending is done by holding your ground against a Mecha Tank. With waterbending. Airbending is done by being the motherfuckin' leaf as the Equalists are hurling lots of ranged attacks at you and dodging them. The odd one out is Firebending, which is done by Korra tapping into her aggression when a bunch of Equalists show up at the South Pole. Which is still fun since it basically means "beat the crap out of limitless Equalists".

  • Getting Eva Marie Saint to play Katara. That's when you know the last series got them respect in Hollywood. The woman has worked with Alfred Hitchcock, appeared in films with Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Warren Beatty, Angela Lansbury, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando, won an Academy Award (for best supporting actress in On The Waterfront) and they convinced her to do a voice.
  • Mike and Bryan taking the time to make a complete set of rules for pro-bending that make perfect sense. No Golden Snitches here!
  • This bit from NPR.
    "Some Nickelodeon executives were worried, says Konietzko, about backing an animated action show with a female lead character. Conventional TV wisdom has it that girls will watch shows about boys, but boys won't watch shows about girls.
    During test screenings, though, boys said they didn't care that Korra was a girl. They just said she was awesome.
  • The television debut garnered a whopping 4.5 million viewers. That's the highest number of viewership for a Nickelodeon show in three years. Note that this was after releasing the first two episodes online, for free, several weeks prior.
    • And the numbers keep going strong with every debut. Episode four received a premature leak online, and fans still tuned in and gave the ratings a good 4 million viewers to count on its Saturday morning premiere.
  • The level of animation quality and the artistic effects in this series is mind boggling and only becomes apparent by re-watching it over and over. Word Of God has stated at some points in production the bar was so high it looked like they could never achieve it.
  • Congratulations should go out to the team behind the series for being so ballsy as to pitch such dark tones. Not only did we have scenes that reflected elements of public executions and rape, we also had an actual terrorist attack in episode 6. Somehow Nick let this slide and aired the episode nonetheless. The creators are really bold for giving us such a strong and dark series.
    • We can now throw in the numerous allusions to historic examples of oppression: the Red Scare with McCarthy-like tactics, the internment camps for Japanese during World War II, and Hitler's subjugation of the Jews.
  • The final press art for the season 1 finale by Bryan.
  • The MUSIC. Capturing every mood of the moment. The Avatar Theme playing out in full force in the finale was Epic.
  • The subversion of the Bittersweet Ending. Nobody expected them to actually give Lin her bending back or let Korra go Avatar State. We already had a bittersweet ending that worked perfectly, but they managed to completely blindside us with a genuinely happy ending.
  • Janet Varney posted a challenge where the Book Two finale would be released online a week early if enough people reblogged her Tumblr post asking them how much they really wanted it. The conditions were that ten thousand people had to reblog the post in 12 hours. It easily got twenty thousand notes. And Nick followed through on their promise, with the finale released mere hours after the episodes preceding it had aired on television.
    • In a sort of followup to this, Korra Nation offered a similar challenge: 15,000 notes for a preview clip of Book 4 the next day. It took an hour, and the clip was posted not long after.
  • While YMMV on whether it is a good move for the series or not, it takes a lot of balls to tear down and do away with one of the largest core elements (The Avatar Cycle, and thus no more cameos or help from past avatar characters like Aang, Roku or Kyoshi) of a very popular series, especially since the third season has confirmed that it's stuck.
  • The third season finale, "Venom of the Red Lotus", is the 100th episode of the Avatar series, and while other Nickelodeon shows have hit that milestone before, they've only been the two-15-minute-episodes variety (Rugrats, Fairly Oddparents, and Spongebob come to mind first). Avatar is a serialized action-adventure epic, not the usual fare for the First Kid's Network, and certainly not something you'd expect to get a solid hundred episodes, with 13 more still yet to come! And to top it all off? "Venom of the Red Lotus" has been praised by fans and critics as one of the best finales in the entire franchise, and the episode managed to win a prominent Annie Award in Outstanding Storyboarding.
  • At the end of Book Three and throughout Book Four, the highly realistic depiction of Korra's debilitating mental and physical trauma, a rarity in animated works and, indeed, media in general.
  • Despite having been royally screwed over by the higher-ups with an episode's worth of budget cut, Bryke and their team still managed to make the best of the situation with Recap Episode "Remembrances".
  • The Most Reblogged TV: Animated Tumblr blog of 2014? The Legend of Korra.
  • A newspaper article referring The Legend of Korra, along with other shows, as progressive.

    Finale Reactions and Related Meta Moments 
  • Throughout season 4, and especially in the show's final scene, the creators did everything in their power to give us a canon romantic relationship between two women while still getting past the censors. A big step forward for representation of same-sex couples in animation and media in general.
    • To say nothing of how it's also a representation of mixed-race couples, and seems to avert No Bisexuals given both of their pasts with Mako.
    • And apart from Nick's S&P forbidding overt same-sex relationships in their shows, the network was fine with it (key word: overt).
  • This article gives an insightful and beautiful description of how and why The Legend of Korra is one of the first cartoons to show the things most TV shows, animated or live-action, don't always do, and even when done, usually not very well: Racial representation without diving into stereotypes and Stock Aesop; Accurate depictions of realistically body positive females; badass women who can still be vulnerable, aren't over-sexualized, and aren't over-exaggerated for either being too girly or too tomboyish; The complexity of differing political views and religion; No agenda of showing that "only girls are awesome", but both genders can be equally as awesome. And probably the most significant impact: The portrayal, if subtle one, of two women (Korra and Asami) of different races becoming an Official Couple.
  • Mike and Bryan confirm the ending for anyone curious, which is a moment of awesome in and of itself.
    • Plus, the rebuttal to accusations that the pairing was Pandering to the Base, as a Makorra ending would be just as "pandering" to those fans, and one group of shippers was going to be happier than the others no matter what the ending was; similarly, there's a fairly blunt rebuttal of those objecting on grounds of homophobia.
  • This Google Analytics image comparing the number of Google Searches for the most popular Ships in the franchise. Korrasami's beats all the others combined, three times over.
  •’s #1 reason for why 2014 rocked. See all 10 here.
  • Four Ways ''The Legend of Korra'' Respected Its Younger Viewers: Death, Sympathetic Villains, Depression, and Queer Representation.
  • IGN awards for 2014 had Korra not only named for best animated show by the editors and voters but also named both best TV series and best TV episode "Korra Alone" by the voters.
  • Mike and Bryan confirmed at a con appearance that Korra and Asami are not the only characters in the show to not be just heterosexual, giving explicit Word of Gay for Kya and Aiwei and hinting there are still more. They clearly do not believe in any kind of boundaries on this topic.
  • Korra and Asami's hug being posted on the show's Facebook page after the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal across the entire United States.
  • The announcement that the creators are going to be working on a Korra comic series, which will feature explicit confirmation of Korrasami. Good luck keeping those Anti-Shipping Goggles in place now.
  • Amon supports Korrasami.

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