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WMG for The Legend of Korra. Now split in the following sections:

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     The Cabbage Merchant 

The Cabbage Merchant in the new series will also be the foaming mouth guy.
The Cabbage Merchant had a daughter who ended up marring the foaming mouth guy after the end of the series. When The Cabbage Merchant dies the foaming mouth guy takes up his business to make his wife happy. He ends up having a son who inherits the foaming mouth guy's... foaming mouth. He also takes up the family business. Now whenever Korra and her gang destroy the cabbage cart, the new Cabbage Merchant has a seizure.
"Cabbages guy" will have a reincarnation
Preferably female and younger. She will appear in one episode, or maybe a few, as a ditzy successor to a cabbage shop who is having troubles adapting and living up to her families expectations.
  • Or she'll actually be good at her job and be bummed out because having your cabbages ruined several times had become a family tradition.
    • Or maybe she'll even be cabbage bender. Because nothing screams Ruleof Funny like a background character her cabbages being seemingly ruined and then flying back into her cart like nothing happened.
  • There's a funny entry in CAPSLOCK_ATLA about a "Cabbage Madame", who runs a garden-themed brothel. That's not going to happen on a Nickelodeon show, but I think it'd be hilarious.
    • ...I am too scared to even think about how a cabbage-themed brothel would work.

The cabbage merchant will be the one who started the whole anti bending group.
The cabbage merchant after suffering again and again from the actions of even the "good benders" gets disgusted and realizes that the only way cabbage merchants' cabbages will be safe is by ending bending.
  • but it wasn't always benders that destroyed them, don't forget the Customs Officer at Ba Sing Se.
    • The Equalists will also be against bureaucrats. It's not as prominent as the anti-bending, but it's there.

The Cabbage Vender's ancestor will come back as a good guy.
Except he will retain his Buttmonkey status and basically be treated as badly as Bakura was in Yu-Gi-Oh abridged.

Korra herself is the Cabbage Guy's descendant.
Eternally conflicted between her Avatar duties and her cabbage-selling family. Angst will ensue upon destruction of cabbages.

The cabbage merchant's luck turned around after the war ended, and he is now the richest old man in Republic City.
He will have made his fortune exporting cabbages to the Fire Nation and North Pole, where they are used in exotic foreign dishes. After a lifetime of successful cabbage selling, he retired in Republic City and now considers joining the White Lotus Society.
  • Well, DID reveal that a corporation called Cabbage Corp made their own Cabbage Cars. Founded by the Cabbage Merchant maybe?
The cabbage man's descendant lives in a van down by the river.

The Cabbage Merchant's legacy will take the form of a Starbucks-like cabbage franchise.
It was started by the Cabbage Merchant's illustrious descendants, eager to make a profit from their ancestor's secret formula for the perfect cabbage. True to form, practically Once per Episode , Korra will somehow damage one of the many shops in the franchise.
  • Jossed. They're a tech/industrial company like Sato's future industries.

Amon will be the descendant of Cabbage Guy.
He seeks revenge upon all benders for the (multiple) loss(es) of his ancestor's cabbage cart(s), which ultimately led to his financial ruin and his family's Start of Darkness.
  • Amon claims to be the child a farmer. Where do cabbages come from again?

Tenzin and the Cabbage Merchant's descendent will have a Vitriolic Best Buds-type of relationship
It will involve Aang trying to make peace with the Cabbage Merchant after the trouble they've caused him during the war. However, Tenzin will steadily grow to find the child of the CM increasingly annoying. Years later, in Republic City, the Cabbage Merchant's child will become a successful lemon merchant while Tenzin has trouble living up to his father's legacy (that or was forced into hiding because of the anti-bender faction). The lemon merchant then does whatever he/she can to cheer up their childhood pal... by giving Tenzin lemons. Korra will happen upon the poor unfortunate moment where Tenzin will snap because "I don't want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these?". He will then proceed to force Korra into making the lemons explode with firebending—to the point where it becomes a technique.If the friendship is Type A, the lemon merchant will remain oblivious to the malice and just think Tenzin is confused.If the friendship is Type B, however, the lemon merchant is secretly avenging his father and is gleeful at the absolute irritation it causes for Tenzin.
  • Jossed. Tenzin and Lin arrest the poor guy.

Bumi when introduced will take on the role of the Cabbage merchent
Being the only decedent of an airbender, let alone two powerful benders, who isnt a bender you can tell the universe loves to screw with him
  • Jossed. Cabbage Guy's descendant did.

Cabbage Corp will become a Mega-Corp now that Hiroshi Sato's been outed as an Equalist
and in revenge against the Equalists for setting him him/the Krew actually saving his corp/a cabbage cart that's an heirloom, he gives them a brand new car... that's shapped like cabbage or is actually beautiful, but a lemon.

This world's Cabbage is our world's Babbage.
One of the members of the Cabbage family, or at the very least an employee of Cabbage Corp, will invent the first proto-computer.

The Cabbage Merchant is a time-traveling Avatar from the future.
The Avatar after Korra wants to reunite with all of the first cycle's incarnations of the Avatar, so he uses a Cabbage Corp invention that looks suspiciously like a DeLorean to travel to a time before Harmonic Convergence where he could do some "simultaneous Avatar State" thing that might bridge the gap. Unfortunately, he ends up sometime that Aang is in the iceberg and so takes up cabbage merchantry (in honor of the future corporation) to spend his time, since the CabbaLorean broke down. He tries to be where he vaguely remembers legends of the Gaang going to, but he never gets the opportunity to initiate a simultaneous Avatar State. He even tried to lure Aang in with the play, telling the playwright the legends he remembered/what he experienced to make it more recognizable, but he was imprisoned for using the wrong type of bending in the Fire Nation the night before the Gaang went to the show, and he wasn't released until after Zuko became Firelord. He eventually gave up his quest when he realized he was the founder of Cabbage Corp, and that everything was a Stable Time Loop.
  • Hi, original poster here, there's more to this story than I realized. Sometime while the Cabbage Avatar is making tons of money, he visits the Banyan-grove tree. Because there's a lot of spiritual energy there and time is an illusion, he accidentally time travels yet again, this time to the siege of Ba Sing Se. Here he meets Lu Ten, who is trying to hide from Earth Kingdom soldiers after the rest of his squad dies in a surprise attack. Lu Ten, seeing the Cabbage Avatar pop out of nowhere, instinctively earth-bends for the first time; Lu Ten is an Avatar too. While the Cabbage Avatar shows that he's able to bend multiple elements as well, noting that there are currently three Avatars in existence right now, yet another person drives up in a nice looking CabbaLorean: Ikki III, great-great granddaughter of Aang, and also an Avatar. She sticks the two other Avatars into the car and takes them back in time further in order to talk without fear of being attacked, this being shortly before Lu Ten's birth. The Cabbage Avatar, upon exiting the car, however, accidentally trips on a cabbage, and dies (and will shortly reincarnate into Lu Ten). Ikki III explains to Lu Ten know how they can accomplish the thing that the Cabbage Avatar originally went back in time to do: take advantage of known events and ensure that Unalaq is born the Avatar after Ikki III. The two bounce around the timeline in their CabbaLorean, ensuring that people will rediscover Harmonic Convergence (it has been 10,000 years after all) until they reach the time shortly before Unalaq is born. Ikki III dies, leaving Lu Ten alone to wait for her to reincarnate into Unalaq. As soon as Lu Ten can get the baby Unalaq alone, he removes the child's ability to bend anything but water (having learned energybending through his past life connection to Korra). Lu Ten then jumps forward in time to shortly before Ikki III's birth and dies, and his spirit finally reunites with Iroh. Ikki III grows up, often wondering what happened to the unknown Fire Avatar before her (and what happened to the Cabbage Avatar), but is mostly concerned with the world problems of her time. When she gets her hands on a newer version of the CabbaLorean than what the Cabbage Avatar used, Unalaq appears out of nowhere, having just accidentally jumped forward in time from after immediately after his battle with Korra. During that battle, Korra's past lives didn't disappear, they transferred to Unalaq. He had figured out what was going on and played his part in the known portions of the timeline, and is a now good guy, especially now that he's been purified of Vaatu's influence. Ikki III restores Unalaq's ability to bend all the elements and goes back in time to the siege of Ba Sing Se. Unalaq serves the world from the time Ikki III goes back in time to his death and all of the Avatars after him have full access to all the Avatars back to Wan.

     Everyone is Batman 

No one is Batman.. but Bolin is the Fearless Ferret
  • Naturally, Pabu is Wonder Weasel.

Zuko's son, a Badass Normal who will be voiced by Will Friedle, will be the new Blue Spirit, and he will be a recurring character and The Ace.
  • And Zuko will be his mentor, who will be voiced by Kevin Conroy.
  • Jossed. It's still not yet revealed whether he's Zuko's son or grandson, but General Iroh is voiced by Dante Basco, and as a general of the Republic's forces, it's a pretty safe bet he'll quickly be proven the most powerful Firebender in the series so far.

Korra is a Ninja
A guy can dream can't he.
  • Refer to the "Korra will be as Batman" WMG
  • Alas, Korra is almost the exact opposite of any Ninja tropes.

Korra will become something even more awesome than Batman
She will become BAT WARTHOG MAN!. It's the best two-animal combo (and thus, in the Avatarverse, it must exist).

  • And by everyone, we mean '''EVERYONE'''.
    • In all seriousness, the Batman parallels are flying hard and fast, and we are only three episodes in. At last count, we have three Batman parallels: Korra learns that her vigilante justice may be what the city deserves, but it sure as hell not what it needs, Mako witnessed his parents being mugged and murdered by a firebender at the tender age of eight, and Amon invokes the archetype of the mysterious masked man here to save the populace from it's superstitious and cowardly criminal empire of benders.
    • Aaand, Amon has a deformed face and is fostering dissent and anarchy, a la the Joker..."Hello, beautiful. Y'wanna know how I got my scars?"

Korra takes place in the same universe as Batman Beyond
Here's some of the parallels between this series and Batman Beyond. Namely, the large time gap between the two Sequel Series, the new hero gets an older mentor.
  • OH, LOOK AT THAT! A new antagonist has appeared in Book 3 voiced by none other than Henry Rollins, a.k.a. Mad Stan, and he and his posse of convicts are gunning for Korra!

Mako will lose his firebending.
He will actually become Batman.

At least one of the writers is a Batman fan
And they're throwing in references left and right. They're also a really big Batman Beyond fan. Evidence:
  • Mako's backstory is Batman's, minus the wealth
  • In Episode 6, the Wolf-Bats pose like Terry from the Batman Beyond opening
  • Lin Beifong is very much like Barbara Gordon, as the second generation police chief of a crime-ridden city who doesn't look too kindly on the new hero in part because of a failed relationship with the hero's mentor.
    • And now in The Aftermath, she said she will now fight the Equalists from outside the power of the law. If that does not make her Batman, I don't know what does
  • Thanks to "When Extremes Meet" we can now all say "QUICK! To the Korramobile!"
    • The matter of the new Chief quite clearly - willingly or otherwise - working for Tarrlok has the feel of Batman to it; a police force dominated by corrupt officials.
  • Episode 9 is titled "Out of the Past," a name it shares with one of the most popular episodes of Batman Beyond.

Everyone is a creation of Alan Moore
  • Amon is Ozymandias and V's child.
  • Korra is the second Silk Specter.
    • Or the daughter of Halo Jones and Promethea.
  • Asami is Toybox from Top 10.
  • Lin is the child of Alice from Lost Girls and Irma Geddon from Top 10.
  • Tenzin is Inspector Abberline from From Hell.
  • Tarrlok is Sir William Gull from From Hell.
  • Mako is Greyshirt from Tomorrow Stories.

Amon is Batman
Amon is a Badass Normal that watched his parents die and swore revenge. He uses fear to control and get advantages over his enemies, and his biggest ally/side-kick is another Badass Normal that uses duel Escrima Sticks and acrobatics in combat (a la Nightwing).
  • But Amon is evil, so he's obviously Owlman.
    • Alternatively, Amon is Slade.
    • Many people consider Batman insane, and the same can be said about Amon. They are both hyper-passionate about their individual causes.
Obviously everyone is not Batman, because Lin Beifong is clearly Spider-Man.

No one alive is Batman
Because Sokka was Batman!

Amon is Bane from The Dark Knight Rises
Seriously think of the similarities.
  • When he had the chance to take away her bending he didn't. Basically he said, "Her punishment must be more severe." He said he would take away everybody elses bending in the city first, then he would take hers. Pretty similar to what Bane told Batman in the movie. And when Tarrlok asks Amon what he is he replies, "The solution". Pretty much the same as 'Gotham's Reckoning.' Not to mention him basically destroying an arena of a popular sport and holding the city ransom I know the movie was basically in development the same time as the show and vice versa but come on. The similarities are just uncanny.

The Blue Spirit reappears as Batman
Given everything the average non-bender in Republic City seems to take, not least Tarrlok trying to round up a bunch of them due to guilt by assosciation, even the non-benders that weren't pro-equalist probably feel betrayed by the authorities, given that every policeman in the City is, by definition, a powerful bender, and every council member is as well. Therefore, it's likely that one (or several) young non-benders decided they needed to protect their own and, inspired by the legendary non-bender rebel (since Zuko's hardly likely to tell everyone it was him) the Blue Spirit, decided to protect his people and the non-bender neighbourhoods we've seen. He'll likely be a seriously Badass Normal vigilante who dislikes benders and, when he inevitably meets Team Avatar, will probably tell them This Is My Side and to leave him alone. He may get better and join the team, or may just be forced to work with them sometimes when their aims overlap.
  • If we're lucky it might turn out that he's part (or the leader of) a whole team of Blue Spirits, each with their own unique weapon and mask design, possibly expies of Jet and the Freedom Fighters, or the Gaang themselves, e.g. an Aang expy with a staff, a Zuko expy Dual Wielding knives, a Katara expy with a whip, etc.
    • Almost certainly won't happen but tell me you don't want to see that

Varrick isn't Batman... he's Iron Man, or will be
Eccentric, mustached millionaire based on Howard Hughes? Check. Involved in conflict (Hughes was a defense contractor)? Check. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets captured by the Northern Tribe and be forced to create weapons for them while gravely injured, only to build a suit of Powered Armor for him to escape.
  • Bonus points if the suit can shoot fire and can fly based on how Iroh flew in Book 1.
    • Which eccentric, power-armour villains are out there, because it turns out Varrick's a total bastard.
    • I guess that would make him Lex Luthor.
  • As of Book 4, he's semi-heroic, he's built suits of Powered Armor, and he's being forced to make weapons by a villian. So... confirmed?

Zaheer is Bane/Mad Stan
Visionary radical who throws down regimes and assassinates world leaders and is voiced by Henry Rollins. Enough said.
  • Mad Stan is both less serene and less scary. And can't fly.