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Awesome Music / Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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Star's Song Day...Epic.

The musical score and songs for the Disney XD cartoon, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, composed and arranged by Brian H. Kim. Check out some of his musical highlights here.

Season 1

  • "I'm From Another Dimension". The iconic theme song is an energetic earworm that makes you feel like adventuring to another dimension.
  • The end credits for Season 1-2, the cheery song that Eden Sher sings herself.
  • "Blood Moon Waltz". Especially the extended version, which dips into a quieter, more intimate middle section before rising up for a grand finale.
  • Mewberty Star's theme gives off a great horror vibe.
  • "Heinous Scheme", playing at the end of "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" and letting you know big things are coming down the line.
  • "Skullnick vs. Evil", a score for Skullnick's big action scene.
  • "Mewnipendence Day Reenactment" is engaging music for a scene with a lot going on, both on the action level and the personal level.
  • Toffee's theme. Smooth, subtle, and sneaky like him.
  • "Toffee vs. Marco" conveys Toffee's smoothness while also being very catchy.
  • "Star's Decision" from the season one finale really gets across the gravitas of the situation. You can hear a slowed-down section of "Toffee vs. Marco" in it, too. Finally, it expands into a powerful climax.
  • The music box that plays for the ghost of the unicorn. Really lets it sink in.

Season 2

  • "Awesome Feeling" and "Too Little Too Late", which perfectly portray Tom and Marco's relationship during the episode, especially the latter, sung by Marco and Tom themselves, giving off the vibe of a broken couple.
  • "Waiting For Me", the song that plays when Star and Jackie see Marco dressed for the dance.
  • The action music from "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". "The Portal Turns" shows how far Ludo has come, and "Save Star" is just epic and heartfelt.
  • "Such a Simple Concept", the song that plays as Star pushes through the All-Seeing Eye spell to reach Glossaryck, only to have him shoot her down.
  • "Tree of Hope", the music that plays as Star casts the spell that forms the tree in question and the tree grows.
  • The music from "Running With Scissors" gives off some interesting wanderer vibes, and some sentimental pieces.
  • "Just Friends", the very catchy song from Love Sentence.
  • "The Ballad of Star Butterfly". "SHE'S A REBEL PRINCESS, SHE'S THE BEST! SHE'S A BALL OF LIGHTNING IN A HOT PINK DRESS!" What else do you expect from Patrick frickin' Stump?! This is a rock ballad about Star the princess, and it's every bit as energetic and bold as her. Not to mention the third verse with its dark and heavy sound.
  • The climactic battle music from "Starcrushed" makes interesting use of Toffee, Ludo, and Moon's themes.

Season 3

  • The end credits from season 3. Despite being short, it manages to sound both epic and beautiful at the same time. Bonus points for sounding like it came straight out of Sailor Moon.
  • "Behold Queen Moon" from Moon's flashback in "The Battle for Mewni". Chilling use of her theme — you can really feel that this is the moment when Moon truly became queen.
  • "I Don't Wanna Know", the song that plays over Marco's breakdown at "Lava Lake Beach", is a sad indie rock track that has lyrics full of heartache.
  • "Keep Star From Morphing", from "Sweet Dreams". A wonderfully trippy and ethereal techno piece that plays when Star flies through a dimensional void while dragging Marco along.
  • "The Pigeon Future", which plays during Rich Pigeon's Rousing Speech to his kingdom in "Death Peck". A powerful, inspiring orchestral piece which perfectly complements the prince's plea.
  • "What's Different" is a melancholic, yet somehow romantic variation of "Thought We'd Never See Each Other" (which plays during Star and Marco's reunion in "The Battle for Mewni") that really sets the mood for the kiss between Star and Marco in "Booth Buddies", as they realize how much their relationship has been deteriorating throughout the whole of Season 3 due to held back feelings. And the melody literally ends on a sour note once they realize a bit too late the mistake they just committed.
  • One of the reasons "Conquer" is considered such an epic finale episode has to be due to the song that plays during its final 7 minutes, which encompasses the entirety of Star vs. Meteora and the following events, from their initial conversation to the moment Eclipsa comes to save the day, cries for her apparently dead daughter who has actually been reborn, receives Star's wand and goes off to find her crystallized husband.

Season 4

  • "Janna Skelter", Janna's new leitmotif, is a funky beat that sounds like it came straight out of Undertale.
  • Eclipsa's song "Sneaking Around" while having a date with Globgor inside of his mind is very heartwarming.
  • "Some Kind of Magic" is the most heartwarming song of the series after Eclipsa and Globgor are finally accepted by society, and the racism in Mewni has finally been eliminated.