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In addition to the Awesome Music of the Garfield Specials (especially in Here Comes Garfield), Garfield and Friends has a fantastic musical score that embraces and enhances the world of the characters we know and love.



  • Garfield's song in "Video Airlines" about the wonders of the video store and VHS tapes. It's incredibly dated, but still catchy nonetheless.
  • "The Picnic Panic" is a hearty Musical Episode all about Garfield, Jon, and Odie going on a picnic, with the Ants making their debut stealing their picnic. The characters never skip a beat when singing, and the episode has a great, lighthearted catchy tune to boot.
  • "Another Ant Episode" is just as catchy, if not more, than the original episode. Instead of singing about stealing food, the chorus focuses on how the ants are Ensemble Darkhorses who were requested to return. Jon and Garfield call "Mr. Crater," who gives some Motor Mouth verses. The episode ends with a Downer Ending where the ants "cannot be killed" and promise to return.
  • The Buddy Bears and their theme song, a good-natured Take That! at The Complainer Is Always Wrong cartoons (particularly The Get Along Gang). Even more ironic when you realize Garfield and co. make them fight a lot.
  • As annoying as he may be (In-Universe, at least), Binky the Clown is one of the more regular recurring characters, and he had some good music to associate his corny act with. Two good examples include his jolly, short theme tune, and his own little memetic Birthday song.
  • The workout song in "Weighty Problem." All of Jon's lines are followed with a sarcastic comment from Garfield.
  • The title song from "Garfield's Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Revue." "In the whole wide world you must have something better to do, than watch the Garfield Garbage Can and Tin Pan Alley Revue."
  • In the episode "Beddy Buy", Garfield and Jon sing a song about what they'll buy in the store. ("Hello, charge card! Money in the bank, bye bye!")
  • The song Garfield sings in "First Class Feline" when Nermal asks him where he's sending him. A bouncy tune about how Garfield wants Nermal far away because he's too cute.
  • In "Green Thumbs Down", we have "In the Garden", a beautiful song about Jon's new vegetable garden.
  • The entire episode "Truckin' Odie", wherein Garfield (somewhat snidely) narrates an adventure of Odie's. Starts with a lone banjo on a stage and builds into a rousing trucker-country power ballad.
  • "The Garfield Rap", an insanely catchy "I Am" Song rapped by Garfield himself in the episode of the same name. As a bonus, count all the rock and rap Shout Outs in the video.
  • "Best of Breed" features Garfield singing the rather catchy self-titled "I Am" Song for his talent in a cat competition (even though no one in-universe liked it and preferred Nermal's playing with a ball of yarn over his song).
  • "Ode to Odie" has a rap song that lasts through the entire episode. It ends with An Aesop.
    Garfield: Odie had made lifelong pals with a couple doggy gals. Someone had not figured fully people never love a bully. So our tale is adjourned with this lesson to be learned: Helpless folks you shouldn't flog. People love an underdog.


  • Many of Orson's songs. "Banana Nose" from the episode of the same title. The song from "Shell Shocked Sheldon" to convince Sheldon to hatch. Two Heartwarming ones in "National Tapioca Pudding Day" and "Mud Sweet Mud". The 50's theme song from "Goody-Go-Round", and one from "No Laughing Matter". Also, "Superstition", and "Wade, You're Afraid" from the episode of the same name.
  • Lanolin only had a few songs, one in "Unidentified Flying Orson", where she was singing to Orson not to believe everything he reads, a heartwarming one in "I Like Having You Around!" to her brother of said title, and in "Sleepytime Pig", an upbeat workout song to help Orson get to sleep. Her song to Bo in "I Like Having You Around!" is a sweet, touching tune that brings a smile to your face and shows that underneath her angry persona to everyone, especially him, she not only likes him, but NEEDS him in her life.
  • Sadly, Bo only had two songs, one in "The Bad Sport" where he talks his sister into trying new things like playing a new game and the one in "Keeping Cool" when he was singing to Orson about keeping his cool. His voice and singing sounded pretty cool in the Spanish version as well.
  • Roy's song from "The Impractical Joker" was actually pretty catchy. His jazz-blues song from "Cock-a-Doodle Dandy", sounds good as he keeps on singing. His song from "The Legal Eagle" is catchy in both English and Spanish.
  • Wade's not normally a good singer, but he sounded so awesome in "Flop Goes the Weasel" when he changed his voice and sounded more confident. "Oh, yes, I am a hero! I mean if that's OK!" He also sounded pretty good in "Orson Goes On Vacation". "What Harm Can It Do" could also be this; the electric guitar-led accompaniment is particularly awesome.
  • The Mother turtle's rock song from "Scrambled Eggs" is a jamming song that the Turtle sings to her baby (or Sheldon, mistakenly) when she's waiting for them to hatch.
  • The Bond-esque "Double-Oh-Orson" song.
  • The song from "Swine Trek". Also of note that in the Spanish version, Sheldon sang the song and made it sound more mysterious.
  • The heroic theme song from "Hogcules II". It was so powerful, that the singer couldn't even keep up with the strength of it.
  • Roy's song from "Cock a Doodle Duel" where he sings in an Elvis-like voice about being king of the barnyard. Even the Dark Reprise "New King in Town" is pretty good albeit heartbreaking.