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Recap / Garfield and Friends

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    Season 1 
  • S1E01 Peace And Quiet/Wanted: Wade/Garfield Goes Hawaiian: Binky the Clown keeps wanting to sing a birthday song for a tired Garfield, who does everything to keep him out. / Wade rips the tag off the pillow of Orson's couch and fears that the police are coming to arrest him. / Garfield catches the Hawaiian Cat Flu, a disease that makes him dance the hula whenever anything reminds him of Hawaii.
  • S1E02 Box O' Fun / Unidentified Flying Orson / School Daze: Garfield and Odie play pretend in a cardboard box. / A series of coincidences makes Orson think Martians are invading the farm. / Garfield gets sent to a strict obedience school for trying to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi.
  • S1E03 Nighty Nightmare/Banana Nose/Ode to Odie: Garfield has a nightmare where he eats a lot and grows so big that he becomes unstoppable. / When Roy pranks his friends, they get back at him with a mean nickname. / Garfield raps about Odie's encounter with a tough alley dog.
  • S1E04 Fraidy Cat / Shell Shocked Sheldon / Nothing to Sneeze At: Garfield and Odie are scared by a horror movie and won't let Jon in the house, afraid that he's a monster. / Sheldon considers hatching out of his egg, while a fox looks for chickens to steal. / Garfield's uncontrollable allergies interfere with Jon's date with Liz.
  • S1E05 Garfield's Moving Experience / Wade: You're Afraid / Good Mousekeeping: Tired of living with Jon, Garfield leaves the house and lives with a rich girl whose care ends up being too much for him. / Sick of Wade's cowardice, Orson hypnotizes him into being brave. / Mice invade the house and Garfield has to get rid of them.
  • S1E06 Identity Crisis / The Bad Sport / Up a Tree: Garfield, Floyd the mouse, and a dog imitate each other to throw off a dogcatcher who's after them. / Roy changes up the rules of Orson's new Pigball game to be completely ridiculous. / Garfield and Nermal get stuck up a tree.
  • S1E07 Weighty Problem / The Worm Turns / Good Cat Bad Cat: Garfield tries to get out of a new exercise regimen with Jon. / When Booker gets saved by a worm after he is caught in his own worm trap, he decides that he likes them. / Garfield's shoulder angel and shoulder devil try to guide him throughout the day.
  • S1E08 Cabin Fever / Return of Power Pig / Fair Exchange: Garfield, Odie, and Jon's cabin retreat turns bad when the two pets are snowed in with no food while their owner is getting groceries. / A rumor about a monster around the farm spreads, so Orson prepares to fight it off. / Garfield dreams about switching lives with Jon to have an easier life.
  • S1E09 The Binky Show / Keeping Cool / Don't Move: Garfield goes on Binky's game show to get Jon a birthday present. / Orson is worried about his mean brothers coming to visit, so Bo tells him how to handle the situation by staying calm. / Garfield tells Odie not to move from a spot while he goes to a fish shop... only for Odie to be taken by a dogcatcher and end up going around town.
  • S1E10 Magic Mutt / Short Story / Monday Misery: During a trip to a magic shop with Jon, Garfield is menaced by a dog and must avoid him using magical items around the store. / Booker doesn't like being short, until it comes in handy for rescuing his friends from Orson's brothers. / Garfield hates Mondays, and will do anything he can to avoid the next one.
  • S1E11 Best of Breed / National Tapioca Pudding Day / All About Odie: Garfield enters a pet show to show Nermal how easy it would be for him to win. / Roy's prank on Orson ends up being turned into a wholesome celebration of friendship. / In response to fan letters, Garfield gives a college lecture about Odie.
  • S1E12 Caped Avenger / Shy Fly Guy / Green Thumbs Down: Garfield and Odie play pretend as superheroes to find out where Pooky went, while Jon pitches cartoon ideas to a visiting client. / Wade tries to learn how to fly. / When groceries are getting expensive, Jon decides to grow his own in his garden.
  • S1E13 Forget Me Not / I Like Having You Around! / Sales Resistance: Garfield gets amnesia. / Feeling unappreciated by Lanolin, Bo leaves the farm for good. / An annoying salesman keeps pestering Garfield into buying a useless product.

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