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It's a show about a band that's trying to come up with good lyrics. Of course it's going to have tons of good music!

  • In the first episode, we have "Cherry Cherry". Perhaps it's because the song title has a girl's name, but it sounds like something the Beatles might have recorded early in their career.
  • "Zombie Dance" from "Dance of the Dead". Only the second episode, and already we've got two hits in a row!
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  • "Chickenpox Rocks" in "Pox 'n Roll". The beat is so dang good it sounds like it could be from a legit rap song.
  • "Indie Road Rager" has "Trash, Bash, Burn and Crash", complete with a mean guitar solo from Corey.
  • "My Secret is Out" in "Space Jammin'". The fact that it utterly thrashed The Newmans' song makes it all the more awesome.
  • "I Wish Away My Wishes" from "Wish Upon a Jug". That's right, Grojband can make even freakin' jug music sound awesome.
  • "All You Need is Cake" gives us "Please Come Back", a genuinely heartwarming love duet. Man, do Corey and Laney make an amazing (singing) pair!
  • "Tire Tracks" from "Smash Up Terby". It was the first song written for the show, and they knocked it out of the park already!
  • From the episode of the same names comes the very majestic-sounding "Queen Bee". It might not be Grojband's usual kind of music, but they still ace it.
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  • "We're Not the Heroes" in "Super Zeroes" has a really catchy beat with a rocking heroic tone that feels like it could have been in an actual superhero cartoon.
  • In "Knight to Remember", there's "Go Away". As simplistic as the song's title is, the fantastic medieval-sounding music somehow makes Grojband's battle against Lord Smashius all the more epic.
  • "Line of Credit" gives us "Knock It Off", another rap song with some badass beats.
  • "My Heart is in the Sea" from "On the Air and Out to Sea", a catchy little song with a great sea shanty feel. You really feel like you could be singing this song on board a pirate ship or while sailing the ocean!
  • "You're Going to Down" from "Ahead of Our Tone" has a really nice techno beat.
  • "Six Strings of Evil" gives "No I Won't Play". Also contains some Awesome Art, with some amazingly accurate guitar animation when Corey rocks out.
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  • "We are Victorious" from "Rock the House". Any resemblance to a certain Queen song is totally not coincidental and only makes the song all the more awesome.
  • "War and Peaceville" gives us "Peaceville". Man, can Nick Mallory sing or what?!
  • In "Myme Disease", there's "Quiet Noise". Somehow with Corey's initiation, he and the band are able to produce a headbanging song. Some YouTube users have commented that without lyrics and vocals, it sounds like it should be from a video game.
  • The song in "In Err Face", "You've Turned All My Protons", which includes a wicked keyboard/synth solo from Kin.
  • "This Bubble Don't Pop" from "Pop Goes The Bubble", a mega ear-worm of a pop song that feels like it could be in a Coca-Cola or Pepsi commercial.
  • "Girl Fest" sees the debut of Laney's angry solo, "You're So Untrue", not only dissing Candy Jams but doing so in song.
  • "The Bandidate" gives us "Bring Her Down", which combines awesome lyrics about standing up to tyranny with an equally awesome tune.
  • In "The Pirate Lounge for Me", we have "You've Got Nothing". Not only is it a jazzy tune with an old-timey feel, but it's also fantastic to hear Mayor Mellow's singing.
  • "I'm Back" in "Hologroj". Even if it just holograms of Grojband singing it, the results are still rocking as hell.
  • "Kitty Rocks", the song from "The Snuffles with Snarffles", is a really catchy tune.
  • "Bo Away" from "Bee Bop A Loofah" . For a song about taking showers, it's got ridiculously catchy beats and lyrics.
  • From "Soulin' Down the Road", there's "Rusty Eyes". It legitimately sounds like something straight out of the rock 'n roll radio stations of the 1950s.
  • The eponymous song of "That's My Jam". You just want to sing to the chorus.
    That's my jam! That's my jam!
    I know you like it sir, and I know you like it, ma'am
    But that's my jam! That's my jam!
  • "I Must Be Losing My Mind" from "For Hat and Country". For country music, that song has to easily be the biggest ear worms in the entire series, especially the chorus.
    Like a cow without a cowboy
    And a chin that's lost its cleft
    I must be losin' my mind cus that's 'bout all I got left
    He must be losin' his mind cus that's 'bout all he's got left
  • "Love, It's in My Heart" from "It's in the Card". You could seriously put that song in actual Valentine's card!
  • "Saxsquatch" has "One More Memory". Those are some sick saxophone tunes coming from Bigfoot there!
  • "Our Number Ones Always Came First" from "Group Hug". The fact that it's also a tribute to Grojband's fans also means it counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • "Curse of the Metrognome" has what is arguably the best song of the whole show, "Make Today Our Day", an awesome celebration of the New Year and of the band's adventures (complete with a few Squee-inducing moments between Corey and Laney).
  • In "Dueling Buttons", there's "Sick Tricky Lick and a Pick Flick". With heavier guitar playing and better lyrics and vocals, Grojband was able to take a trite melody that Trina came up with and make it sound cooler.
  • The Grand Finale "Hear Us Rock" ensures the show goes out with a bang, and that applies to its final two songs, "If the World is Ending" and "I'm Giving It All".


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