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It's a show about a band that's trying to come up with good lyrics. Of course it's going to have good music!

  • In the pilot we have "Cherry Cherry". Perhaps it's because the song title has a girl's name, but it sounds like something the Beatles might have recorded early in their career.
  • In "Myme Disease" there's "Quiet Noise". Somehow with Corey's initiation, he and the band are able to produce a headbanging song. Some YouTube users have commented that without lyrics and vocals, it sounds like it should be from a video game.
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  • "Girl Fest" sees the debut of Laney's angry solo, "You're So Untrue", not only dissing Candy Jams but doing so in song.
  • In "Dueling Buttons" there's "Sick Tricky Lick and a Pick Flick". With heavier guitar playing and better lyrics and vocals, Grojband was able to take a trite melody that Trina came up with and make it sound cooler.


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