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Nick Mallory is deliberately screwing with Trina
Seriously, he is nice to pretty much everyone but her, and seemingly takes a chance to insult and degrade her whenever he feels it's apropriate ("Nick Mallory doesn't dig abominations", Nick Mallory knows someone who could use a mint... you!"), so it's probable he is simply leading her on to cause her misery. Which, depending on who you ask, it's either karma, or him being a bigger asshole than her.
  • Jossed. He does seem to care for her in some episodes.

In the final episode...
Trina will discover the band has been using her diary, some epic battle against her will occur and she and Corey will reconcile as siblings. The band puts on a huge concert, Corey manages to write lyrics all on his own, and Laney confesses her love to Corey and they become an official couple.
  • When she finds out, Trina will go into her Ultimate Diary Mode, a mashup of her Anger, Fear and Sadness sequences. Then she'll suddenly stop, the music will go silent, and with a face that betrays no emotion at all, she will hold her diary over a nearby fire. She will land on the floor on her feet, and everyone will stare in silence as the diary smolders on the floor. Mayor Mellow will extinguish it and awkwardly back away.
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  • Corey's Diary Mode sequence will be in live-action, because he'll finally be acting like a human being.

Trina wants to destroy Grojband because...
She had her own band which broke up and left her with no friends other than Mina. She knows how much Corey's friends mean to him and is afraid he will make the same mistakes she did.

Trina will sing once
She'll go beyond diary and end up singing her feelings.

Trina will get a heart attack some day.
Corey will push her too far, resulting in her ending up in the hospital. That will lead to Corey hiring an actual lyricist for his sister's health.
  • Or he'll actually sing with his heart.

Corey and Trina are the spawns of Satan.
If Trina can warp reality when she gets emotional, who knows if Corey has the same ability!
  • It also explains why we never see their parents on-screen.

There will be a Romeo and Juliet like situation...
Either Kin and Kim or Kon and Konnie will fall for each other and theyre respective bands will be against it.

Corey and Trina is related to Courtney.
Courtney and Trina both have the obsession to be the best.

The reason Corey treats Laney like One of the Guys...
Is because he's subconsciously denying his own feelings for her because he's worried that things would get awkward between them.

"All You Need is Cake" was intended as a partial Shout-Out
Call me crazy, but this is the second time this troper has seen the desire for a giant cake get in the way of the relationship between an Only Sane Woman who's clearly crazy for a boy that's Oblivious to Love on Cartoon Network....MAN, I miss them.

This interesting piece of information gives us an idea for Corey and Trina's pasts.
Corey and Trina originally came from different families. Corey's biological parents loved him very much, but Trina was constantly abused by her biological parents. She ended up in an orphanage because of that abuse. Corey, however, witnessed his parents die when he was very young, traumatizing him. Without any other relatives, he was sent to that same orphanage. Eventually, they were adopted by an unmarried man. But the two still remember their parents. They were both the children of musicians. Corey was drawn to music because of his loving parents, but Trina grew to hate rock music because they reminded her of her abusive parents.

Laney is Violet Parr's cousin.
Remember when it appeared she was literally on fire? That wasn't a cartoon gag. It was her power as a Super.

The Riffins and Beffs are half-siblings
This could explain why Corey and Carrie look so alike.

The talking plant from "One Plant Band" is actually Audrey II 2.0.
He became Genre Savvy and decided that making humans inhale toxic plant chemicals before eating them was easier.

Corey is from rocklympus
He secretly has the power of the gods of rocklympus which explains some of his abilities (like in the ping pong game)

One of Laney's ancestors was a Disney Princess.
She's beautiful, gentle towards all animals, and has a pleasant singing voice.
  • Plus she happened to win a royalty-themed beauty pageant.

Grojband is set in the same universe as Scott Pilgrim.
Let's see... The series was made in Canada, the art style has some similarities. Other similarities: The Power of Rock. People having weird superpowers, or things resembling superpowers (with Trina altering the environment around her when she goes diary). The overall craziness of the whole show. Sounds showing up in written form on-screen. Heck, being self-aware was also something from Scott Pilgrim. The reason the video game elements from Scott Pilgrim haven't shown up yet is that Grojband is too young for them to manifest, while Trina is probably somewhere near the age when it really starts. Eh, this is WMG, so why not. Plus, Trina has the profile to be a future evil ex.

Trina secretly has Multiple Personality Disorder, but Katrina was the original personality.
Corey said no one has called his sister "Katrina" in years, while Katrina herself said Trina locked her up. Maybe Katrina (and the other personalities) originally locked up Trina because she was too dangerous. But one day, something happened that made Trina strong enough to overpower the other personalities and take Katrina's place as the dominant personality.
  • One of the other personalities could be Trigonometrina, whom Katrina used for complex math equations. But with Trigonometrina locked up like the other personalities, Trina pretended to be her during the events of "Math of Kon".

Laney is secretly a fairy tale princess.

Corey and Laney are Rory and Amy.
After the events of "The Angels Take Manhattan", in which Rory and Amy died after getting sent to the past, they were reincarnated into 21st century kids.
  • If you pay close attention, you can see bits of Rory and Amy in Corey and Laney's personalities. This will also explain why they are very close. They're subconsciously recognizing each other, hence Laney's attraction towards Corey. And all the Whovians and Rory×Amy shippers rejoice...

Nick is related to Elsa.
How else could he incase Trina in a block of ice?
  • Pure awesomeness

Trina is the recruitment target of at least four Lantern Corps and they're all deadlocked.
At least the Red (rage), Sinestro/Yellow (fear), Indigo (compassion and thus sadness) and Violet/Star Sapphires (love) Corps/Tribe all want to recruit her, but the rings always just end up fighting each other, like how Mr. Burns' Three Stooges Syndrome on The Simpsons keeps his myriad diseases and conditions from affecting him. Actually...

If the series continues, one of Trina's Diary Modes will be fueled by greed/desire.
The power-up music will have swing rhythm and jazz bass.

Another Diary Mode will be fueled by sheer boredom.
The power-up music will be elevator music.
  • She'd lack the motivation to write anything substantial, leaving her stuck in Boredom Mode, and the elevator music would tick off Corey so much that HE'D enter Diary Mode and, for the first time in his life, actually write his own decent lyrics!

Trina's biological father is Beetlejuice.
It makes sense—she has a nasty attitude, she possesses the power to warp reality when she blows her cork, and she's voiced by Alyson Court (Lydia Deetz). Trina is the secret love child of the ghost with the most and that nice but socially-awkward teenage girl from Peaceful Pines. Some poor schlub unwittingly adopted this demon daughter, whose hormonal and borderline murderous antics terrorizes another quiet whitebread subburb.

Trina and Corey's actual father is 2-D.
2-D fathered tons of children around the world during Phase 2. Of course some would be put in orphanages. I think that as part of Murdoc's Deal with the Devil, he needed to offer some children to become demon spawn and spread chaos, and he suckered 2-D into doing it for him, thus explaining how Trina is able to affect her environment so drastically when she goes diary. Because she's a demon or at least part demon. And Corey just loves music, which runs in the family.

Corey believes Trina is responsible for everything bad in his life.
His response? Make sure her own life is a living nightmare!

Corey has his own version of Trina's Diary Mode.
The only reason we haven't seen it yet is because he's less prone to emotional freak-outs than his sister. It's also the only way he can write lyrics by himself.

Trina is a Diclonius
Pink hair? Check. Bad temper and violent tendencies? Check. She must hide her horns with her headband (and her ponytails as a kid).

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