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Tear Jerker / GrojBand

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  • Seeing Kin, Kon and the usually optimistic Corey cry in "All You Need is Cake".
    • In the same episode seeing Trina write in her diary in "Sad Mode".
  • Seeing Laney cry (pictured) after Corey yells at her for being right all the time in "One Plant Band".
  • Trina may be selfish and uncaring but she was once a nice girl and its clear she has emotional issues. The fact that the band will pretty much always mess with her can be sad.
  • Seeing Trina's soul cry in "Soulin' Down the Road".
  • Seeing Trina literally shatter after Nick Mallory rejects her in "Hear Us Rock!". Sure it might have been funny to some people but throughout the series Trina has been OBSESSED with Nick Mallory and the way he rejected very rude. Imagine how heartbreaking it was for her to hear that. No wonder she ends up going through Flanderization to the point where only she and Nick can be the only two humans left in existence. Hopefully Mina calling her out on it all in their final scene brings her back to her senses.


  • The show has a dedicated fan base who believe the show is creative and has a lot of potential. Sadly with the way the networks are treating the show, the show may never fade out of obscurity and get a 2nd season.


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