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  • Corey giving Laney a "bear hug" in "Zoohouse Rock".
  • Nick paying tribute to his dead dog in "Dance of the Dead"
  • Trina treating Mina nicely as her alter ego Trigonometrina in "Math of Kon".
  • In "All you Need is Cake" instead of finally telling Corey how she feels, Laney focuses on getting the band back together when she sees how upset Corey is. Proves how sensitive she is.
  • Word of God confirming that Mina doesn't stick with Trina out of fear: she really does like her as a friend. With that in mind, any of the small moments where Trina actually pays Mina back in kind qualify, such as the end of "Queen Bee".
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  • Laney encouraging Corey in "Space Jammin'".
  • According to Word of God, Laney is the one who started the band and mainly because her crush on Corey. While we don't really get to hear alot of backstory, this is really sweet considering 2 things: She is just as much as a music junkie as the rest of the band and happily enjoys being in a band with the boys as shown in the episodes. It's clear its not just about her crush anymore but she legitimately loves her friends and playing music; also the fact she would do this just for Corey.
  • Corey and Laney pretending to date in "All You Need is Cake" is simply adorable.
  • When the band sees El Chewpoocaca for the first time. Laney grabs on to Corey's arm for safety.
  • When the band is inside Trina's head, they meet her nice self Katrina who actually adores Corey and treats him like a brother for once.
    • Similarly, Corey feels guilty about putting Trina in her nightmare-induced coma to begin with, and is visibly even more so after meeting Katrina. It's the first real Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment in the series.
  • Every single time Corey makes Trina incredibly happy. You can see the look of joy on her face as she happily goes diary.
    • It's even better when she goes into diary mode with a huge smile.
  • "Nick Mallory's throwing an animal freedom protests party, and there's room for one more." *gives Trina, who's dressed as a Unicorn, an apple* "Here you go, little fella."
    • The best part? It's one of the few times Nick does something nice to Trina without Corey influencing it. Had Mayor Mellow not capture her, because he thought she was the unicorn the Zoo so desperately needed, she would have gone into Diary Mode in happiness.
    • Done again in "Who Are You" Trina tries hard to fit in with the Hipster crowd Nick Mallory tells her the hipsters may not like her for who she is but he does. Cue her happily going diary.
    "Trina Riffin, if these hipsters don't like you for who you are, just know that Nick Mallory does."
  • Seeing Cyborg!Trina getting very happy that Nick's brain is one with hers, and the fact that her brian "has never sparkled SO HARD!!!"
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  • Trina kissing Mr. Mooseface on the nose in "In-D Road Rager", and later going to extreme lengths to get him back and out of danger.
  • Trina kissing Nick Mallory in "Pox N Roll"(Even though she didn't end up kissing him on the lips, she still believes she did.)
    Mina: Trina, Nick is all over your skin!
    Trina: SWOON!
  • Any time Laney is looking lovestruck for Corey. Her crush on him is just so dang cute.
  • Laney telling Corey to fight the helmet as it tries to take control of him in "Helmet".
  • Corey and Laney kissing each other in "Curse of the Metrognome", even if it was by accident.
    • Their expressions afterwards count as well. Laney is super happy, and Corey is in a lovestruck daze.
    Corey: Wow... I mean, WHOA! Uh... S-Sorry Laney.
    Laney: No, I was just... (fiddles with a lock of her hair) Y-Yeah... (giggles) Cotton candy...
    • And during the song, Corey looks at Laney and she gives him a small smile, then she blushes when they sing together.
    • It's implied that Corey eventually hooked up with Laney as of "Here Us, Rock!" when, towards the end, he pulls her in for a hug, caresses her face, and boops her nose.
  • "Kon-Fusion" reveals Carrie and Mina have a close sisterly bond.
  • Seeing Grojband and the Newmans who are bitter rivals happily play a song together in "Kon-Fusion"
    • Also getting to see them bond when stuck together.
    • Especally cute with Laney and Lenny who talk about their feelings for Corey and Carrie.
    • Kon and Konnie laughed and had ice cream together. Kon said being stuck to someone was fun later in the episode. It's very sweet to see those two being such good friends despite their bands rivalries.
  • "War and Peaceville" After the entire town of Peaceville gets seperated due to a misunderstanding of the town's history, Grojband (with the help of Nick Mallory) get the town to stop fighting
    • Nick Mallory in general. He may be a little conceited but he doesn't let his popularity get to him and he averts the Jerk Jock trope by being one of the nicest people on the show.
  • Caring!Corey in "Who Are You" who is so concerned with the bands safety that he puts them in a package and MAILS them to their gig. It's pretty adorable
  • Meta example: Fans from all over the world have united to help collect episodes and information. Grojband managed to unite different countries for a common cause.
  • Mayor Mellow sacraficing his gold chains to help the town of peaceville in "The Pirate Lounge For Me"
  • Jammy(or Jammie?) choosing Grojband over Trina in "That's My jam"
    • Corey and Nick Mallory sharing a heartwarming hug in the same episode.
    • Trina being nice to the jam, even if it was just cause she wanted to win, its one of the few times Trina is genuinely nice.
  • Laney's message to the band in "It's in the Card"
    Laney: Hey, guys. Just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be a member of the best band in Peaceville, and soon to be the world. I know sometimes I'm all grumble-grumble and a bit of a mother hen, but it's only because I care about you boneheads. There, I said it! Now shut this card, and let's get some rock on! Grojband forever!
    • Nick Mallory hugging Trina which is one of the few times he is honestly nice to her and not just oblivious.
    • The groupies kissing Corey.
    • The fact that Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon are a wreck without each other and the band.
      • The song "Your Card" is made of heartwarming.
  • During the song in "For Hat and Country" Corey talks about his "Gal" with an outline of Laneys head popping up.
  • Despite admitting to the groupies that he pretty much steals lyrics from Trina's diary, the groupies still love and respect Corey and the band and even kidnaps Trina so he can diary up lyrics.
    • Afterwords they play a ballad in the groupies honor. The groupies even faint from joy.
      • The same ballad can also be interpreted as a dedication to the show's loyal fans.
    • The side-plot which includes Trina ridding Mina of being her lackey. Trina eventually realises that its not the same without her.
    • Also shows how devoted Mina is to Trina. It's creepy but also cute
  • Seeing Trina happily have a boyfriend for once in "Saxsquatch"(albeit briefly)
    • The Groupies supporting Grojband by joining them going up the mountain and carrying their supplies.
    • Even when there on the verge of freezing to death, they stay up there and decide not to burn the supplies for warmth.
  • The fact that whenever Corey is panicking, too excited or angry, all it takes is a touch from Laney to calm him down.
  • The band successfully take out the meteor before it hits Peaceville in "Here Us Rock" and survive. The band is grateful for their lives and Corey's monologue at the end is full of Corney Ship Tease.
    • Grojband were willing to save the world and die trying.
    • One of the orbs helps Grojband by bringing them their instuments after being sabatoged by Trina and also helps Mina finally stand up to Trina. Kind of subverted when he then reveals he did both just to get back at the lead orb and doesn't actually believe Grojband can stop the meteor even with their instruments, but hey, it was still helpful.
    • Despite the betrayal, Mina is still sticking with Trina in the end. She's just now FINALLY demanding to be treated as a proper friend and not as a "lackey".
    • The end of the episode in which all members of the band say "Thanks for coming out everybody!" Considering the series didn't get another season and it ended up being the finale, it feels almost like the show is Thanking the Viewer.
    • Laney almost confessing to Corey. Later she tells him that playing with him has been a great pleasure and Corey smiles and says "The pleasure was mine Lanes."
      • Corey finally being affectionate to Laney in the end. His speech is implying that he likes her and is telling her in his own Corey way.
    Corey: Saving the world's one thing, Lanes. But there's other one things that are everything. A one thing so special you'd die to save it and be lost without it. And losing the one thing that's everything could leave you with nothing. A nothing so empty and cold you can't even feel the wicked heat that's right beside you.
  • In the episode "In Err Face", Corey seems to genuinely want to save Trina from exploding.


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