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  • Corey occasionally has moments with Nick Mallory that seem quite affectionate (for starters, while he is touchy-feely with the other Grojband members, he doesn't freaking support himself on their necks while offering a semi-suggestive facial expression). In episode 8, he sees fit to write a song about a man's ass.
  • In "On the Air and Out to Sea", Nick was scared of pirates forcing him off the plank, but didn't have a problem with Corey pushing him off the plank a few minutes later.
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  • Corey hugging Nick Mallory.
  • Mina does seem pretty obsessed with Trina, to say the least. However, Trina's always fawning over Nick Mallory , so it may be unrequited. Of course, it's not known whether Mina's just obsessive, scared into submission, or has emotional feelings for Trina.
  • Trina's stated reason for fearing Mina and Nick Mallory getting together is because she'll end up all alone.
  • In "Math of Kon", Trina (as Trigonometrina) and Mina two spend the day together on what looks a lot like a date, including drinks, a movie and staring at the sky while laying on the grass. During the episode, Trina is completely nice to Mina.
  • In "All You Need is Cake", Mina joins Trina on the tunnel of love ride.
  • In "Dreamreaver", in Trina's dreams Mina is seen as a puppy who is sleeping atop of Trina's sleeping form. In that same episode, she also commits theft and vandalism to make Trina happy, without Trina ever knowing it was her who did it and not her dream power.
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  • In "Smash Up Turby", Trina commands Mina to give her a compliment, and after Mina compliments her hair, Trina reacts by giving Mina a look akin to bedroom eyes, with a couple of hearts appearing in front of her face.
  • In "Ahead of Our Own Tone", Mina really wanted to be assimilated into the sparklebrain ruled by Trina.
  • In "Pop Goes the Bubble", Mina says her dream flavor of soda would be "BFF cola" and she imagines a bottle with a picture of her and Trina hugging inside a heart shape on the label.


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