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The episode guide for the 2013 Canadian animated series Grojband. It follows the adventures of the eponymous garage band made up of 13-year-old Corey Riffin and his friends, tomboy Laney Penn and twin brothers Kin and Kon Kujira, as they try to create songs by getting Corey's bad-tempered teenage sister Trina riled up enough to write entries in her diary that will serve as inspiration for their music's lyrics.



  1. "Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls" / "Dance of the Dead": Grojband wants to impress movie star Cherry Grapestain so she will use their music in her upcoming movie trailer. / Grojband gets a haunted amp that causes zombies to erupt from their graves and attack the school's Halloween dance.
  2. "Pox 'N Roll" / "No Strings Attached": Corey gets the chicken pox, so he decides to throw the best pox party ever, but Trina has Mayor Mellow quarantine him. / When Trina destroys Corey's favourite animatronic band The Bubble Bunch, Grojband must serve as replacements.
  3. "Indie Road Rager" / "Math of Kon": In order to get ideas on indie music, Corey enters the band into an Indy Racing competition. / Corey books Grojband to play at the Try-math-alon so they can tap into the nerd crowd, but they'll only be allowed to play if Kon can win the contest.
  4. "Space Jammin'" / "Wish Upon a Jug": When trying to get into a music festival, Grojband encounter orb-like aliens who wish to challenge them to a battle of the bands. / Grojband is preparing to perform at a hoedown when Trina finds a genie in a jug she uses to wish away the band's musical talent.
  5. "All You Need is Cake" / "Helmet": Corey and Laney must pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend in order to perform at a wedding and get a bite of the wedding cake. / Kin makes a robot helmet to "autotune" Corey's voice cracks, but Trina sabotages the helmet into a perfection-obsessed robot.
  6. "Monster of Rock" / "One Plant Band": Corey decides to take the band underground by literally taking them underground, only to encounter a sewer monster. / Grojband takes up the vegan lifestyle to play at the opening of a new vegan restaurant, but their music causes Trina's plant to become self-aware.
  7. "Creepaway Camp" / "Zoohouse Rock": Grojband is competing at a scary campfire song contest at a summer camp, so they seek aid from horror maestro Blade Stabbington. / Corey dresses the band up in bear costumes as part of a new costume gimmick, but Trina tricks Mayor Mellow into putting them in the zoo.
  8. "Smash Up Terby" / "Queen Bee": Grojband has been booked to play at a demolition derby, but in order to get lyrics, they'll need to enter Trina in the tournamentnote . / Trina enters the Peaceville Queen Bee Pageant, so Grojband must make sure she wins to get happy lyrics from her.
  9. "Dreamreaver": In this full half-hour episode, Grojband's first ever music video causes Trina to fall unconscious with shock from its bizarreness. So, the band must enter her subconscious in order to awaken her and get lyrics for the video, but they encounter evil versions of themselves rampaging about in her mind.
  10. "Super Zeroes" / "A Knight to Remember": Grojband puts on a superhero gimmick in order to perform at children's birthday parties, but Trina is determined to expose them as frauds. / Grojband gets a gig as royal minstrels for a LARP game, where Mina is playing as queen and bossing around Trina.
  11. "Line of Credit" / "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow": In order to do straight, Grojband decides to do thug first, so they check into a juvenile detention centre to learn how to go bad. / Grojband performs at a dog show using a hair metal gimmick, but an accident with hair tonic causes Kon to believe he is a dog.
  12. "On the Air and Out to Sea" / "Ahead Of Our Own Tone": Grojband sets up a pirate radio station, only to attract the attention of real gang of buccaneers. / To make music that's "ahead of its time", Grojband uses a time machine to go one year into the future, only to discover an evil cyborg Trina now rules Peaceville.
  13. "Love in a Nethervator" / "Six Strings of Evil": Grojband heads for the Underworld in order to put an end to the lowest form of music - elevator music. / Corey gets a new guitar after Trina destroys his old one, but this new instrument is actually an evil artifact that seeks to destroy Peaceville.
  14. "Rockersize" / "Grin Reaper": In order to get a gig performing at a gym, Grojband performs workout music for some old ladies, only to create a bunch of super-grannies with it. / The Happiest Man in the World visits Peaceville and puts bracelets on everyone that makes them disturbingly cheerful.
  15. "Rock the House" / "War and Peaceville": Grojband enters the school's Battle of the Bands Extreme Curling Competition against their rivals, The Newmans. / Peaceville's centennial falls apart into a feud that divides the town when Corey discovers the story of the hug that founded the town is a sham.
  16. "Myme Disease" / "Kon-Fusion": When the town removes a statue, Grojband must compete with a group of mimes for the new busking space that's opened up. / A new fusion restaurant opens in town, inspiring Grojband to give fusion music a try by fusing themselves with The Newmans.
  17. "Inn Err Face" / "Who Are You": When Trina accidentally shrinks and swallows Kon using Kin's science fair project, Grojband has to get their drummer out of Trina's body before he returns to his normal size. / Grojband gets a gig at a hipster cafe but needs to find a way to appeal to a crowd that cares about nothing.
  18. "Pop Goes the Bubble" / "Girl Fest": Grojband puts on a pop song gimmick to perform at the Annual Soda-Fest, but Trina's sabotage causes a disaster that makes Mayor Mellow ban all bubbles. / Grojband gets the opening performance at a concert by tough girl-rocker Candy Jam, but Laney discovers her to be a fraud.
  19. "The Bandidate" / "The Pirate Lounge for Me": When Trina is made mayor by a town bylaw and bans Grojband, Corey decides to make Grojband political by protesting against her. / Corey turns the band's garage into a jazz lounge, but Trina is mad that they won't let her in to get her car.
  20. "Hologroj" / "The Snuffles with Snarffles": Corey spreads a rumour that he and his bandmates have died in order to use holograms of the band as part of a popularity stunt. / Grojband raises charity money for a cute, sickly puppy named Snarffles while Trina adopts a mean, old cat named Wheelie.
  21. "Bee Bop A Loofah" / "A-Capella-Lips Now": When Trina empties the town reservoir, leaving everyone unable to take a shower, it's up to Grojband to clean out the town's stench. / A torrential downpour floods Peaceville and knocks out the power, meaning Grojband now has to do their next concert unplugged.
  22. "Soulin' Down the Road" / "That's My Jam": Grojband's attempt to master soul music by amplifying their souls instead traps Trina's soul inside of her car. / Corey's music creates a sapient blob of jam that he and Trina fight over as their entry in the town's jam-making competition.
  23. "For Hat and Country" / "It's In The Card": To acquire a cowboy hat that will only be given to the most "country" of country musicians, Corey declares his house its own nation. / Grojband's Valentine's e-card love song is sabotaged by Trina, which gets them in trouble when the cards cause everyone in town to break up.
  24. "Saxsquatch" / "Group Hug": Grojband encounters a saxophone-playing Sasquatch on a trek up Howling Heights Mountain, but Trina falls in love with it. / Grojband's groupies Kate and Allie kidnap Corey to force him to write a song dedicated to them, which he can't do without Trina's diary.
  25. "Curse of the Metrognome" / "Dueling Buttons": In order to ruin Grojband's New Year's Eve performance, Trina awakens the Metrognome, a mystical being who steals the timing of music bands. / Corey falls into a serious rut when he loses to Trina in the Guitar Hero-like game Solo Shredder.
  26. "Hear Us Rock": In the half-hour Grand Finale, Kin and Kon tell Corey and Laney that the world will come to an end today. As it turns out, a meteor is coming to Peaceville, sent by the aliens from "Space Jammin'" as revenge (with Trina helping them so she will be spared). Now, it's up to Grojband to use their rock 'n roll to save the world.

Online Shorts

These super-quick shorts were featured on the show's official website until it was shut down. None of them are titled, so we're organizing them by theme.
  • Wicked Cool Transitionsnote 
    • When Corey loses his guitar pick down the drain, Grojband discovers they have no Wicked Cool Transition to get them to the music store for a new pick.note 
    • Laney reminds fans to submit their own Wicked Cool Transitions.
    • Corey reminds fans to submit their own Wicked Cool Transitions.
    • Kin reminds fans to make their own Wicked Cool Transitions.
    • Kon reminds fans to play the site's games.note 
    • Grojband finally gets to the music store.
  • Grojfans
    • Corey hides behind a door to escape Kate and Allie.
    • Corey finds Kate and Allie inside his school locker.
  • Magic
    • Kin and Kon try to make a caged lion disappear.
    • Kin pulls Kon's shirt from out of a hat.
    • Kon demonstrates a trick with Kin's nose.
  • Pets
    • Kon asks Corey if he can keep a zombie as a pet.
    • Kon asks Corey if he can keep a dinosaur as a pet.
    • Kon asks Corey if he can keep a monster as a pet.
  • Zombies
    • Kon spots a zombie chasing after someone and uses his belching talents to save them.
    • Grojband plays a song that makes zombies dance.
  • Pick Flicks
    • Corey flicks his guitar pick, which ricochets about and ruins Mayor Mellow's attempt at a romantic gesture.
    • Corey flicks his guitar pick, which ricochets about and ruins Mayor Mellow's chance to win a dog show.
    • Corey flicks his guitar pick, which ricochets about and helps Mayor Mellow open a stubborn water bottle.
  • Instruments
    • Corey tries to play his guitar with his tongue.
    • Corey strums his guitar and it makes the sounds of a duck.
    • Corey strums his guitar and it makes the sound of bagpipes.
    • Laney plucks her bass' strings, but the sound causes the screen to shatter.
    • Kin changes his hair to look like Beethoven and plays "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on his keyboard.
    • Kon plays the drums while Kin does a strange dance.
  • Nick Mallory
    • Trina hangs her newest picture of Nick Mallory on her bedroom wall.
    • Nick Mallory shows off his muscles, hair, and jacket.
    • Nick Mallory stands atop a mountain, with his hair blowing in the wind.
    • Nick Mallory's pencil breaks, and he finds many girls eager to give him a replacement.
    • Trina uses binoculars to spy on Nick Mallory and is spotted by him.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Mina waters a giant carnivorous plant.
    • Kin brings some drumsticks for Kon.
    • Kon shows off his balloon-making skills.
    • Grojband dresses up as snack items for their latest publicity stunt.
    • Kon propels himself through space with his own farts.
    • Laney does backstroke while crowdsurfing.
    • Corey and Laney take crowdsurfing literally.
    • Corey finds himself alone in a dark forest with lots of glowing red eyes behind him.
    • Kon finds himself in a monster's cooking pot.
    • While Corey plays video games, Kin and Kon enact Donkey Kong.
    • Grojband roasts sausages over a campfire.
    • Kon rides through Peaceville in a cowboy outfit on a unicorn's back.
    • Corey finds a pair of 3-D glasses that changes the appearances of people seen through them.
    • Grojband has a tea party with a bear.
    • Laney watches Corey lovingly and tries to hide it when he notices her.
    • Kon eats all the free cupcake samples at the grocery store.
    • Kin finds that everything he works on blows up in his face.
    • Corey finds a monkey living in his guitar case.
    • Laney performs her morning dress-up routine.
    • Corey and Laney are shocked to find a monster eating at their breakfast table.
    • Grojband watches TV and finds something very weird.


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