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  • Pretty much every time Trina blows her stack, lightning and pillars of fire all around.
  • Grojband defeating the Evil Auto-Tone Helmet. With yodeling.
  • The band scaring Trina with their destroyed puppets.
  • The entire fact that each episodes song explores a different genre of music.
    • Every single song in the show qualifies. This series is loaded with Awesome Music.
  • Corey's guitar solo in "In D-Road Rager"
  • Trina and Kon's math battle.
  • In "Creep Away Camp", Grojband's song and Blade Stabbington completely terrifies the Newmans.
    • Before this, Trina beating up on Stabbington when he attempts to scare her. Even a master of terror ends up fearing Trina!
  • Trina commanding bees. "I - AM - YOUR - QUEEEEEEEN!"
    • Laney standing up to the band after Trina dissed them. "Sorry Core, she dissed the band! Nobody disses the band..."
    • A ticked-off Laney manages to go full-on samurai and cleanly destroy her target. Trina tries the same thing only to hit everything except her target.
  • Grojband Vs. Mrojband in "Dreamreaver".
    • Grojband Vs. Lord Smashius in "Knight To Remember".
    • Shout-Out: Laney uses a disc from TRON.
  • "I Wish Away My Wishes" from "Wish Upon a Jug" Grojband proves even Jug music can be cool!
  • In "Ahead Of Our Tone", Trina becomes an evil cyborg overlord of the future and manages to ban all music. Her design in the episode is also cool.
    • "You're going down down...You're going down down"
  • Corey's song to defeat the evil guitar in "Six Strings of Evil", complete with accurate guitar animation.
  • Laney's solo song in the episode "Girl Fest". First off its the first time where Corey isnt the one singing. Second, its a quite brutal Take That! to singer Candy Jams who is using her music and image to get her fans to buy make-up. The fact that she once looked up to her just fuels this.
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  • Grojband Vs. The Newmans in "Rock the House" in a rock curling match... with oversized curling stones!
  • Apparently Nick Mallory is so cool he manages TO FREEZE TRINA ALIVE.
    • Heck, Nick Mallory in general is a living moment of awesome.
  • For many fans of the show, hearing the remaining Newmans speak in "Rock The House" and "Kon-Fusion".
  • Grojband defeating the mimes in "Myme Disease"
  • The synchronized dancing in "Pop Goes The Bubble"!
  • Nick Mallory singing the song of the day in "War and Peaceville" This marks the first time somebody beside the band performing a song. Also what makes this more interesting is that Nick Mallory's voice actor,is an actual singer like Corey's and was the original voice actor for Corey.
  • The song in "In Err Face", which includes a keyboard/synth solo.
  • Laney And Corey kissing in "Metrognome". Cue Corney fans freaking out.
    • Even better "Here Us Rock!" Hints that they might become an Official Couple.
  • A meta example: Thanks to a fan from Latin America switching the languages on there TV, the remaining episodes that haven't been aired are being uploaded to Youtube in English!
    • For the United States fans: The mere fact that the show hasn't been on the air for nearly a YEAR and only lasted Two months with not much promotion, yet still has a sizeable and dedicated fanbase waiting for its return is pretty amazing.
      • As well as being able to unite with other countries to help collect episodes and information. Grojfans are truly a united fan base.
  • "The Bandidate" has the town standing up to Trina's corruption as the new mayor along with a protest song.
    • Mayor Mellow gets one when he BREAKS HIS FOOT kicking down the head of a statue of Trina.
  • Mayor Mellow singing along with Grojband in "The Pirate Louge For me"
  • Laney's graceful dancing in "That's My Jam".
  • The Grojland flag.
  • The song in "Curse of the Metrognome", which features pics of the band from previous episodes.
    • All the "Corney" ship teases in the song. Makes sense since they kissed before the song.
  • In "Dueling Buttons", after losing to Trina in a guitar video game, Corey becomes obsessed with the game trying to get better so he can beat Trina, Laney responds to this by karate kicking the game out of his hands.
  • After being Trina's Butt-Monkey and being abused by her throughout the series, Mina finally stands up to Trina and its clear shes had enough: making it plain that since she is Trina's only friend, Trina owes her respect!
    • Hell, "Here Us Rock" in general is one epic series finale, in which Grojband saves Peaceville and even go to space. The whole episode runs on The Power of Rock.


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