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  • Some of the transitions are worth a chuckle.
    • One of the personal favorites is this from "Helmet":
  • Most people find the Evil Black Music and Cheese Boutique store clerk to be funny.
  • Grojband desperately trying hard to look "tough" and badass in "Line of Credit" when in reality that's not really their thing. Extra points for Corey's attempted badass speach.
    • The song in the episode might count as this to some people. Its pretty much a parody of Nu Metal...directed at delinquent preschoolers.
  • In "Space Jammin'", instead of using her entries as inspiration for lyrics, the orbs literally just sing word for word one of Trina's diary entrees.
    • This ends up revealing Trina's feelings for Nick Mallory and humiliating Trina in the process. An embarrassed Trina tries laughing this off but ends up being pissed off beyond belief.
      • In the same episode, Corey coming into the garage on a giant mower and screaming.
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  • In "Queen Bee", while Laney and Trina are trying to break a bee hive while blindfolded for a contest, Trina insults the band and a ticked off Laney literally goes ninja and easily slices her target. Trina tries to one-up her only to find out she hit everything EXCEPT her target. She even breaks Mayor Mellow's ribs in the process.
    Mayor Mellow: (As he's disqualifying Trina) "...a Queen Bee you will NOT be!"
  • In "Math of Kon", when Kin looks into Kon's brain through his eyes to find out why he's bad at math, he sees that the inside of his brain is filled with anthropomorphic numbers running around on fire.
    • Trina and Kon's DBZ-styled fight in the same episode.
  • Corey trying to play charades with electric oven mitts in "Pox N' Roll".
    Offscreen Party Guest: "One word. Two words. Three? Four? Five? Six!?"
    • Laney getting shocked after giving herself a facepalm with said oven mitt.
  • In "All You Need is Cake" when the kids are eating the giant cake, the subtitles translate all of their speech to "Om nom nom".
    • Also this:
    • Trina acting so melodramatic over a sweater to the point where she cries and goes diary because of it.
  • This quote in "In-D Road Rager"
    Corey: (Looking at Kon's back) "Yep, those are back nipples."
  • The song "I'm Running from the Puppets". Especially the part where Kon screams "STRAIGHT INTO HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-CK"
    • In "No Strings Attached", the band get puppets of themselves, but Laney's is a man puppet with a mustache and 5 o'clock shadow. Everyone treats it as totally normal.
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  • Trina going into diary mode with a pig face in "Wish Upon a Jug".
    • Also, the wishing battle that proceeded it.
  • The whole thing about El Chewpoocaca and the toilet, and kids saying grrglft as he kidnaps them in the episode "Monster of Rock".
    • The one kid who was looking happily at a photo of a toilet: "Aw yeah, now that's what I'm talking about."
  • The cheese montage.
  • In "One-Plant Band", Corey advises the band to go Kon takes off all his clothes and runs out of the garage.
  • Kin stealing everyone's catchphrases in "Zoohouse Rock".
    "Stolen line Transition!"
    • The icing on the cake is at the end where he shoved Corey aside so that he could steal his line.
    Kin: "Thanks for coming out everyone!" (closes garage door) "And Kin gets the hat trick!"
  • During the band's performance of the song "Welcome to My Nightmare" (No, not the one by Alice Cooper) in the episode "Creep-Away Camp", The Newmans' facial expressions turn into :-O.
  • Kin and Kon's "booty scene" in "Dreamreaver, Pt. 1".
  • Nick Mallory's little brother... Mick Mallory. Who talks just like his brother.
  • Kin goes back in time and brings back a lemon tree, only to discover he caused lemonade to never be invented. He shouts a Big "NO!" in response to this.
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  • Nick Mallory forgives Corey for anything Corey does to him.
    Corey: "Sorry, Nick!"
    (Corey pushes Nick off the plank.)
    Nick: "Nick assumes Corey has his reasons."
  • Laney's thought bubble after Corey told her that she never needs to wear a dress again in "Queen Bee".
  • Nick Mallory believes that zoos are literally animal prisons, as in, the animals are felons.
  • Kon's logic in "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow":
    Kon: (after staring at his hands): "Dogs don't have fingers, I must be a drummer!"
  • Kon's original idea of a drive-in movie theater in "Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls":
    Kin: Oooh, cool! 3-D!
  • Mina's reaction after going into "Diary Mode" in "Knights to Remember":
  • Almost all of the Videos on the Website.
  • Grojband getting fused with their gender doppelganger opposites, The Newmans, in "Kon-Fusion".
    • In the same episode, Trina tries to fuse with Nick Mallory so she will never be seperated with him. She finally manages to fuse with him...only to find out his head has become A LOAF OF BREAD from accidentally fusing with it.
  • Trina causes the entire town of Peaceville to riot and separate after tampering with a time capsule all so she can give Nick Mallory a hug only to find that Nick gave up his cool persona to be as lame as possible for tradition (It Makes Sense in Context). Needless to say Trina doesn't want anything to do with him at this point...until she is told that liking such a nerd would be more romantic because it was "forbidden love".
    • Laney's Trina impersonation in the same episode.
    (speaks in a high-pitched voice) Like, ultra-forbidden and junk or whatever. (scoffs as she does a Hair Flip)
  • All of Lenny's scenes in "Rock the House", especially when he competes against his gender opposite, Laney.
    (as Carrie slowly pushes him towards the slope) "Aahhhhh! Too fast! Toooo faaaaaaast!"
    • "I'm a boy!" "Close it, Lenny!" "Sigh..."
      • Laney saying that she will end Lenny with a demonic voice.
  • All of "Who Are You", which is one huge Take That! to hipster culture.
    • "He doesnt know any songs or care about music? This is the greatest band of all time."
    • It's even funnier if you're a Whovian when you realize the glasses Hipster!Corey wears resembles the Rory Cam from "The Girl Who Waited".
  • After Corey and Laney accidentally kiss in "Curse of the Metrognome", Laney tries to get another from Corey. Cue his Once per Episode Spoof Aesop of the episode.
    • Word of God says he needs to figure out how the kiss made him feel before he can come up with a conclusion.
  • Mina carrying an unconscious Trina around in "Soulin' Down the Road".
  • While Laney's solo song in "Girl Fest" counts as a Moment of Awesome, its almost impossible to take her seriously when shes jumping up and down like that especially given her short height.
    • Laney is dissapointed in her then-role model Candy Jams when she finds out she doesn't have the creative mind to write her own songs. Very hypocritical of her to say this when her band needs to base their lyrics off of Trina"s diary Entries.
      • But unlike Corey, Candy relies on someone else to write her songs instead of using inspiration for lyrics.
  • The Brick Joke in "Grin Reaper".
    Kon: "Didn't I call this at, like, scene two?"
  • Hipster!Corey in "Who Are You", and later Caring!Corey.
    • Caring!Corey is so concerned with the band's safety that he wraps them up in bubble wrap, puts them in a giant package and mails them to their gig.
    • "Wow, a double rainbow!" "Meh." "He's right! You should have been a triple rainbow!"
  • Chance Happenings reports that cheese is being flushed down toilets and Laney asks who would do that. Cut to Kin and Kon enthusiastically flushing their cheese down the toilet.
    • Long Story short, Mayor Mellow gets a bottlecap to the brain that makes him have an extreme disliking to bubbles. So much that he sends a kid to life in prison simply for blowing a bubble.
      • Kin makes a bubble machine but one of the bubbles gets in his eye. His response "I've created a monster!"
  • Corey lifting up Carrie's skirt in "Kon-Fusion" along with a very angry look on her face.
  • In "The Bandidate" after Grojband turns the town against Trina for being a corrupt mayor, Trina tries to put the blame on Mina.
    • The entire town of Peaceville has enough of Trina's corruption, not for unfair laws and tyranny but for hiding the fact she has a pimple.
    • At one point, a lady holds up a rope implying they WANTED TO HANG TRINA. thankfully they just throw garbage at her and run her out.
  • A dark example would be in "Hologoj" where Trina slowly loses her sanity and believes nothing is real thanks to the confusion of the holograms.
    • Grojband faking their deaths...and still getting barely any attention.
    • The episode ends with everybody still thinking Grojband are dead while the real Grojband is just a cover band.
  • Laney Lampshading how Grojband always gets their gig ideas in "Bee Bop A Loofah".
    Laney: You gotta let it go, Core. We can't fill up the reservoir.
    Corey: That's it! We will fill up the reservoir!
    Laney: How does your brain work!?
    • Grojband randomly breaking into peoples showers and playing.
      • With Corey scream-singing every single time.
    • Corey weirded out by the fact that Kin and Kon take a shower together.
    • Nick Mallory once again breaking the laws of nature: Despite not taking a shower in weeks he still doesn't stink when everybody else does. "Nick Mallory doesnt do stink."
    • Corey's bad attempt at dancing. Bonus points for the animators making him look goofier.
    Laney: Congrats, you dance like a mom.
    • Trina praying to the "Shower Gods"
  • In "A-Capella-Lips Now", Nick Mallory apparently updates his social media status every time he inhales and exhales.
    • Trina literally steals the nose off a kid and controls a small kingdom of babies.
      • When the table in the newscast breaks, it reveals that Buzz Newsworthy doesn't wear pants when he does the news.
  • One of the prizes for winning the jam contest in "That's My Jam" was a hug from Nick Mallory. Corey wins and Trina is obviously pissed.
    • In "Soulin Down The Road" Nick Mallory was going to make out with Trina....who was a car in this episode.
    • "It's not the 50s, people don't have feelings anymore!"
  • In "In err Face", Trina refuses to sweat because its "for farmers" and LITERALLY FORCES THE SWEAT TO GO BACK IN HER.
  • During the song in "For Hat and Country" Corey talks about his "gal" with an outline of Laney's head popping up.
    • This dialogue
    Trina: "And now your losing your weak country! I'm so fake-sad!"
    Kon: "Keep it down, you foreigner!"
  • Trina smashing through the window and attacking the mailman in "It's in the Card"
    • Trina actually gets a valentines day letter from a guy named Jason but doesnt care because its not Nick Mallory.
    • Grojband losing the feeling in their arms due to holding up the cards for a long period of time.
      • Corey closing the Garage Door with his feet because of this.
  • In general, Corey's Once an Episode Spoof Aesops. Most of the time he takes a certain subject (usually related to the episode) and either turns it into incomprehensible ramblings or makes up something that sounds meaningful, which Laney lampshades they could have used for lyrics.
  • Mina demanding to know where Trina is with a demonic voice in "Group Hug"
    • The Groupies kidnap Grojband and chain their feet to the floor. Laney simply takes her shoe off to get out.
      • "I will not eat your captivity waffles! Wait do they have blueberry in them?" 'nods' "Fine, I will eat your captivity waffles!"
  • Kon mistaking the Metrognome for a "mini Santa" and later the band thinking it's a hovering baby.
    • Mayor Mellow demanding Grojband to dance at the end of the episode and the band does a generic cartoony dance.
  • "Dueling Buttons" features the game Sonic Shredder, which is a parody of Guitar Hero. Corey's reaction to the game is hilarious.
    • Trina makes up a song about Nick Mallory which is just her saying Nick over and over again.
    • "Nick Mallory digs gamer guys...and gamer girls"
    • This:
    Corey: "And since this is a video game, we don't need lyrics. We just have to shred."
    —>Kon: "So what's Trina going to do this episode?"
    *Cue the band looking to the audience*
    • After losing to Trina Corey gets really angry to the point where it seems like HE is going to go diary...but he doesn't.
    • Also after losing, Corey goes into a obsessive phase with the video game. It takes Laney karate kicking the fake guitar out of his hands to get him to stop.
  • During Trina's diary mode in "Saxsquach", Nick Mallory literally has no reaction when watching her do this.
  • Nick Mallory being frozen like Han Solo in "Here Us, Rock!"
    • That whole scene with Trina confessing her love to Nick.
    • At the end, after Corey gives his ending speech, which was filled with Ship Tease, he comes to a very important realization: he should be writing his speeches down, as they'd make great lyrics.
    Laney, Kin, Kon: We know!


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