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Awesome Music / Turning Red

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Given the soundtrack is a throwback to late '90s/early 2000s music and is done by the likes of musicians like FINNEAS and Billie Eilish (and some more), you can bet the soundtrack is filled with plenty of bangers.

  • The teaser trailer uses a segment of the Backstreet Boys's "Larger than Life" for a nice touch of nostalgia as the movie is set in the early 2000s (though the song itself came out in 1999) and only adds to the awesomeness of Mei's transformation.
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  • The official trailer goes with an awesome song from the other big Boy Band of the late '90s/early 2000s with *NSYNC's "It's Gonna Be Me", made even better by the fact that "me" sounds like "Mei", the main character's name.
  • The main opening theme, "Turning Red" by Ludwig Goransson, is a wonderful throwback to 90s-early 2000s music that seamlessly blends traditional Chinese instruments, new jack swing, and hip-hop into an incredibly catchy and upbeat track that greatly complements Mei's introductory scene and establishes both her character, as well as the film's lighthearted tone and early 2000s urban setting.
  • Jin's Family Dinner, the orchestrated piece that plays when Jin is seen cooking, is just as beautiful as the food he is cooking.
  • "Panda-monium", which plays in the scene where Ming is chasing the red panda Mei, is incredibly tense and frantic, fitting Mei's sheer panic and her desperate attempt to get back home and hide.
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  • Red Moon Ritual starts off with haunting Chinese chanting, which only increases as an intense mix of Chinese instruments and a traditional Western orchestra is added to the song, eventually overshadowing the chanting as Mei begins to enter the spiritual realm. Once she gets there, the track becomes far more calm and tranquil, while having a sense of mystery and mysticism that is fitting for such a magical place.
  • "Making Things Right", which plays when Mei is making her way over to the SkyDome to see 4*Town and apologize to her friends for throwing them under the bus for her mother's approval, perfectly exemplifies the freedom Mei feels as she gains full control over her panda form and uses it to Double Jump from rooftop to rooftop.
  • All three 4*Town songs are fun, energetic jams. It helps that they were co-written by FINNEAS and Billie Eilish.