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The series has a lot of folk music as well as new age music playing, and all of it is really nice.

  • The Opening by musician Grimes is a short but chilled out piece of electronic music that sounds lovely.
  • In each season, almost all of the episodes end with an amazing adventure/mystery ending theme, known as "Hilda's Theme", tune to close out each chapter of Hilda's story. The credits may not have a background like other cartoons, but the song is a good enough way to remind viewers that there is a big world out there that's still waiting to be explored.
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  • In "The Eternal Warriors", David listens to a light rock track throughout the episode that is upbeat and empowers him. It also sounds like it came straight from the 80s.
  • The music score heard throughout "The Deerfox" is both tear-jerking and heartwarming at the same time, especially if you are a huge of deerfoxes like Twig. And to top it off, the episode ends with the music beautifully transitioning to "Hilda's Theme".
  • "The Life of Hilda", used to promote the 2nd Season and in the credits for "The Beast of Cauldron Island", is a ridiculously sweet song sung from Hilda's voice actress, Bella Ramsey, about Hilda herself and her many adventures and friends. When Chapter 7 ended on a sad note, with Hilda getting grounded, the song plays over the credits to lighten the mood and give viewers a recap of what Hilda and her friends and family had been through so far.
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  • When Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, with Hilda becoming a troll, Frankie Cosmos' "The End" or, in some Netflix streaming services outside the US, Frankie Rose's "Had We Had It" plays over the end credits as a way of telling the fans, "All right everyone, CALM DOWN!".


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