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Chapter 1: The Hidden People

  • Alfur's name is plural. His name isn't "elf" it's "elves".

Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant

Chapter 3: The Bird Parade

  • The Raven constantly forgetting Hilda's name, with Alfur having to correct him.

Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts

  • Hilda chasing the Vittra who has taken away Frida's sash underground, at one point accidentally barging into a home where another Vittra is painting his muse, a small cow.
    Hilda: Whoops.

Chapter 5: The Troll Rock

  • Frida and David having to explain to Hilda that Ms. Hallgrim doesn't love her, by pointing out the times she was being disruptive in class.
    • First example is her asking why King Olaf lost the battle when he had a superior fleet. Without raising her hand first. And during science class.
    • Second is her refusing to follow the procedures of a "troll drill" which is to duck under a desk (similar to an earthquake drill), bluntly pointing out it wouldn't help during an actual troll attack.
    • Finally, her standing on the teacher's desk and making a philosophical question that addresses a math problem involving apples... after school is over and her classmates have left.


Chapter 6: The Nightmare Spirit

Chapter 7: The Lost Clan

  • The lost clan capture David and keep him as a hostage... except they have no idea on what to do with him since they never took anyone hostage before, leading to some awkward conversations, including an elf asking David what they should do, only for David to admit that this is also his first time being a hostage. David not being able to see them due to not signing elf's paperwork doesn't make things easier. By the time the conflict is resolved, the lost clan leader admits David set the bar pretty high for future hostages.


Chapter 8: The Tide Mice

  • In a meta-sense; the whole problem in this episode comes from the fact that Hilda uses a spell without reading the warning first, which comes after the spell (in a footnote).'re not the first one that happens to Hilda.

Chapter 9: The Ghost

  • Hilda trying to pump herself up, and asking Alfur to tell her "you can do it", to which he obliges. And adds a disclaimer for Hilda.
    Alfur: Eh, this is precisely why an elf would never make a promise without a written document. That way you can include disclaimers that absolve responsibility in the event the promise cannot be upheld.
    Hilda: You know, this isn't much of a pep talk. Can't you just say, "You can do it!"
    Alfur: Sure! You can do it! (deadpan) Statement for encouragement purposes only, you may not actually be able to do it.
  • Frida thinking rooms just clean themselves, since she could just throw her things everywhere at night, go to sleep, and then the next morning, everything was tidy.
  • When Hilda talks about finding the ghost's grave, the Librarian accidentally speaks the exact location of it, before coming to realization that she just said that in front of the kids and spooking them for memorizing every grave in the city. She then immediately discards it, and pretend to read it from city's records, before discarding the fact that it is the same with the former one when Hilda brought it up.
    Hilda: That's what you've just said before!
    Librarian: Was it? I don't think so.
  • While it's during a Tear Jerker, David telling Frida, "You could just learn to tidy your own flipping room."

Chapter 10: The Storm

Chapter 11: The House in the Woods

  • Woodman claiming he was retrieving items from the giant that he lost to him, but when Hilda asks if the crown actually belonged to him, Woodman takes a moment to answer.
  • Woodman barges into the mysterious house and Hilda apologizes for them coming in without being invited and hopes the owner forgives them.
    Woodman: She doesn't speak for me.

Chapter 12: The Nisse

Chapter 13: The Black Hound


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