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Blank Stare

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The Blank Stare is usually performed by one character in response to another's actions or verbal tirade, either in mind-numbing disbelief or disappointing awe, and especially when said character happens to go off the rails or otherwise show an aspect of themselves wildly different from what was expected.

It is usually performed primarily in a visual medium such as film, television or graphic novels and is done for both humourous and dramatic effect; the dramatic type tends to display the moment when you can no longer depend on that particular character anymore, while the comedic one usually reveals a WTF-type scenario similar to a Double Take or a Spit Take. The verbal version of this, which usually accompanies one of these, is the Flat "What".



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  • One of the most notable moments in The Beatles' film Let It Be is a scene in which Paul McCartney gives John Lennon an earnest talk about how the band is getting stale and, to liven things up again, they need to get on the road and play live shows. John, who had no interest in this idea, simply stares at Paul blankly.



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