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Such is the life of best friends.
Contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!



    Season One 
Chapter 1: The Hidden People
  • Hilda and Alfur's friendship. It's adorable that two members of two different species (one of which previously outright hated the other) are able to get along so well.

Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant

  • Jorgen and his friend getting together, after both thought they were abandoned by the other.
  • The King agreeing to let Hilda and her mum stay, and Hilda signing the form. Of course, it's ruined by Mood Whiplash seconds after due to Hilda's house being destroyed.
  • Hilda comforting Johanna following the destruction of their cabin.

Chapter 3: The Bird Parade

  • Hilda saving Raven from the horrible kids.

  • Johanna comforting Hilda about their move by taking her to see the parade.

  • Occurring to Raven's own words, he goes out of his way to go to a parade so that the people of Trollberg won't feel guilty about displeasing him and he has done this for hundreds of years. That's one deciated bird.

Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts

  • The final step in the initiation to welcome a new recruit is a game of stingball. It's a fun experience for new recruits especially if you come from the wilderness like Hilda. Seeing all the kids having playful fun and laughing is enough to tug at your heart strings.

Chapter 5: The Troll Rock

  • Frida letting her parents talk to the teacher to buy Hilda some time.

  • Johanna refusing to send Hilda to the behavioral difficulty class and pointing out that because she has made friends it shows she is slowly adjusting to city live.

  • The teacher keeping quiet about the whole troll rock business and letting Hilda stay where she is.

  • The mama troll and her baby being brought back together for being such dangerous creatures they are awesome parents.

Chapter 6: The Nightmare Spirit

  • Hilda volunteers to take on the full force of the Maara so that David will stop having nightmares. Then David takes over for her after it's too much for her and she starts screaming.
    David: "I can't make her do this for me. If she can handle them, then so can I!"

Chapter 7: The Lost Clan

  • The list clan being nice to David.

  • A Water Elemental gives Hilda, Frida and Alfur a ride to an island seemingly just to help, it even courteously forms steps so they can ride on its top. The travel sequence itself is picturesque as well.

Chapter 8: The Tide Mice

  • Hilda making an effort to help David and later her mom if not for stealing their souls business it won't gone so horribly.

Chapter 9: The Ghost

  • David and Hilda trying to help Friday find her missing book.

  • When Frida hurts Hilda's feelings David gets rightfully angry with her. Shows that just because he and Frida have been friends longer doesn't mean he won't stand up for his other friend.

Chapter 10: The Storm

  • While it was more for his own convenience, there's something endearing about Raven choosing Hilda's houses of all places to seek shelter. If her demeanor at the beginning of the episode was anything to go by, Hilda sorely needed the presence of someone like him.
  • Despite the fallout David and Hilda had with Frida from the previous episode, David still willingly goes with Hilda to the weather station, meaning he and Hilda are still friends.
  • Even after an Innocently Insensitive comment on Hilda's part leaves him more self-doubtful than he ever was throughout the season so far, David doesn't seem to hold anything against her for it and even goes out of his way to help uncover the secret behind Victoria's operations. Now that's loyalty.

Chapter 11: The House in the Woods

  • Twig and Alfur don't hesitate for a moment to go out of the city and look for Hilda. It really goes to show how greatly the deerfox cares for his owner, and how tight-knit the elf has become with the girl.
  • Hilda is still trying to get Frida a new copy of the book she lost despite the two of them having a falling out. And as proven by Frida's portrait in the magic house, Hilda still considers her a friend.
  • Just the fact that Raven was searching for Hilda, even if he had reason to believe that she didn't survive the weather station's collapse.
  • The ending of the episode is this in itself. Despite not being able to keep the copy of Frida's book, Hilda realizes that Trolberg, through all the ups and downs of her adjustment process, truly is her home now.
    • The Wood Man's words for her also count, in addition to him admitting that he considers Hilda a friend:
    Wood Man: Well, obviously. For now, anyway. But that doesn't mean you leave your other homes behind. The wilderness will always be a part of who you are. That's why we're such good friends.
    Hilda (surprised): We are?
    Wood Man: Repeating myself makes me anxious. I'll stop by next time I'm in town. Make sure you do the same. Just walk on in.

Chapter 12: The Nisse

  • When David asks Hilda what she's been doing to not earn any badges, the latter responds with "hanging around with you". Assuming this episode takes place a good while after the last one, Hilda definitely took the lesson she learned about not taking your homes for granted to heart.
  • Through the "The Reason You Suck" Speech he's given her for befriending the Marra, Frida puts up a sweet smile towards David, showing that despite their falling out in "The Ghost", she still cares about him.

Chapter 13: The Black Hound

  • Hilda and David reconciling with Frida. It probably would have been sweeter if they had a group hug. Maybe next season...
  • Frida visits Kelly's house to collect donations for a rummage sale. Kelly was recently revealed to be a Marra, which have been portrayed as nasty, bullying tricksters who give people nightmares for fun. But Kelly sees that her stuffed animals is about to be given away, cries out "No! Not my Fluff-bun" and cuddles it. Upon realizing she's being watched, she puts the doll back and remarks that she doesn't care about it anymore. Only for Frida to promptly give him back to her and tell her "It's not a good idea to throw away your real friends". As soon as she leaves, Kelly cuddles her Fluff-bun again.
  • The season ends on a slightly bittersweet note. Hilda fails to earn any merit badges, but Johanna makes it clear that she doesn't care about that and is extremely proud of Hilda. She even sews a special badge for her.

    Season Two 
  • Hilda, Frida, and David's friendship had been stronger than last season. Surely, season 1 had some sweet moments with them, but season 2 showed that they got closer with one another and that after the events of season 1, they had come to an understanding and that their friendship is better than ever.

Chapter 1: The Troll Circle

  • Apparently, Tontu usually joins Hilda and Johanna for their meals. With all the trouble they went through when they first met, it's certainly a sweet sight to see.
  • Frida and David being happy for Hilda when she wins the chance to tag along with the safety patrol.
  • Alfur reassuring Hilda that he'll let the elves know about what really happened with Erik. Granted, it won't change much of anything given they're a bunch of tiny invisible people (which Hilda points out) but it's the thought that counts.

Chapter 2: The Draugen

  • Hilda coming with the Wood Man on his new boat.
    • Wood Man begrudely lets Twig on his boat.
  • Nicolas one of the Draugen reminds Abgail that there is a loophole.
  • The Draugen being reunited with their loved ones.
    • Abigail being reunited with her dad.
Chapter 3: The Witch
  • Tildy reassuring Kaisa that she's not disappointed in her.
  • Hilda not being jealous or upset when Frida is revealed to the witch instead of Hilda. In fact, Hilda feels that she's better off as a familiar.

Chapter 4: The Eternal Warriors

  • Frida and Hilda getting concerned for David when he starts acting strange.
  • Sigurd after talking to Hilda, decides not only to help her revive David but also reveal the joke hes been playing on the Vikings who find it super funny.

Chapter 5: The Windmill

  • Hilda offering to save Victoria Van Gale once again as Nowhere Space begins to fall apart.
  • Pictured above, when Hilda is distraught over Victoria not changing, following her escape from Nowhere Space, David and Frida comforts her in a group hug, with Hilda returning the favor.

Chapter 8: The Fifty-Year Night

  • It's revealed that Mr. Ostenfeld and Tildy met when they were young people, and had a lovely night dancing.
  • The Alternate Timeline shows they kept dating, got married, and grew old together. When they prepare to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save Hilda and Prime Tildy from the Time Worm, they say it was the best years of their life.

Chapter 9: The Deerfox

  • After half a season of awkward and tense relations, Hilda and Johanna remind the audience how much they mean to one another, with the latter supporting her daughter in every step to find her missing friend, and even attempts to cheer her up with memories and competition.
  • Despite possibly being the only chance Twig has at being with his kind, he chooses to go back to Hilda. Hilda cries tears of joy upon reuniting with him which really sells it.
    Hilda: [crying tears of joy] I thought I'd lost you...
  • And to top it off, the episode plays the full version of "Hilda's Theme" to wrap it up. This can extremely tug the heartstrings of fans who have stuck with Hilda since the beginning of the series.

Chapter 10: The Yule Lads

  • David sacrificing his tips to buy Hilda the snow globe she hoped to give to her mom as a present.

Chapter 13: The Stone Forest

  • The revelation that the trolls are indeed just enjoying camping.
  • The Troll Mother saving Hilda and Johanna from the evil two-headed troll. All because her child made a friend in Hilda. The Troll takes Hilda and Johanna back to their den safe from the two-headed bully that's apparently been terrorizing the troll city.
  • The Troll Mother is actually quite the gracious host to the two human guests providing sustenance and warm blankets. Come morning, she draws them a map and even uses magic to conjure up a guide out of the mountain. Just goes to show how you can find a friend even in the unlikeliest of places. Although the episode ends on an unsettling cliffhanger so fast and so out of nowhere that it gives Mood Whiplash of the highest degree...
  • Despite the sudden cliffhanger at the end, Season 2 manages to end on a bittersweet note with either "The End" by Frankie Cosmos or (In some Netflix streaming services outside the US) "Had We Had It" by Frankie Rose playing over the credits. Both songs are not only hope spots, but they give a message that Hilda's adventures aren't over yet.
  • Hilda and Johanna finally reconciling after a couple of episodes of intense moments between the two. This really shows that Johanna is proud that Hilda wants to go outside and explore, even if she needs to tell her where she's headed.
  • After the release of Season 2, Luke Pearson said that he has plans to continue the series to the delight of fans everywhere.


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