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  • What exactly are the Mara? Are they real spirits or teenagers with supernatural powers, at first I thought that the first but in ep12 you can see that one of theme lives in a house and has a normal mother and apparently Frida could become one.
    • Maybe both? A spirit, inhabiting a human host? It would explain a lot, though retains the ambiguity on the exact nature of the merger (the spirit in control, the human in control, or a combination of the two).
    • Mythological maras are pretty much germanic/slavic flavoured succubi.
    • Magic appears to be fairly commonplace in Hilda's world. Anyone can do magic if they know how, though witches control the most of it. Some people in real life hold that Marra are a sort of witch. So perhaps the Marra we see are simply a type of witch who specialize in the specific type of magic that lets them do what they do specifically for fun and the ability to consume the nightmares of others like some type of drug.
    • Its also entirely possible Marra come in two flavors: natural Marra who are nightmare spirits as was mentioned, and converted Marra who are teenaged girls who became Marra through the consumption of nightmares. Such as how we saw the group try to induct Frieda.

    Hilda's blue hair 
  • Is there any deep meaning to Hilda's blue hair? A lot of people casually refers to it but nobody finds it odd considering that everybody else has a more standard hair color or could it be related to her never mentioned dad?
  • Near the end of episode 10, Hilda can be briefly seen with brown hair, whether this is because of the lighting inside the cloud or if this was a near death experience is as of now unknown
    • Considering the fact that Hilda's hair becomes blue again after she pokes her head out of the weather spirit that was carrying her, it's most likely the former.
  • In the Season 2 episode, The Deerfox, there are flashbacks to Hilda's earlier childhood. Her hair is just as blue as before. So it's very obviously her natural hair color

    Abusive parents 
  • Does David have abusive parents? His line about being deathly afraid of belts could just be to show that he's afraid of a lot of things. On the other hand, it could be that he gets the belt a lot, which would be a reasonable reason to fear it.
    • They don't seem abusive from what we've seen of them.

    How do Nisse meet 
  • How do two nisse meet to marry if they're so territorial? The nisse in Hilda's apartment mentions having once shared the nest with his parents.
    • Maybe they were two evicted nisse who fell in love and moved together when a new house was built? Maybe a single building became a "two home" living space, so the hidden space was shared but still technically separate housing. Could also be magical mating season where the territorial nature is suppressed.
      • Also, we only see male Nisse attack each other when one enters the territory of another. Maybe Nisse are more tolerant towards a member of the opposite gender entering their territory.
    • Maybe said parents weren't Nisse. Maybe a Nisse isn't something you're born as, but something you become.
  • Keyword: Territorial. Not, "banned themselves from seeing other Nisse".

    No badges? 
  • Why did Hilda earn no badges for the badge ceremony in Chapter 13? In Chapter 7, she and her friends succesfully get their hands on a Blue Nettle for the botany badge, with nothing indicating they somehow failed to earn the badge afterwards.
    • On a related note, why would Hilda be up on stage if she's not getting a badge? It seems like kind of a jerkass move to put someone up on stage for an awards ceremony but not actually present them with anything.

    Does David have siblings? 
In Chapter 3, during the scene where Hilda learns that her mom found the Raven in her room and put him out of the house, you can briefly see David's parents standing in the crowd. True, they are only seen from the rear, but it's definately them. What's odd about this Early-Bird Cameo however is that there are 2 children with them; a boy and a girl. The girl is holding David's dad by his jacket, and he in turn has his hand on her back, so they are clearly together. This suggests they are David's siblings. However, after this episode, they completely disappear from the show, and whenver David's parents or his house are seen, everything suggests David is an only child. So who are these kids?
  • Cousins, perhaps?
  • Early Installment Weirdness? As far as I'm aware, there is no evidence of other children living with David in his house.

    Why did Hilda and Johanna never hear the Elves 
Even though Elves are invisible to anyone who has not filled out the proper paperwork, it is proven in "Chapter 1", "Chapter 3" and "Chapter 7" that they can still be heard by everybody. Alfur could talk with Hilda even before she signed the paperwork, and David was able to have a conversation with Bartell despite being unable to see him. So how come in all those years they lived out there in the Wilderness, Hilda and Johanna never heard the large community of Elves just outside their house, or if they did, never wondered where those voices were coming from? Even if the Elves never spoke to the humans directly, sure they had conversations with each other within earshot of their human neighbors, or complained out loud any time Hilda or Johanna stepped onto one of their homes?
  • the Elves in Hilda are tiny. At most, adult elves seem to be around 2-3 inches tall. As such, their vocal chords would also be quite small, and therefore not have the power to project their voice that far.
    • Except in Season 2's "Chapter 12: The Replacement", we see the humans on the market can easily understand the Elves talking, even if those Elves are some distance away.

    Season 2 : Where did future Hilda come from? 
In "Chapter 8" of season 2, after Hilda triggered a time paradox, a brand new Hilda appeared with an entirely different outfit, came to guide the past and present Hilda to Tildy, before she actually came with past Hilda into a Time Worm's mouth and presumably erased from the timeline. I really doubt that she'd appear again in the future of the show, considering Tildy already restored the timeline by tearing the enchanted item, which is the magazine. The question is, where did this Hilda come from? Apparently she has already met Tildy, and probably knew the risk ( or dumb enough ) to sacrifice herself so present Hilda could live and see Tildy.
  • She claimed that the events that happened to present!Hilda were already experienced by future!Hilda a bunch of times and she knows that it doesn't end well. Really, all we know is what she told us.

    What happened to the troll? 
What happened to the two headed troll? After turning to rock and rolling down the hill, once Hilda is saved, that's it, there's no follow up of the danger it could cause. It seemed to be rolling in the direction of Trolberg, and I was expecting it to continue rolling down the hill to crash into and possibly through the wall. But nope, nothing, not even a mention that it might come back to life to continue hunting Hilda and Johanna. So what happened to it? Is it explained in the comic?
  • Sadly, no. The last we see of the troll in Hilda and the Stone Forest is the now petrified troll having come to a stop next to the wall of Trolberg, but he is absent in the next story aside from a one-panel cameo near the end (during the Night off the trolls).


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