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"Eh, just a bird for the most part... But I can do THIS!"

Contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

    Season One 
  • Hilda rescuing Raven, and then him remembering and assuming his identity as a Thunderbird.
  • Hilda facing the nightmares the Marra created.
  • The way Hilda gets a ghost into a necklock.
  • In "The House in the Woods", the Great Raven shows up just in time to rescue Alfur and Twig from the Forest Giant. When the Forest Giant continues to pursue them, the Raven simply transforms into his huge Thunderbird form and gets the Giant to back down without having to utter a single word.
  • David gets one in episode 12, after finding out Frida has been befriending the Marra, one of whom tormented him with nightmares not too long ago. While at first he's fed up with Frida, he soon simply asks WHY she would hang out with them... because they're absolute losers. He actually talks back, and while he doesn't know they get scared because the Black Hound is right behind him, he DOES actually get Kelly to back off and snarl for a moment with his newfound guts.
    David: I get if you don't want to hang out with me anymore. But why would you hang out with them? You're my best friend. You were always there to look out for me when I was scared. But I'm not scared anymore. (turns to Kelly) Especially not of YOU! What's so scary about a bunch of creeps with nothing better to do than talk badly about people behind their backs!?
  • At the climax of "The Black Hound", the protagonists are stuck in a runaway car, so the two Nisse join forces to transport the car into the Nowhere Space of the outside world. Not only does this save everyone from a car crash, it's particularly notable for two reasons: firstly, Nisse are very territorial and not usually inclined to cooperate with one another, and secondly, they are normally terrified of entering the Nowhere Space of the outside world.

    Season Two 
  • Hilda standing up to the Safety Patrol when she discovers that they are only after fame.
  • Frida using magic and Hilda fighting the vines to restrain the beast of the Void of No Return.
  • Tildy calling out the Witches Council and revealing that Frida is a witch. She also points out that things don't always go as we plan, which is a wonderful lesson for everyone who watches this show.
  • Their plan runs into a few snags, but Hilda and her friends actually succeed in sabotaging the mechanical bellringer system in "The Old Bells of Trolberg". The Bellkeeper showing up to help them near the end is the icing on the cake.
  • After several failures, Erik Ahlberg finally manages to aim and fire a harpoon at the giant Kraken in "The Beast of Cauldron Island"... only for the Kraken to easily snatch the harpoon out of the air.
  • Frida using magic to form a Psychic Link with the adult Kraken.
  • Bella Ramsey has a huge talent for music and singing. During a virtual video session for "NYCC at Home", she announced that she wrote and sang a song about Hilda's inability to learn from mistakes. It was later featured during the end credits of "The Beast of Cauldron Island".
  • Tildy casually freezing the Time Worm with a spell in "The Fifty Year Night". The spell only lasts for a short time, but the fact that she could do anything effective against such a force of reality is testament to how powerful she is.
  • In "The Deerfox", a flashback reveals that Twig straight-up saved Hilda's life when they were younger, preventing her from falling off a ledge. In the present day, he saves her again from a wolf after spending the previous night terrified of it, and he and Hilda manage to trick the wolf into stumbling off a cliff.
  • Alfur convincing Gerda to set the other elves free in "The Replacement", by pretending to be a deputy for the "spirit safety patrol".
  • Johanna stares down a troll. It blinks first.
  • Hilda's question at the end of "The Stone Forest", following her transformation as a troll, is answered by "The End" by Frankie Cosmos. For now, this is the closest Hilda will ever get to meet a celebrity that is nicer than Erik Ahlberg.


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