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Awesome / Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

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Spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • The fact that, after all these years, due to fan request, "The Jungle Movie" officially happened, and with most of the original voice actors returning! Better late than never.
    • This tad bit in the credits sums it up:
    Thank you to all the fans who wrote letters and signed petitions encouraging the making of this movie.
  • As part of their video explaining why Arnold deserves to go to San Lorenzo, his class somehow managed to track down Pigeon-Man and interview him! as seen here.
    • A bit of an Offscreen Moment of Awesome for both the Pigeon Man and his flock—those birds managed to carry him all the way to Paris, France!
    • Perhaps even more awesome, they somehow managed to find Lockjaw, despite him being a freakin' sea turtle.
  • Many of the original voices have returned, and most of the new voices are so good at imitating the old ones that it's hard to tell that they were re-cast. In particular:
    • Mason Vale Cotton, of Mad Men and Desperate Housewives, is the new Arnold. After many fans disliked Alex D. Linz's portrayal of Arnold in the post-movie episodes (as his voice was higher-pitched than the previous Arnolds), Cotton sounds a lot closer to the original three.
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    • Benjamin "Li'l P-Nut" Flores, Jr. sounds exactly like Jamil Smith's Gerald (prior to the puberty/tonsil removal anyway, which creates a bit of a Continuity Snarl since Gerald's voice changing was written into the plot, but most fans would probably let that slide).
    • Aiden Lewandowski, who voices Charlie Brown in the 2016 Peanuts shorts on Boomerang, is the new Sid, and is a dead ringer for the Gifaldi brothers.
    • The big get was Francesca Marie Smith reprising her role as Helga. The fans likely wouldn't have accepted anyone else in the role, and despite Smith being thirty-two at the time of the premiere and having retired from acting after the show ended, she came out of retirement to reprise her role and doesn't miss a beat.
  • Phoebe orchestrating an escape from Lasombra's prison camp.
  • Big Bob, Miriam, Phil and Gertie flying in to help save Mr. Simmons' class from Lasombra's men. Special mention goes to Miriam (freaking Miriam Pataki) knocking a guy out with a Frying Pan of Doom!
  • Brainy leaping into the river to retrieve Helga's locket and photo of Arnold after she tears it up and throws it away. Doubles as a heartwarming moment.
    • This selfless act ends up saving the Green Eyed People from the sleeping sickness! When the artifact that would've activated the machine to dispense the medicine is lost, Helga's locket ends up working as a replacement.
  • The silent confirmation of Mr. Simmons being gay and him and Peter being an item.
  • Arnold finally rescues his parents from comas and begins living a normal life with them included in it for good. Better yet, he and Helga are finally dating, and Gerald has paired up with Phoebe, too.