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Awesome Music / Big Mouth

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Big Mouth is chock full of funny, raunchy and sometimes moving music.

Theme Song

  • Charles Bradley's full-throated R&B cover of Black Sabbath's "Changes." It's both lyrically and thematically appropriate. Sadly, Bradley died of stomach cancer shortly before the show premiered.

Season 1

  • "Totally Gay", a Queen pastiche from "Am I Gay?"
  • Amason's cover of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" fits in perfectly to close out the traumatic events of Jessi's bat mitzvah.

Season 2

  • Connie's "I Love My Body" from "What Is It About Boobs?" is an awesome disco anthem a la "I Will Survive" celebrating the female form, and a great showcase for Maya Rudolph's singing voice.
  • The Lemonhead's "My Drug Buddy" is a surprisingly sad song that plays over as the episode ends and clearly sets the tone for when Jessi's family takes another hit. This time, her father is forced to move away when Jessi uses his drugs and the Shame Wizard now has her in his hands, even making her feel guilty about Trump's election.
  • "Guy Town" sung by Jay, Guy and the denizens of the titular apartment building is wonderfully catchy while also getting across just how vile a place Guy Town is.
  • "Dark Side of the Boob" has the Shame Wizard's epic Villain Song, which would not be out of place in a Disney movie.
  • "Smooch or Share" closes to the sound of a ballad version cover of "September" by Aleisha McDonald. While it's a song about a party and it's beautiful, the sudden shift in tonality makes it clear that something wrong is going on with Jessi.
  • The season ends with Quiet Riot's cover of "Cum On Feel the Noize", just as Nick climaxes for the first time.

My Furry Valentine

  • The episode starts off with an anti-Valentine's Day song that ends up including most of the cast and serves as a Massive Multiplayer Ensemble Number for the series up to this point as well as establishing everyone's views on Valentine's Day for the episode to come.
  • Matthew and Jessi's duet, "Who Needs a Boy (When I've Got You)", is a showstopper celebrating their friendship in the style of a platonic Fred and Ginger number.
  • Maya Rudolph's in-character cover of the show's very own theme song rightly sets the angsty tone of the scene while also being genuinely heartfelt.

Season 3

Season 4

  • The "Previously on Big Mouth" song is so damn catchy, and not really worthy of having a "Skip Recap" button on it!
  • "I Used to Be Her Favorite", which Matthew sings at the end of "The Funeral", is a real Tear Jerker, being about his otherwise extremely close and loving relationship with his mother now being strained when he comes out to her and she can't accept, but also a great showcase for Andrew Rannels' vocal chops.
  • The lyrics of Carly Simon's "Jesse" take on a whole new meaning during the credits of "The Funeral" when they apply to Jessie, especially "Jesse, I'll always cut fresh flowers for you" and "Jesse, I will change the sheets for you".
  • "Whatcha Gonna Do?" in "What are You Gonna Do?". Rick may be The Unintelligible, but if you look at the subtitles, the lyrics he is garbling really are meaningful. Some of the visuals accompanying the song give it extra power, specifically Matthew sitting alone on a swing after his mom's rejection as Connie sings “When a mother leaves her babe to cry in darkness...”
  • DeVon's voice actor, Jak Knight, gets to show off his singing talent in the song "Code Switchin'", which is catchy while educating people on what the term really means.