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Animaniacs was wildly celebrated for its numerous and extremely well written songs that varied from comic parody, to completely heartwarming, and even catchy educational pieces.
The Warners
  • This list wouldn't be complete without the opening theme. Just one minute of ear-wormy fun is all you really need to sell kids on your show. And to think, it's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The catchiest and most memorable song was probably "Wakko's America" in which Wakko sings all 50 states and their capitals to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw". Jess Harnell, Wakko's voice actor, remembers the whole thing over 20 years after the show ended.
  • "The Ballad of Magellan", an incredible catchy song in which the Warners sing about Ferdinand Magellan.
  • "A Quake! A Quake!", the Warners sing a song about Los Angeles, the San Andreas fault, and the constant earthquakes. Incredibly catchy, and a huge Parental Bonus in the line "kicking our ass-phalt".
  • The Presidents song, one of the most popular songs, which tells all of the Presidents of the United States from George Washington until Bill Clinton (who was President at the time the song was written), also gives catchy blurbs on each one.
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  • "Yakko's World" where Yakko sings (almost) every country in the world at the time.note  Rob Paulsen can sing the entire song to this day.
  • In "No L", the Warners spoof "Noel" with rhymes like "know well", "no 'L'" and "no well" and it starts with Yakko telling Wakko that there's "no L" in Santa's name after he wrote "Dear Santla" in his letter to Santa.
  • The Multiplication song. It looks like it's going to be a skit with a stereotypical "Everybody Hates Mathematics" feel to it, but then Yakko starts singing about how multiplication is amazing, so it can keep the nerds happy without slowing anything down. And also, the jokes leading up to the song (like Wakko thinking that the apple taught Isaac Newton "to sit someplace else") are hilarious.
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  • The Monkey Song. Originally by Harry Belafonte, the Warners' antics and Scratchansniff's growing annoyance manage to elevate it to really make it funny. The other stars of the other segments also help sell it doing their own little things in the background.
  • "The Panama Canal", a catchy little ditty performed by (who else?) Yakko about the Panama Canal.
  • "There's Only One of You", a song performed by Yakko, Wakko and Dot about how there's so many of some things but only one of YOU.
  • Hello Nurse, a jazzy number sung by Wakko about the titular woman he has a crush on, and the many things she is (or at least may be) capable of.

Rita and Runt

Bernadette Peters voiced Rita, and delivered an epic performance with every song, often an Affectionate Parody of an opera or musical.

  • "Humans Ain't What They Seem to Be", Rita's first song introduced her jaded and tragic personality.
  • "Somewhere, a Place Called Home", an "I Want" Song that is heartwarming and gorgeously sung.
  • "I'm Nobody's Mama", perhaps one of the most tragic, Rita sings how she's too independent to mother some kittens, but secretly likes the idea of someone loving her so much.
  • "Not in My Flat in Gay Paree", Rita sings about a loving vegetarian chef who will adopt and love her. A dose of tragedy, because in this episode, she's about to be cooked with other cats into meat pies.
  • "Let's Try for Two", a rare heartwarming song when Rita sings about how she and Runt will keep trying together to find their home.
  • The episode long parody of Les Misérables. The sillier lyrics don't detract from the epic or heartwarming moments of the original songs, and Bernadette Peters gets to shine with every single number.

Slappy Squirrel


  • The final cartoon, the Animaniacs Suite, shows the brilliance that was the late great Richard "The Great Stoneini" Stone and the Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra. The suite takes every single one of the major characters' leitmotifs (including, in order, the Animaniacs theme song, the Warners' theme, Pinky and the Brain's theme, Mindy's theme, Rita's theme, the Goodfeathers' theme, and Slappy's theme).

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