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"So just sit back and relax. You'll laugh 'til you collapse. We're Animaniacs!"
— The Animaniacs Theme

Wait, you thought Animaniacs is safe from the laughs? Yes, a show about three zany to the max cartoon siblings can have a lot of moments that can make the viewers laugh so hard, it even makes the likes of an ending where everyone laughs look good in comparison. Have a seat, you're gonna be here a while.


Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Pinky and the Brain

Slappy Squirrel

  • Slappy has acute Medium Awareness. Her nephew Skippy starts out with Genre Blindness:
    Slappy: I've tangled with Walter Wolf, Sid the Squid and Beany the Brain-Dead Bison. This 'Doug' guy is nothin'.
  • "Woodstock Slappy". Slappy happens to be present at Woodstock in 1969, but not by choice. Just watch this and try not to laugh.
  • A great moment when Slappy Squirrel took Dot's place in a short during the Bizarro Episode "Animaniacs Stew" and was less than enthusiastic about it.
    Slappy (reading directly from the script): And I'm Princess Angela Luisa Fran... (tosses the script aside) Ah, forget it. Here, have some dynamite down your pants.
  • The Slappy cartoon "I Got Yer Can" is based on something that happened to one of the writers. Although the parts with the dynamite, the quiz show and Santa Claus were probably only in the Slappy version.
    • The Villainous Breakdown and the can becoming 'the thing that wouldn't leave' seem to be building to an epic climax... when, inexplicably, an anvil falls on the Designated Villain instead. Slappy looks up and sees Skippy leaning out of an upstairs window with a satisfied expression.
    Slappy: What about the plot, Hemingway!? What's an anvil got to do with this story?
    Skippy: Who cares. Anvils are funny.
  • "No Face Like Home": Walter Wolf tries to botch Slappy's plastic surgery, but in the end fails and Slappy tells the doctors to operate on him instead and gives them a photo from her wallet. When Slappy and Skippy are walking home, Walter runs out of the clinic and his face and hairstyle now look like Hello Nurse's as he yells "What will the other villains say?!"
  • The Running Gag of Skippy getting hit with the soccer ball in "Soccer Coach Slappy". Every time after the first results in a Non Sequitur, *Thud*. Slappy also comments each time.
    Slappy: I haven't seen anyone get hit in the kisser this much since Milton Berle.
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  • From "Frontier Slappy", every song about Daniel Boone but especially: "Daniel Boone was a great big jerk. Yes, a stupid jerk. He had another dumb plan that more than likely wouldn't work!"
  • The "Buttermilk Commercial" sketch that parodied the 80s "Milk..It Does A Body Good" ad campaign. After being snubed by a arrogant bodybuilder, a younger version of Slappy ages from drinking buttermilk to the point that she is now cranky and bad tempered enough to take vengeance on the man. She then proceeds to blow him and announcer up on the spot.
    • Similarly, "The Slapper" commercial parodies the Clapper light for senior citizen. The product in this case is a giant glove that bursts out of Slappy's purse and smacks down anything that's causing her annoyance.
  • And when Slappy finds herself in the middle of the Speed shoot, Keanu Reeves pops up and says he's looking for a bomb. Slappy's epic response?
    "Check out your performance in Dracula."


  • The premise of the Chicken Boo shorts, since Boo's disguises are not exactly convincing, and he acts and moves like a normal chicken, clucking and pecking and scratching at the ground for seeds and kernels. Nobody ever finds this odd aside from the Only Sane Man of each short.
    • This exchange in "The Good, the Boo and the Ugly" as Chicken Boo enters the saloon, poncho and all.
    Eli: You know who that is? The Man with No Personality. Some say he robbed a bank and saved a puppy at the same time.
    Lee: So is he for the law or agin it?
    Eli: Nobody knows. Cause he ain't got no personality!
  • Any time Pesto gets mad and beats up Squit on the Goodfeathers cartoons.
    • This dialogue from the beginning when Squit kisses Pesto after becoming a Goodfeather.
    Bobby: Maybe he thinks you're cute. Know what I'm saying?
    Pesto: Cute?! You think I'm cute?!
    (Squit shakes his head)
    Pesto: THAT'S IT!!
    • In "The Monkey Song", Squit accidentally hits Pesto with the flute he's playing and Pesto beats him up. And then when Squit flies away from the Goodfeathers to continue playing the flute, Pesto catches up with him and continues beating him up, never mind that Squit flew away so he wouldn't accidentally hit Pesto with the flute again.
  • A "Punchline" segment in one of the last episodes deals with the question of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" A disguised Chicken Boo is the consultant, Brain is a Conspiracy Theorist, Pinky keeps insisting that guy's a chicken, and Runt has been hired to sniff out the chicken that crossed the road.
  • This quote from "Jingle Boo":
    Colin: That's a chicken, dad! A giant chicken! He'll pick my eyes out!
    [Everyone else waiting in line laughs.]
    Woman: (whispers to another woman) He should get that boy into therapy. He has issues.
  • "Noah's Lark". Which turns Noah into a complaining guy with a Yiddish accent, stuck as the Butt-Monkey to the Hip Hippos.
    • The Narrator's description of the beginning.
      Narrator: God looked down on the Earth, sand saw a great wickedness.
      Some people gathered around a fire: PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! WOOH!
      Narrator: God was not happy. Everyone on Earth was being a total jerk.
    • He's actually an Ink-Suit Actor of comedian Richard Lewis (aka: Prince John, who had a similar gimmick).
    • When God first spoke to him:
      Noah: Oh my god!
      God: Precisely!
    • His freaking out upon meeting Mr. and Mrs. Spider.
  • Each 'Good Idea... Bad Idea' combined "life lessons from Captain Obvious" with Tom Bodet's great deadpan delivery and Mr. Skullhead's inevitable doom:
    It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad Idea.' Good idea: Going alpine skiing in the winter. Bad idea: Going alpine skiing... in the summer. The End.
    It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad Idea.' Good idea: Climbing a mountain. Bad idea: Climbing a mountain lion. The End.
    • Extra special super bonus points to the one that made Tom Bodet laugh a little in the aired recording:
    ''It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad idea.' Good idea: Whistling while you work. Bad idea: Whistling while you eat. The End."

  • Just about all of "Animaniacs Stew", due to the placing of multiple characters in place of other characters (i.e. Pesto taking Rita's place in a Rita and Runt sketch), but special mention goes to 'Pinky and the Cat'. The entire segment is an opening theme, four lines of dialogue, and a closing theme, with any actual plot being cut short by, well, exactly what you'd think would happen if you put a lab rat and a hungry stray cat in the same cage.
    Rita (to the camera): So far, this is my favorite episode!
    • Pinky's remark: "Roomy accommodations, Rita!"
  • "West Side Pigeons": After Squit agrees to fly away with Carloota, the rival gang's bird, he engages in his love song as he gets swallowed up by the police cat that's been following them. Even while in the stomach, Squit continues to sing in a sickly-sweet manner, causing Officer Krupkitty to immediately cough up Squit.
    Krupkitty: I gotta cut down on me coloratura. (slinks off)
  • "Boids on the Hood" with the Goodfeathers taking revenge on Mr. Plotz by tormenting Ralph to Ride of the Valkyries. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Nighty-Night Toons", a spoof of the children's book Goodnight Moon. Highlights include the short being narrated by Jim Cummings using his Sterling Holloway impression (i.e. his Winnie the Pooh voice), The Brain objecting to being called a rat, Buttons being afraid of Mr Skullhead, and the narrator referring to Ralph T. Guard as a big baboon.
  • "Definitely don't wanna wet the bunny beds."
  • When Dot has her ink blot test
    Doctor: "I am going to show you some pictures and I want you to tell me what they look like *shows ink blot* what do you say to this?"
    Dot: "I'd say you're not a very good artist"
    Doctor: "I didn't draw that"
    Dot: "Well, whoever did, needs to go back to school"
    Doctor: "No, it's an inkblot"
    Dot: "I'll say"
    Doctor: "No, no, no. It's not supposed to look like anything"
    Dot: "Then you did a very good job"
    Doctor (shouting): "I didn't draw it! (normal voice) Doesn't it look like a little kitty cat or a butterfly or something?"
    Dot (getting up from her chair): "No" (somehow takes the blot right off the sign and turns it into a butterfly in her hands) "That's a butterfly"
  • This line in the Monkey Song
    We're not monkeys, we're just cuckoo.
  • The loudmouthed titular characters in "Survey Ladies," who never stop trying to get the Warners to answer their questions. "WOULDJA LIKE TAH TAKE A SURRR-VAAY?"
    Yakko: "Would you like to take a hike?"
    • Even better is the fact that the whole survey centers on beans and George Wendt (another reference that was pretty much designed to go over kids' heads) in endless combinations. "Do you eat beans?" Would you like to see a new movie starring George Wendt?" "Would you like to see George Wendt in a bean-eating movie?" "How many bean-eating movies have you seen with George Wendt?" "How many beans do you eat at George Wendt bean-eating movies?"


  • When Nickelodeon attempted to edit the theme song to remove as many references to its origins as a Warner Brothers cartoon from the intro, a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment comes in about one thing... They ended up cutting about two-thirds of the intro, because the "plot" is practically declaring its origins with Warner Bros. with every other line!
  • In the Animaniacs comic series story Dot the Vampire Slayer, Dot's stomach growls and she tells it to stop growling because Ralph was going to hear and it wasn't very ladylike. Although there was a bunch of things throughout the series she DID that weren't very ladylike.


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