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Nightmare Fuel / Animaniacs

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Animaniacs! There's nightmares in our slacks!

  • The Godpigeon suddenly pulling a Nightmare Face out of nowhere, scaring the holy crap out of the Goodfeathers to help cure Squit's hiccups (picture).
  • Candie Chipmunk's Sanity Slippage in "I Got Yer Can".
  • Katie Ka-Boom. Don't make her mad or else she'll explode.
  • Wakko's gloves in "White Gloves" taking on a life of their own is pretty unnerving.
  • Dr. Scratchansniff getting poison ivy in "The Sound of Warners". His head starts getting red spots and eventually his head turns purple and lumpy all while he and the nanny are singing about poison ivy. This is Played for Laughs.
  • The Great Wakkorotti segments, due to how constantly they close up on his face and because the faces look extremely weird.
  • The Director in "Hello Nice Warners," with his Jerry Lewis-esque shouting and outbursts, has scared more than a few kids back in the day. Especially worth of mention is his attempt at Breaking the Fourth Wall when he comes really close to the screen and shouts "HELLO NICE PEOPLE IN THE TV!" Even the Warners are scared of him.
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  • Baloney the Dinosaur, a parody of Barney whose Toon Physics are just as strong as the Warners themselves, and keeps trying to drag them into his Tastes Like Diabetes show no matter what they throw at him. The Warners' increasing desperation as none of their usual antics make a dent in this guy makes things pretty genuinely tense, and ultimately they just have to accept a draw of getting to endlessly drop anvils on him.
  • AKOM's animation had a tendency to have some really horrifying drawings, most notably Candy Chipmunk's teeth shattering in "I Got Yet Can".



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