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Awesome Music / Trolls: World Tour

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  • "It's All Love (History of Funk)", an upbeat funky rap by Anderson .Paak lamenting the truth about the tragic division between the ancient troll tribes, with vocals by George Clinton of all people.
  • The all-star song "Just Sing" with its use of many genres.
  • Justin Timberlake gives Branch a big new power ballad with the heartfelt "Perfect for Me". It really feels like something from his *NSYNC days, and it's made even better in the movie itself, where it becomes another duet with Anna Kendrick.
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  • The soundtrack includes a full version of a remix of one of George Clinton's best songs, "Atomic Dog", which also features exclusive, additional vocals and verses from Anderson .Paak and Mary J. Blige.
  • "Born To Die" by Kelly Clarkson as one of the Country Trolls is both sad and lifting.


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