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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Country Trolls didn't just lock Poppy, Branch, and Biggie up because they didn't like their performance; they did it because they were Pop Trolls.
    • They're outright told their music wasn't liked. While on the surface it fits with King Peppy's assessment that the tribes have no tolerance for each other's music, Pop music in particular probably opens many too many old wounds for the Country Trolls to react with anything other than disgust.
    • Not only that, but Poppy thinking that the Country Trolls were singing the wrong way because their songs were sad and soulful instead of happy and upbeat, along with shoving a bunch of random Pop songs in their faces to show them the “right” way to sing, unintentionally mirrors how the original Pop Trolls thought their music was superior to the other tribes’ and tried to remix all their music into Pop songs against their wishes. No wonder Delta Dawn was so upset with them!
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  • Related to the above, when Barb receives Poppy's letter asking to be "best friends", she immediately assumes that Poppy is mocking her. While her own insecurities certainly played a part, Barb knows that the last time the Pop Trolls offered them friendship, it was actually an attempt to oppress them, so this letter could just as easily be another trap.
  • Of course the pop string is still in the lyre seen in the scrapbook. The pop string was never taken.
  • The Funk Trolls are the most technologically advanced. With sons that enjoy both Pop and hip hop possibly a metaphor for how embracing other types of music can be an advantage as well as a hint that funk inspired both pop and hip-hop. Something that is seen later when the Pop Trolls try to blend in as Rock Trolls, the song they sing is more in-line with metal. Makes sense since early bands like Black Sabbath are considered early metal as well as rock.
    • The Pop Trolls' Rock Troll disguises make a good example of the message that "we're not so different after all." Specifically Biggie's disguise is heavily reminiscent of Elvis: The King of Rock, whose controversial musical style during his career is now considered as family friendly as the music the Pop Trolls sing.
  • While the rest of the Pop Trolls are lost on the singing and dancing styles of the other tribes, Branch is able to dance perfectly in-sync with both the K-Pop and Reggaton trolls during their dance-off. Despite being a Pop Troll, Branch spent most of his life rejecting their love of music and has only recently re-embraced it as an adult. Because he's still re-adjusting to his own tribe's traditions, it's easier for him to break from them and embrace the influence of the other troll cultures.
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  • Branch's inconsistent color scheme might be due to how his trauma isn't magically healed. He's long internalized his sense of identity as a cynical paranoid troll and likes being who he is. He's happy to be able to connect to other trolls again but doesn't want to feel like he has to change completely to fit in. Him still being gray most of the time isn't just status quo but a reflection of how his mood shifts depending on the situation. Notably, when singing with Poppy he's completely back to his vibrant colors, even if he's hesitant to go through with the plan.
  • While the obligatory Deader Than Disco joke is mentioned here, it's possible that the reason the Disco Trolls' territory dissolved is that they merely got absorbed into other tribes. Disco music is used in some funk, hip-hop, and throwback pop music, so even if the scene is dead, its influence is still around.
  • Hickory’s song "I Fall To Pieces" (sung right before Hickory and Branch have a heart-to-heart on the raft) has a double meaning. It more obviously refers to Branch and his struggle with his feelings for Poppy, but it could also refer to Hickory and his conflicted feelings on tricking the trolls to turn them in over to Queen Barb. The line "How can I just be your friend?" references Branch’s unrequited love, but also Hickory’s conflicting wishes to save his music by being a traitor (thus becoming their enemy) or to help the pop trolls by revealing himself (thus becoming their ally)—in other words, he can’t “just” be their friend because his very involvement with them demands choosing a side, which he can’t do.
    • The line "I fall to pieces" also foreshadows that he’s actually two trolls disguised as one, who indeed "fall to pieces" once their ruse is discovered.
  • Hickory was able to preemptively protect himself from Chaz's hypnotic tunes before he even appeared while the others where doped up on smooth jazz. With the reveal that Hickory was actually the Yodelers in disguise, it is possible that they were expecting the other bounty hunters to appear, the Yodelers having been called in by Barb and thus he was able to think ahead knowing that they had competition.


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