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The Rock Trolls were victims of Oppressive Fantastic Racism well before the events of the movie
With how the pop trolls considered them evil and the fact that the pop trolls tried to pull the exact plan with the strings in the past it's not much of a stretch that there could've been some sort of troll war that lead to so much animosity and hate especially toward the rock trolls. Perhaps some sort of combination of the 1980's Satanic Panic of Metal music and D&D but done in a way that lead it to a Troll Crusades was what led to generations of Rock Trolls being treated as inferior to the other trolls.

In addition to being oviparous, trolls also raise their young in their hair like a kangaroo raises a joey in its pouch
Most of the young trolls in the film were seen either in or coming out of, then returning back into their parent's hair. So it's a safe guess that trolls raise their young like this.

  • Confirmed; most of it was cut from the fest movie but there were scenes developed that depicted trolls rearing their young in their hair until a certain age.

The trolls that didn't fit into any particular tribe (i.e the K-Pop, Reggaeton and Smooth Jazz trolls that were hired on as mercenaries) are wielders of a Dangerous Forbidden Technique, or at the very least, the smooth jazz one
For example, smooth jazz seems to have a natural Lotus-Eater Machine and/or Mushroom Samba effect without having a String to amplify it. Something like that would be pretty easy to use to conquer all forms of music; therefore, it would make sense that it would be banned in fear of a repeat of what happened with the strings.
  • Alternately, they are exploring other realms and are heroes/villains in a different story entirely.

There are more realms with more trolls of different music styles than what the pop trolls saw
There are trolls of all music genres/subgenres, some so far away from pop that they would take forever to get to. A few that the pop trolls missed entirely (and their realms)...

  • Blues - A hot humid swampy realm where all are trolls have the blues (and always sing about trains). Borders the Rock Realm somewhere to the south.
  • Jazz - A strange off kilter realm that looks like a Salvador Dali Painting. Will use anything as instruments, including Umbrellas. Likely borders the Smooth Jazz realm.
  • Polka - An Octoberfest-esque land with a king that looks like Weird Al. Likely borders the Country realm.
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  • Metal - A Grim Up North realm north of a wall made out of Fire and Ice. Has many different looks for the absurd number of sub-genres in Metal. Obviously borders with Rock and very hard to get to due to extreme conditions.
  • Ska - A deep desert of black and white checkered sand, bordering the Rock Realm in some capacity. Their trolls are a nomadic people who bear an ideology of "PICK IT UP" whenever they feel their time in one place is up.
  • Nu-Disco/French House - Descendants of the Disco tribe who live in futuristic cities deep in the ocean and wear noticeably robotic facemasks, in a mix of EDM and Funk Trolls.
  • J-Rock - A subset of Rock Trolls capable of utilizing Ki Manipulation through their riffs.
  • Musical Theater - A realm found in caves endemic to the borders between Rock, Classical, and Pop. These caves naturally resemble stage back-stages, and the mouths resemble stages. Their Trolls come in two forms: Cast and Crew, each with vastly different demeanors and societal roles in music-making.
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  • Alternative - An eclectic tribe of trolls with a music style that’s hard to pin down. They’re descended from trolls of each main genre (mostly Pop and Rock) who had decided to go rogue and explore other sounds.

Based on the theory above, there exists an entire realm dedicated to Dubstep Trolls
They are descendants of Reggae and EDM Trolls, but also have a lot of other genres thrown in. They live in a Floating Continent above the Techno realm which is enveloped by a harsh alien jungle with a rusty and dirty-looking futuristic city in the center (as a Pun on the popular terminology within the fandom "filthy"). Have Starfish Alien designs underneath robotic armor and the power of their music and weaponry is comparable to that of the Rock Trolls. The other Trolls have oppressed and victimized them throughout the ages especially the Techno Trolls (based on dubstep generally being The Scrappy for EDM fans and music fans in general), though have been accepted by the Pop Trolls, with some Dubstep Trolls even integrating into the Pop region before eventually going their separate ways and living isolated deep in the jungle (based on dubstep briefly being a trend that incorporated its way into pop songs). Meanwhile, the ones who stayed in the Dubstep region are at a war between each other over which of their songs are “real dubstep” and have created multiple factions within their city. (based on the arguments within the fandom over whether certain artists like Skrillex are considered real dubstep or not and the general disdain for some subsects of the genre like brostep). Because of that, they live in a fight-ridden Wretched Hive.

We never saw the whole truth of what caused the genres to separate.
Scrapbooks may be made by the victors, but we have no reason to believe that the Funk Trolls' Hall of Records was any more or less accurate than King Peppy's retelling; since there don't appear to be any survivors from that age, first-hand accounts probably don't exist. According to Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Pop Trolls have a nebulous sense of personal ownership: With the exception of Branch, they can acknowledge that something belongs to someone else while seeing nothing wrong with "borrowing" it, expecting to "share" their possessions in the same way. The original event is likely a result of cultural miscommunication: The Pop Trolls applied this not just to the Strings, which they considered communal to all genres (and which may have been the case at that time), but to the pop-music habit of taking aspects from other genres. Being Innocently Insensitive, the Pop Trolls didn't realize that others might see their actions as appropriation or a power-grab, which is why King Peppy's version doesn't single out a specific genre: From their point of view, it was as if the conflict spontaneously erupted. They might even have seen their actions as a compliment - why "borrow" something unless you really like it? - which made them even less able to understand why the other genres would be angry. The other genres saw the Pop Trolls as making a deliberate play for dominance, not helped by pop music's tendency to assimilate other types in a way that might have looked like the Pop Trolls were trying to replace the originals with Popified versions. From that point of view, the other genres taking their Strings and isolating themselves was a logical choice when the other option was to lose what made their music and cultures unique.

The climactic musical number isn't a Deus ex Machina; the gathered trolls just went through a very quick, very brief Heroic BSoD.
The first movie established that the vibrancy of a troll's colors is proportionate to their energy/willpower/inner well-being: Branch's muted colors are due to the tragedy in his past and years of cynicism and become brighter when he regains his optimism while Poppy loses her colors after her Despair Event Horizon and regains them after she regains hope. Seeing the Strings destroyed sent the gathered trolls over the Horizon since they believed that their ability to make music was dependent on the Strings; their colors returned when they realized they could make music without the Strings, confirming that they wouldn't have to return to the primordial existence of silence and lack of color.

The third movie will be a metaphor for predatory recording companies.
A non-troll race (not unlike the bergens) will seek to make deals with the various troll tribes in order to get their music. At first glance, it seems like a fair deal, that the trolls are getting fair compensation for their performances, until it's discovered that the villains are stealing their music for their own selfish ends. The only way to defeat them is for the tribes to unite against their common foe.
  • It might address hold-outs from the various factions who don't like the idea of different Genres mixing, or who might still bear grudges from the long period of separation. They might make the deals with the record company stand-ins behind the backs of their respective leaders/the majority, seeking to prove that their own music is the best or to put themselves ahead of the other Genres, only to find that hiding things from/competing against each other made it easier for the villains to take advantage of them. Only after they come clean and realize that they're stronger together can they get back their music and stop whatever nefarious plot the villains have.

Had the Classical Trolls received more screentime, they would have been shown to be arrogant, elitist snobs who dismiss every other genre as "soulless no-effort garbage".
If you go in the YouTube comment section of any classical piece, you'll almost always find comments bashing modern day music for having "no effort", and in general it's a stereotype of classical music fans to have the mindset that classical music is superior to modern music, so it's very likely the Classical Trolls were similar to the Rock Trolls in their Fantastic Racism (although less fanatical about it). They led to them suffering a Break the Haughty moment when the Rock Trolls destroy their city and kidnap them, which is why they were so willing to team up with the other genres to get their music back.

The Bergens were the reason the Rock Trolls didn't try to reunite the Strings back when Thrash was their King.
With a bunch of troll eaters around, the Rock Trolls decided their goal wasn't worth the risk of being eaten. The Bergens were essentially Conflict Killers to the troll war mentioned at the top of this page.

The K-Pop Trolls branched out in protest against their King stealing the Strings.
Not approving his plan to impose one music genre over other styles, the K-Pop Trolls even helped the other trolls to recover their Strings. The current K-Pop Trolls didn't realize they were betraying their ancestors' memories until Branch talked them out of serving Barb.

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