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  • Branch's method of calming down Barb's bat Debbie: stretching out her eyes and smoothing out her wings while saying "There you go, there you go. There you go. Calm down, who's a good boy?" Later, he does the same thing to calm down Peppy when Peppy starts spazzing out over the invitation from Queen Barb.
  • After Poppy, Branch and Biggie perform a mashup of songs in Lonesome Flats:
    Tumbleweed: You SUCK!
  • Biggie and Snack Pack attempt to pass themselves off as Rock Trolls so they can infiltrate Barb's fortress and rescue Poppy. But their costumes are ridiculous and inaccurate to actual "genuine hard rockers" and their brief, yet impressive performance, "Rainbows, Unicorns, Everything Nice" is a dead giveaway. However, it's enough to fool Sid Fret, who's an idiot, and even Barb doesn't suspect for long.
    • Speaking of which, when Barb starts getting suspicious, Biggie has a quick Oh, Crap! look before quickly deflecting it by shrieking "BARRACUDAAAAAA!" and smashing his guitar on the ground. This pleases Barb enough she doesn't think anything more of it.
  • One of Branch's first lines as a rock zombie: