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Quotes / Trolls: World Tour

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Poppy: Branch, what are you talking about?
Branch: You want to be a good queen? Good queens listen. You know what I heard back there? Differences do matter. Like you and me. We're too different to get along. Just like all the other Trolls.
Poppy: We are really different..
Branch: So different!
Poppy: Completely out of harmony.
Branch: Completely!
Poppy: I don't even know why we're friends.
Branch: Neither do I. So... Why do I care about you more than anyone else in the world? Weird, right?
—>— Branch calling out on Poppy's ignorance and leaving her.

Poppy: A good queen listens! Real harmony takes lots of voices! DIFFERENT VOICES!
— Poppy as she's about the smash the Ultimate Power Chord guitar.

Queen Essence: Queen Barb can't take away something that is inside us, because that's where music truly comes from.
King Quincy: It started with the strings, but now it comes from us!
King Trollex: Yeah! It comes from our experiences!
Delta Dawn: Our lives!
Queen Essence: Our culture!
Trollzart: Beautiful! Ha ha!
Poppy: Listen to that. Barb can't take that away.
The Troll leaders realizing where music truly comes from.