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Awesome / Trolls: World Tour

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  • The dance-off between the K-pop Trolls and the Reggaeton trolls (Branch included). Kudos to Branch for quickly adapting to their dance styles and forming a dialogue between the two groups when he points out that Barb has no right to choose which music goes and which stays.
  • Hickory using gumdrops to avoid being paralysed by Chaz's smooth jazz music.
    • Poppy does the same thing at Queen Barb's concert to keep herself in control despite becoming a Rock zombie.
  • The Funk twins making music when it appears destroyed.
    Queen Essence: Those are my sons, making music!
  • The leaders' realization about where music truly comes from.
    Queen Essence: Queen Barb can't take away something that is inside us! Because that's where music truly comes from!
    King Quincy: It started with the strings, but now it comes from us.
    King Trollex: Yeah! It comes from our experiences!
    Delta Dawn: Our lives!
    Queen Essence: Our culture!
    Trollzart: Beautiful! Ha-ha!
    Poppy: Listen to that. Barb can't take that away.
    • Queen Barb's initially baffled reaction to it all before finally turning over a new leaf counts as well.

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