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  • Just how Peppy led the other Trolls' escape from the Bergens.
  • Branch's Crazy-Prepared nature led him to creating a pretty awesome and intricate bunker.
  • After putting up with Branch's smugness and condescending attitude when he refuses to help, Poppy gives him some payback: By inviting every Troll to stay in his bunker and watches in sheer delight as Hug Time happens.
  • Poppy showing off her Determinator spirit in "Get Back Up Again". Be it rain, snow, a dry desert, strong winds, carnivorous wildlife, or a berry that made her swell up, she will get back up again.
  • Branch's Big Damn Heroes moment when he saves Poppy from getting eaten by spiders. He holds off all four of them simply by using his hair as a weapon.
  • Branch attempting to strangle Creek after the former figures out the latter betrayed them to Chef. Poppy manages to stop Branch so Creek can explain. The moment Creek admits to selling them out, Poppy attempts to strangle him, with the others (minus Branch) trying to stop her. And what really seals the deal? Branch's proud smile of Poppy's action.
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  • When Bridget sees Chef about to kill Poppy and Branch, Bridget throws a spoon at Chef's head. The Dog Bites Back, indeed.
  • Poppy's solution to having the Bergens attain true happiness? Show them that they have had happiness inside them all along.
  • The detailed animation. Almost everything looks made out of felt and other similar materials. From the characters, to the scenery, to the freaking flames. The detail is flipping amazing.
  • A small one, but the way Poppy was able to camouflage her hair into looking like flames.
  • While it turned out to be a trap, Poppy, Branch, and the Snack Pack prove to be a Badass Crew when going to rescue a kidnapped Creek.
  • Two words: sweet acoustics!


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