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Beware of unmarked spoilers.

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    Part 1 
Becoming: Part 1
  • Jim standing up to Steve after Steve puts Eli in his locker. And even when Steve threatens to punch Jim, Jim doesn't retaliate...he doesn't have to, because he talks about how Steve will grow up to be a loser while Eli will become successful. Then, Toby starts the "Let him out" chant which causes Steve and his posse to decide to leave.
  • Jim activating the Amulet of Merlin for the first time. Also coupled with a Funny Moment when he gets the Sword of Daylight, which he's not really ready to wield, stuck in a stone, only to eventually pull it out and get it stuck in another stone.

Becoming: Part 2

  • Blinky's speech to convince Jim to accept the responsibility of being Trollhunter, a slight variation of which he later repeats in an school audition that lands him the role of Romeo.
    "Destiny is a gift. Some go their entire lives living an existence of quiet desperation, never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders is actually the sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor; that to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero. Don't think. Become!"
  • A still very much green Jim surviving his first battle with Bular with his nothing more than his chef skills. Self-taught chef skills, at that.

Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?

  • In addition to working up the courage to fight, Jim also uppercuts Steve so hard that he outright loses a tooth and knocks him out cold.
  • When Draal is seen at a Trollmarket tavern going on about how badly he'd kicked Jim's butt before and how he'd love to do so again, he goes to take a drink, only to be stopped by Jim, slamming Draal's drink down on the table while it's still in his hand, who challenges him to another fight.

Gnome Your Enemy

  • Jim has a Spanish presentation that counts for a pretty big portion of his grade, but he's still shrunk. So, he decides to do a presentation from his "home," which is currently the dollhouse in Toby's room. And he passes. Good thing he finished just before the shrinkage wore off.
  • Tiny Jim vs the Gnome, the last bit of it being an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.

Waka Chaka!

  • Just the way the small Goblins were able to eat the huge truck. It was both awesome, and really creepy.
  • Aaarrrgghh beating up some Goblins when they start hurting Toby.
  • Toby taking on the former Goblin leader and actually winning.
  • Jim defeating Nomura using his smarts, a carpet, and a whole mess of Goblins.

Win, Lose, Or Draal

  • Jim Vs Draal - it ends with Jim winning by kicking Draal in the gronk-nuts, finding his weak spot (hiding behind Draal's back since he couldn't see him), and then waiting until the swinging blade was able to get close enough to knock Draal from the arena.
  • Jim has a vested interest in keeping his trollhunting a secret from his mother. He even goes so far as to pretend he broke into a museum for a watch to get out of admitting his adventures to her. But when he walks into his home and finds his mom having tea with a Changeling? All bets are off.
    Jim: I'm sorry. But not as sorry as you're going to be for coming into my home with my mother!
  • Draal saving Jim from Nomura, also doubling as a Heartwarming Moment for Draal.
  • Jim, with no Amulet, being able to defend himself against Nomura as long as he did.

To Catch A Changeling

  • After some training with Draal, Jim learns to consciously move his sword.
    • Of note, though somewhat accidental (as she ran herself into Jim's sword the moment after he had it change hands to get a better vantage point), the receptionist Changeling is Jim's first kill.

Adventures in Trollsitting

  • Toby and Aaarrrgghh defeat NotEnrique by using a move they used in a sushi video game.
  • NotEnrique using his small stature and speed to evade the heroes for so long. Quite amusing as well.

Bittersweet Sixteen

  • Jim managing to summon his armor and drive off the Stalkling while driving a Vespa.
  • Jim defeating the Stalkling by getting both of them struck by lightning.
    • Aaarrrgghh catching the falling Jim makes for an awesome finisher to an awesome moment, especially with the fallen Stalking shattering on the ground as a nearby backdrop.

Young Atlas

  • Toby managing to open the manhole cover to save Jim while stating "For the glory of Merlin!", right in the nick of time so that the sunlight could protect Jim from Bular.
  • Jim managing to catch the titular clue. Even better, despite Bular's opinion of the human, he believed the boy was capable of seeing the clue for what it was.

Recipe for Disaster

  • Strickler and Jim's first fight. It's also hilariously funny, too, not to mention awkward as all get out.
    • The dinner scene before the fight. Both of them dropping double entendres all over the place, culminating in a battle of wits. An actual battle of wits between Jim and Strickler. And Jim might have won it too, if Claire hadn't taken his trump card out of the equation, leaving Strickler to play his own trump.

Claire And Present Danger

  • The entire climax, especially when the Amulet returns to Jim. The cinematography and the music help boost this moment to further heights.
    • Just seeing The Amulet of Daylight flying is amazing beyond words.
      • On top of that, the fact that it's flying so fast it produces a sonic boom.
    • Jim killing the Goblins like they're nothing. A stark contrast to Jim's disposition in the early part of the first half of that Season.
    • The music that plays here, None Shall Live, which is an instrumental version of Children of the Sunby Thomas Bergersen from Two Steps from Hell.

The Battle of Two Bridges

  • Jim deciding to hand himself to Strickler and Bular is a pretty ballsy move.
    • When Jim says that if he dies, he hopes Draal becomes the next Trollhunter. Draal sadly says he hopes it doesn't come to that. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The entire confrontation with Bular and the Changelings in the museum, punctuated with Toby's rock music as the fighting them. In fact, Toby, Aaarrrgghh and Draal's entrance is awesome, and funny, all on its own.
    Nomura: He's wearing a tracking device! I thought you [Strickler] said the Trollhunter was alone!?
    Jim: Not "Trollhunter." (holds up the beeping tracking device on his wrist) "Trollhunters!"
    • Aaarrrgh not succumbing to his aggressive nature fighting Nomura, or when Bular starts taunting him. Then going for the finisher when Toby's threatened.
    • Draal fighting Bular, and putting up a better fight than his father did. Culminating with Draal abandoning the fight for the larger picture, sacrificing his arm to keep the bridge from opening.
    • In the end, the above moments are capped off with Jim defeating Bular under the quarry bridge, the same where he killed his predecessor.
  • The end of the episode reveals that Gnome Chompsky has found the Darkland Nursery.

Return of the Trollhunter

  • Claire being near-fluent in Troll, Reading all FORTY-SEVEN volumes of Troll Lore WITHOUT the Amulet's ability to translate (something an experienced Linguist would probably have trouble doing in YEARS) and winning over Vendel in seconds (something it took Jim a hell of a lot longer to do) despite the fact she can't have had more than probably a week or two since even learning Trolls EXIST. Give that girl a medal.
    • granted she had a little help from Not-Enrique, but still, damn.

It's About Time

  • After using a magical object to freeze time, Jim manages to complete many different tasks that, earlier in the episode, were completely overwhelming him. The final task is taking the Inferna Copula from Strickler while he's at a dentist appointment. After stealing the ring from off Strickler's finger, Jim also decides to get back at him for all those times he got under his skin. How does he do it? He spits into the bastard's wide open mouth.


  • When Jim finally grabs his amulet during the game of Pyrobligst and armors up superhero-style. The crowd goes wild in response to seeing their Trollhunter turning the tide of the game.

Angor Management

  • With the traps they (and a recently knocked out Draal) set up, Jim and Strickler manage to ensnare Angor Rot. They would have had him dead to rights, too, if Barbara hadn't accidentally freed him.

Something Rotten This Way Comes

  • Jim has to make it clear to Angor Rot what he made clear to Bular and the Changelings before.
    Angor Rot: You destroyed my soul, Trollhunter... now I shall harvest yours.
    Jim: (while mocking his pronunciation of the word Hunter) It's not "Hunter," Angor. It's "Hunters!"
    Angor Rot: (gets run over by Blinky, who's finally driving a car)
    • As awesome as the above is, it gets a bittersweet and hallow twist by episode's end, when Jim decides he must go to the Dark Lands and face Gunmar alone. Up until then, Jim had always contradicted anyone who told him that he, as the one chosen by The Amulet of Merlin, must work alone, and had always gained strength from his dearest friends. Despite that he would never have gotten to that point alone, the premature death of Aaarrrgghh, along with the ordeal his mother barely recovered from and a last insistence from Kanjigar that he must "finish the fight alone," leads Jim to venture through the portal into the Dark Lands alone.
  • After continual doubt on if Jim's friends are an asset or a liability, they officially come together in the season finale by killing Angor Rot; Claire uses the Staff of Shadows to teleport Toby above him, Jim stabs him with his own poisoned knife, and Toby finishes him off with his warhammer.
    • Before that, we have Vendel Shaming the Mob for trying to banish Jim and reminding them all of the good he has done for Trollmarket. Also a moment of Heartwarming, as Vendel came a long way from when he first met Jim in the beginning of the show.
  • Despite it leading up to a rather sad goodbye, Jim donning his new armor is pretty cool.
  • NotEnrique taking on one of Angor Rot's monsters when it attacked Claire.

    Part 2 
Escape from the Darklands
  • Jim has been in the Darklands for roughly two weeks and has managed to survive the whole time.
  • Draal's response when the others tell him the Troll Tribunal have decided to destroy the Killahead, leaving Jim to die? Break into the Killahead.
  • Vendal slyly stopping Usurna's bodyguards from going after Claire, Toby, and Blinky. And his response when she threatens that he will be punished? To kiss his moshy butt.
  • Jim fulfilling his promise and returning Enrique to Claire.


  • Claire successfully stealing every single piece of the Killahead Bridge when it's dumped into the ocean, with an assist from NotEnrique making her angry enough for her emotions to power the last few portals.

Grand Theft Otto


  • Kanjigar refers to the main group (without Jim) as "Trollhunters". Even former Trollhunters are starting to get into calling them that.
  • Blinky freeing himself, blinding Dictatious with his flare and gives his bastard brother a few smacks with his own spear.
    Blinky: Goodbye, Dic-tatious!
Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang

Hero with a Thousand Faces

  • Though this works to Jim's detriment, Hunter!Jim executes a very organised strategy to take the real Jim down, even calling Blinky and convincing him not to believe the real Jim before the latter can call them for help. The fact that he's technically an aspect of Jim's character does also mean that his brilliance is Jim's brilliance.

Just Add Water

The Creepslayerz

  • Eli and Steve discovering Jim's secret life is one in itself, but extra mention has to be given to the bravado the two have in trying to then suss out who the bad guys are and take them down, something they actually managed to do at the end of the episode, saving Toby.

The Reckless Club

  • Draal VS Gunmar in the woods is a sight to behold, especially when Draal is cornered with his back against a tree, but manages to hit it hard enough that the car stuck in the branches falls on Gunmar's head.


  • Despite being in a timeline without the amulet or any fighting know-how, Jim ends his "dream" charging out to fight the Gumm-Gumms with a sword.

Mistrial and Error

  • Jim facing his sentence with a smile and encouraging his friends that it wasn't their fault and reassuring them that they tried their best is an incredibly strong moment from him.

In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King

  • The reveal that in his final moments, Vendel activated a crystal that replayed the events of his death, revealing Queen Usurna to be an agent of Gunmar and warning the Trollhunters of her deception.
  • Claire's would-be Heroic Sacrifice, portaling the rest of Trollmarket to safety at what would have been the cost of her own life until all the other heroes share the load. It even comes with another use of "None Shall Live."

    Part 3 

Parental Guidance

  • A small one, but the parents of the Trollhunters, upon learning the truth, adapt fairly quickly. Special mentions going to Barbara, who splatters two Blood Goblins who've gotten a hold of Claire, and her Father going Papa Wolf on one.
    Claire's Father: That's my girl! (Takes Blood Goblin in a chokehold and flings it though Claire's portal) NO ONE TOUCHES MY LITTLE PRINCESS!
    • Not to mention Barbara's skillful takedown of the lead goblin in an awesome way, proving where Jim gets his badassery:
    Barbara: (Grabs goblin and stuff him into a handy appliance) "B" is for "Blender," Furball!


  • Barbara beating the tar out of Merlin with a broom when she finds out he gave Jim the potion to make him a troll. Strickler tries to hold her back but fails, and while it's a No-Sell on Merlin,
  • The Krubera turning on Usurna after she reveals her treachery, leading her to walk off a ledge to sink to her death.

The Eternal Knight: Part 1

  • Toby saving Darci from a flying Gumm-Gumm using his warhammer and managing to catch her before they both hit the ground.
  • Jim's first appearance in the battle is of him jumping hundreds of feet into the air and cutting a truck in half with Daylight.

The Eternal Knight: Part 2

  • As you'd expect from a finale, featuring all the Trollhunters and most of Arcadia getting to show what they've learned over the seasons
  • Jim holding off Angor Rot and Gunmar simultaneously is probably one of the best fights in the series,with Jim surviving and dishing out more punishment that he's ever taken before while evading them both and cycling effortlessly through all his weapons to keep them off him, and flat-out throwing Gunmar when he tries the same trick as last time.
  • Nomura, Walter, Toby, and Claire mowing down waves of mooks.
  • Aaarrrgghh recruiting the former Trollhunter spirits in the battle against Morgana.
  • And of course, the final fight against Gunmar. Gunmar gets the upper hand on Jim and starts enslaving him with his sword. Jim struggles for a bit, then absorbs the energy with a Badass Boast, and uses that same energy to deliver a fatal blow, before kicking his petrified body off the roof with a quiet "For Draal."
  • Toby destroying Morgana's staff, effectively trapping her in the Shadow Realm.
    Toby: My turn!


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